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About you

Your organisation has worked hard to accrue its assets.

You want to protect these and ensure they are efficiently deployed.

You know inflation erodes languishing capital.

You also know that banks and traditional brokers are not aligned to help.

Risk management and liquidity are real concerns.



You want:

  • To ensure your investments are expertly managed in accordance with your organisation’s best interests at all times.
  • Independent and professional advice, so that your stakeholders’ best interests are protected from banks and brokers.
  • First class service, underpinned by an evidence based investment philosophy, so your specific investment objectives, risks, liabilities and liquidity needs are catered for.

How we help:

We know that the management of your investments has profound implications; our service is tailored to your organisational priorities.

You get:

Comprehensive stewardship
Robust risk management
Effective investment management

What we do for you

Our approach begins by understanding:

  • Your strategic plan
  • Your key financial priorities
  • Your annual budget
  • Your legal and financial structure
  • Your short to long term objectives, risks and liabilities

Using this information to create, implement and manage a bespoke investment plan for you, we:

Step 1

Review your objectives, assess your risk tolerance and identify an investment time horizon that matches your goals

Step 2

Create, review or adapt your investment policy statement. This will reflect your organisation’s investment requirements and decrease the liability risk of key persons and your company

Step 3

Develop an investment and asset allocation strategy appropriate for your goals, any need for liquidity, and your company’s risk tolerance

Step 4

Continually manage your portfolio, strategically rebalance and annually review your investment policy statement and asset allocation

Step 5

Manage all administrative duties, delivering annual, quarterly or monthly reports

Why choose us?

  • As fiduciaries we work on your behalf, and not for the shareholders of a bank or brokerage.
  • We represent your best interests, and use our expertise to independently advise you.
  • We are the only Corporate Chartered Financial Planners within the international marketplace.
  • We use a scientific investment process divorced from the traditional financial industry.
  • Our institutional investment management approach focuses on your objectives.
We implement strategies that:
  • Avoid significant losses and unacceptable risks
  • Provide maximum flexibility
  • Are low cost
  • Generate returns that are competitive in the global financial marketplace

We provide education, assistance and a comprehensive service so that your investment decisions stand up to scrutiny, and ultimately deliver every one of your objectives.

Call us for a conversation with an investment manager, or contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience, or view our investment code below to learn more.
  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

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    Barbara Veale

  • “Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

    AES International Reviews

    Kristian Petersson

  • “With this sort of banking service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend this to other expatriates, especially those with connections to the UK.”

    Client Image

    Jake van den Dries

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