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International employee benefits

Better results - nothing less

Every day, you face big challenges.

We help get you powerfully effective solutions.

Resolving the complexity of managing global employees well.

Reducing cost and risk.

Improving efficiencies and benefits.

Attracting, nurturing and retaining talent.

Getting better results, nothing less.


Corporate Medical Insurance

Corporate medical insurance

Group medical insurance is the foundation of any international employee benefits package.

Highly valued by employees and their families.

Our deep expertise and unique offering has earned us a ferocious reputation for getting our clients remarkable results.



International company pensions

Health and benefits

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing and workers around the world have vastly different needs and expectations of their employee benefits. We help you mitigate rising costs and improve employee health and wellbeing. 


financial education in the workplace

Financial education

We provide tailored financial education programmes as part of your benefits package.

This means expert guidance and extensive resources so your employees can make informed decisions leading to better financial well-being.

Communication is accessible, and designed to help executives and pre-retirement employees.




AES International workplace pensions

Workplace pensions

The right retirement solution provides your employees with low-cost retirement savings plans which are engaging, simple and efficient.

Our expertise helps you optimise international pension and benefit plans.

  1. How does your plan compare with competitors?
  2. Are your costs reasonable?
  3. Are you getting the best possible outcomes for your employees?
  4. How complete is your fiduciary process?


Corporate investment advice

Corporate investment advice

Make your surplus cash work harder.

You get institutional access to academically proven solutions designed to help boost your balance sheet.

We devise investment strategies to utilise unused capital and maximise growth.




Business protection

Business protection

There is always an element of uncertainty in running a business.

Business protection helps protect your business from the financial losses that may be incurred if individuals should die or be diagnosed with a critical illness.

  • Shareholder protection
  • Business loan protection
  • Key person insurance
  • Relevant life cover

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“Having come from the UK to work in Dubai, I'd already organised seminars for financial education and wellbeing before. When looking for an expert service provider in the UAE, I was delighted to find AES's financial education programme. We've been running a few workshops for key employees so far, and the feedback has been amazing.”

Chris Davidson

“Like AES, our headquarters in the UK achieved Investors in People recognition. We were keen to replicate their advances in our UAE centres, and one of the elements we've focused on is employee wellbeing - this include executive financial counselling. The focused programme designed by AES has hit the right note.”

Philip Greenslade

“Trying to administer our organisation's end of service benefits, healthcare and other fiscal obligations is a tall order. It's not where we specialise. Since outsourcing the entire 'problem' to AES we've been relieved of massive stress, and received absolute best practice. ”

Meredith Brown
Abu Dhabi

    international employee benefits

    All about you

    You are likely to be an HR director, CFO, or senior decision maker at an international organisation, who wants to:

    • get expert advice and service;
    • ensure compliance whilst minimising internal administrative requirements; 
    • balance costs and benefits; 
    • attract, retain and reward a talented workforce; and
    • maximise results.


    Frequently asked questions

    What are international employee benefits?

    International employee benefits help multinational employers treat their valuable staff well and fairly, wherever they are in the world.  And, international benefits and rewards solutions incentivise staff, and can help retain an employer's critical workforce.

    We understand that international employee benefits is a specialist area however - because different tax, legal and regulatory regimes create complexity.

    The best international employee benefits advisers help you navigate this complexity and create simple, high quality solutions in the follow areas: -

    • International retirement plans
    • International pension scheme design
    • Overseas pension administration
    • International investment consulting
    • International retirement planning
    • International insurance
    • International life insurance
    • International disability insurance
    • International workers compensation
    • International risk benefits consulting
    • Risk benefits re-broking
    • International medical plans
    • Private medical insurance
    • Wellness benefit plans
    • International group benefits
    • Benefit plan design
    • Benefits auditing
    • Benchmarking
    • International flexible benefits
    • Voluntary benefits
    • Employee benefit planning
    • Employee communications advice
    • International executive financial planning
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • International mobility and relocations
    How do I get the best international employee benefit advice?

    The best international employee benefit advisers have deep knowledge and specialist expertise. 

    Their proficiency will be both global and local. 

    They will have local cultural awareness, enough capacity to offer different types of advice, and an established reputation within their marketplace. 

    They will also know their limitations and likely work with other experts to ensure the best employee benefit advice is always delivered.

    How does an international benefit consultant help me?

    Most of our clients want to balance cost, quality and ease of administration. 

    Our experts help you achieve your organisation’s objectives in the most efficient way possible. 

    Sometimes this involves a detailed analysis of census or claims information.  Sometimes it’s as simple as re-negotiating preferential terms for you. 

    Most often it involves a transparent long term partnership which includes us understanding you organisation, your approach to your staff, and your long term corporate aspirations - so we can help ensure each dollar on EB spend is wisely invested.

    Ready to deliver the best employee benefits to your company?

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