Key takeaways from the week
  • In a week that was marked by subdued activity due to the Easter holiday period, global bond markets remained well supported;
  • The "lower for longer" trend in global rates, which was reinforced after a number of central bank meetings the previous week, continued to dominate market sentiment; and
  • In Europe, the tragic attacks in Brussels on Tuesday bolstered the demand for safe-haven assets, although the overall impact on the markets was rather short-lived.
Happy Easter - are we in a bunny market?

If you're not sure what type of market conditions we're in, be it a bear or a bull, try Jim Paulsen's (remarkably well timed) phrase for it - a 'bunny market'.

A bunny market is one which hops around and doesn't have a defined direction. It's a nice fluffy term for the short term volatility which is causing investors so much heartache at the moment. 

No-one likes uncertainty, but to get through this period you have to be patient and not easily distracted. Ensuring you have the right asset allocation is the best way to negotiate the hopping around, so if you're feeling nervous about markets, that's where to start.

Market data
 Equity Indices  Value  Weekly Change 
FTSE 100 6189.64 -1.34%
S&P 500  2049.58 -0.67%
Hang Seng 20671.63 -1.58%
Shanghai Composite Index  2979.43 0.82%
Nikkei 225 16724.81 1.66%
Dax 30  9950.8 -1.00%
 Bonds  Value   Weekly Change 
US 10 yr                       1.90% -2.63%
UK 10 yr 1.45% -6.90%
 Commodities/Energy  Price   Weekly Change 
Gold  $1,217  -2.11%
Brent Crude Oil $40.44 2.99%
 Currencies Majors   Value   Weekly Change 
EUR-USD                      1.118  0.64%
USD-JPY 112.96 -0.52%
GBP-USD    1.4308  -1.29%
Central Bank  Rate
Fed Reserve   0.50% 
ECB  0.00%
Bank of England   0.50% 
Bank of Japan -0.10%

Prices as at Friday 25 March 2016.

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