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Issues, the complaints procedure, and redress

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    A client relationship business

    AES International is a client relationship business, and we aim to put clients at the very heart of our business; however, we recognise that sometimes clients may feel unhappy with aspects of our service, or we may fall short of the high standards expected of us.

    If you are unhappy with the service you have been provided with, our AES International complaints process begins with you not hesitating to let us know.  We try to listen to and learn from our clients when thinking about how we are doing, and would like to hear from you.

    Speak to your adviser, or Client Services first

    If you have an adviser, you can discuss AES International complaints or issues in person with your adviser, or in writing by email. You can of course do so by telephone, but for completeness of records, we ask that you also do so in writing.

    If you do not have an adviser, or feel your adviser is unable to help, we have a dedicated Client Services team who will try to resolve any AES International complaints or issues as quickly as possible.

    You can email the Client Services team here.

    But if that does not resolve the matter…. 

    If neither your adviser nor the Client Services Team can resolve the issue, your adviser or the Client Services team (and the documentary information you are provided with) will provide details of how you can complain formally, but in any case, here is the information you need.

    Our Compliance Department considers formal AES International complaints in relation to all matters, wherever they may occur.  You can email the Compliance Department here.  Or you can write to The Compliance Department, AES Financial Services Limited, Unit 24 Elysium Gate, 126 New King’s Road, London SW6 4LZ, UK.

    When undertaking a formal review of an AES International complaint, AES adopts the timescales that the FCA requires for our responding to a complaint if that complaint relates to a matter carried on from our establishment in the UK.  We regard such timescales and process as essentially among the best practice worldwide (and our complaint process itself falls under FCA requirements).

    This process requires us to provide what the British authorities refer to as a “final response” promptly, and within eight weeks of the complaint being received (or at least a good reason why no final response can be given at that time).  We endeavour to beat the eight-week limit to satisfy the requirement of promptness (it is a limit, not a target).  If we have not completed our investigation by the four week period, we routinely send an updating email to confirm that we are still ‘on the case’.  We aim to consider complaints in detail, rigorously, and fairly.

    Thereafter, if you feel the complaint has still not been resolved to your satisfaction, you are likely to have the right to refer the complaint to the regulatory authority in the jurisdiction where the matter complained of occurred (this will not be the UK, unless the matter complained of was an activity carried on from our establishment in the UK). Please view our Authorisations and Regulations.


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