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The best information, the best prices and the best advice

Our objective is to give you all the information and help you need to make the best investment decisions and grow your money.

Control of your investments

Our services allow you to bring your international banking, funds and shares into one place. You’re always in control. Last year we saved our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in hidden fees and commissions.

A flexible approach

If you don’t need advice you won’t get it and will save the cost. As a direct client, you also won’t get locked into funds and products because we know that international clients’ circumstances can change rapidly. You will get the level of help you need and which is right for you.

Super-low pricing

Costs matter. This is why we offer an approach, with unprecedented transparency, which ensures you get the benefit of our economies of scale and the best possible prices.


Leading international investment research to help you make better decisions

To make more money you need the best information possible. Our research team investigates thousands of different investments every year. Their findings are available via our White List of best of breed International Funds. We also keep you up to date with free guides, blogs and expert comment.

Advice whenever you need it

If you need individual, personalised advice, we have a team of over 60 independent financial advisers who specialise in expatriate financial planning either face to face or over the telephone. They can give you one-off advice or a full ongoing portfolio management service. More information about our advisory services.

Specialist expertise on international pensions

If you find pensions confusing, then our team of UK Pension Transfer Specialists will bring you simplicity, security and peace of mind. You will avoid making bad decisions that will seriously affect your wealth.

Need to send money abroad?

If you have a feeling your bank may be exploiting you, join many other international clients who save thousands of pounds with our bank-beating exchange rates and low-cost international payment facility. Find out more about the AESFX Currency Service.

“Our unique approach is to determine where and when you need advice and whenever possible enable you to self-help.

This makes sure you only ever pay for what you need and what is of value; you therefore make more money”


Is this you?

1. “I know something isnt right. I am not making the returns I wanted and don't have a clearly documented financial plan.”

2. “ I hold my investments and pension in insurance companies such as Royal Skandia, Generali Interntional, RL360, Zurich International, Old Mutual International, Handsard Interntional but I dont fully understand the reasons or the costs.”

3. “I have used a commission based IFA in the past and dont want to pay big hidden commissions again.”

4. “We are coming to the end of one of the greatest bull runs in history and I feel like I have been sitting on the sidelines throughout.”

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  • “Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

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    Kristian Petersson

  • “AES makes it a priority to take properly care of us.”

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    Nikolai Nikolov

  • “In the short time that I’ve been using AES I’ve made nearly ten thousand pounds and couldn’t be happier!”

    AES International Reviews

    Jackie Pym

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