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A new look, the same values.

It’s been 15 years.

5,475 days of transforming, disrupting and innovating the traditional financial industry into a profession focused on creating positive change.

It was time for our brand to reflect this evolution.



It's all about you.

A brand is about promises fulfilled.

It helps turn our vision into reality.

Our promise is to put those we serve at the centre of everything we do.

Emblematically our blue lion or existing clients have now become our core.

Around this, our three businesses constantly revolve in a virtuous circle or ‘flywheel’ of positive change.

Together these represent our vision of making the world healthy, wealthy and wise.

This is our new group logo:




Making the world ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’

Our health, wealth and education businesses each now have a brand of their own. Blue is synonymous with AES and will be used for careers. 









The traditional font has become more modern.

One that is representative of our tech-enabled, fanatical approach to help get you better results.

This website has also been revamped and you can expect new blogs, brochureware and helpful resources to follow.

So, welcome…

Take a look around and ask if you have any questions.

After all, its all about you…

All about you.


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