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Ready to take effort-free control of your group medical insurance?

Deep transformation for senior leaders and their workforce


Trusted by 100s of thriving companies in the UAE
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Why is it some businesses thrive and others don't?


The most talented people are no longer looking for the highest wages. Today, employee well-being is what drives a happier, healthier, more productive workforce. Your insurance solution needs to keep up.

Unfortunately, most businesses we speak to feel exploited by the marketplace. They're uncertain about their insurance, their ability to show a return on investment, and don't feel looked after.

"The only time the phone rings, is when something goes wrong".

But worse than this, they feel this is just how the system works. Based on our own research.... 

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75% of businesses feel uncertain when it comes to their group medical insurance.

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88% of businesses believe they're overpaying for their group medical insurance.

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Only 2% of businesses believe all parties are acting in their best interests.

Future-focussed executives: you deserve an insurance sage by your side

When it comes to insurance, the bell curve is as real as in any other domain of performance.

Companies tend to sit in one of four levels.

Most know they need a better solution for their people, but are simply too busy 'holding back the dam' to focus proactively on the future.

They need help turning their insurance solution into a genuine competitive advantage.

An adviser that's by their side. 

Where are you now, and where do you want to be?


3 critical outcomes to gain lasting transformation

In order to achieve this, you need:




How secure do you feel about your insurance right now?

This is about moving you from feeling at risk and reactive, to a place where you feel certain about the insurance solution you have.

No more painful, last-minute renewals. Move from transactional, to truly insightful. 


"Our policy renewals were seamless, and proactively driven by the AES team to ensure the best solutions for the school and the staff. Our AES representatives are extremely reliable and responsive and always go the extra mile to support our School and staff needs".

Stephanie Wright, HR Manager, British International School Riyadh



How sure are you about demonstrating ROI?

You will move from a nagging feeling of overpaying or being purely economical, to a place where your insurance is optimised. 

Move away from policies, this is about people.


"Their response time to any query or concern is resolved almost immediately. They maintain a personal approach to each member of our team. I cannot recommend this company enough to anyone looking to have peace of mind when it comes to covering staff for medical aid".

Natalie Smith, Business Manager, Hanover Communications Middle East



How sure are you that all parties are acting in your best interest?

Your relationship with your insurance adviser will no longer feel opportunistic or transactional. Instead, you'll feel truly fought-for.

You and your staff no longer feel like a number.


"The ongoing day-to-day support we receive from AES goes well beyond the normal broker role. They support not only our employees 121 but also our wellness campaigns, including sponsoring initiatives aimed directly at proactive wellness screening."

Caroline Parsons, Chief People Officer & Director, WSP

Most businesses never reach the heart of the insurance problem


Instead of simply offering the tools, tips and technology at the surface of the problem, we choose to go deeper...

AES have been a trusted partner for over 3 years now and we are extremely happy with the level of service provided. We work together very closely, and AES provides us with valuable insight, advice and expertise. Their wellness and wellbeing offerings are extremely valuable and effective, and they truly go above and beyond to ensure both our employees, and business, receive the highest level of support.
AES have guided us through a change of provider in recent years which has seen us maintain the high level of provision we seek. Equally as important has been the support we have received at both organisational and individual levels which has been second to none.
I cannot recommend AES enough. The service we receive from their team is outstanding. They are so accessible and ready to support in any way they can. They genuinely care for our well-being.

Getting started is easy


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