Discretionary Fund and Portfolio Management

Leave it to the experts, allow them to take the strain


    Let us take the strain and free up your time

    If time is short, you don’t enjoy managing your own investments, or tax and financial matters are overwhelming or complex, it could be time to delegate to professional managers.

    For clients with in excess of £500,000, or currency equivalent, AES International provide a discretionary portfolio management service.

    This is fully managed to meet your individual needs.

    The service looks after your money over the long-term, and our Chartered experts make all the investment management decisions to meet your goals.

    What we offer you


    • Professional advice to identify the right investment strategy for your needs.

    • Ongoing active management of your portfolio.

    • Removal of the administrative burden.

    • The efficiency of our investment structures also helps to manage your currency risks.

    • We can work with your other professional advisers to whatever extent you want us to which may help with tax planning.

    • For families, we can manage your investments as a whole – an integrated plan to make the most of tax positions and reduce costs.

    • Clear and competitive costs.

    • Online monitoring, 24 hours a day.

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    “A discretionary managed service offers peace of mind that your investments and pensions are being expertly managed on your behalf.”

    Stuart Ritchie
    Chartered Wealth Manager, AES International

    “With this sort of service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend AES.”

    Jake van den Dries

    “An exceptional service. Highly recommended.”

    Simon Jones

      What exactly will I receive?

      You get the discipline and rigour of a uniform investment process, with the flexibility inherent in a truly bespoke service.

      We will literally do everything the way you want:

      • Lots of contact by phone or in person, or little contact;
      • Meetings in our offices or in your home;
      • Lots of investment updates and comment or just an annual update

      The service is entirely personalised to your requirements.

      Is this service right for me?

      Our discretionary fund and portfolio management service is for you whether you have made your money already, or whether you're still building wealth.

      It is the right service if you want comprehensive, expert pension, banking, investment and taxation help from highly experienced Chartered professionals.

      It is best suited to those with in excess of £500,000 of investible assets (or currency equivalent).

      Our Chartered specialists help people like you