What is wealth management?

Wealth management helps you make good decisions about your money, enabling you to achieve your life goals.

When to take professional advice

Chartered financial planners give you valuable expertise when you’re dealing with the complex or the critical: 

Retirement Planning
Retirement planning
Budgeting and saving
Budgeting and saving
Major purchases and investments
Key life events
Key life events
Estate and tax planning
Estate and tax planning
They give you the answers and the solutions if you have pressing questions:
Financial questions

Your personal prosperity plan

Financial success is achieved with detailed financial planning.

Choose our planning approach and enable your financial success with a Personal Prosperity Plan that:

  • Is a money map of your life, from now into the future
  • Details the practical financial steps you will need to take to achieve your goals
  • Provides a comprehensive, implementable plan to enable your financial success
Financial Planning

Your choices

financial planning choices

You can either take your plan away and implement it yourself. We charge a one-time fee of £795 for the plan’s creation; small change for a unique and bespoke map that you can use to achieve financial success.

financial planning choices

Or, we can implement the plan with you, and potentially waiver the plan creation fee.

If you choose us to implement your Personal Prosperity Plan we also provide ongoing advice, financial education and planning services for life.

One firm, one way

We use one disciplined process to help you achieve your hopes and dreams.,

We measure our success by 2 simple things:

1. The number of people, like you, who we help to plan for financial success
2. How effectively we help you achieve your plan

We believe that everyone – whether rich or not so rich - deserves remarkable financial advice and exceptional planning services.

So, no matter who you speak to or which adviser you work with at AES, we are one firm with one way that:

  • Puts your interests first
  • Enables your informed decision making and
  • Delivers a proven successful investment approach, based on behavioural finance and academic research, including that of a Nobel laureate in Economics

Learn more about our culture code and our investment philosophy.

Are you currently saving and investing?

If you already have savings, investments or pensions and you’d like an up to date assessment of your holdings - or if you’re worried about any aspect of your current portfolio - request our investment portfolio review.

Your investments may have been properly set up. But what if they haven’t?

Are you retired or thinking about retirement?

If you’re interested in retirement planning, you’re approaching retirement or you’ve retired already, our retirement planning section includes: 

Our approach to retirement planning 

Pension transfer information

Pension tax information and advice

Are you an expatriate investor?

If you’re an expatriate investor, discover the benefits of offshore private banking.

Let's start planning your financial success today

The sooner you have a plan, the sooner you’ll achieve your goals.
Your AES chartered financial planner will build your Personal Prosperity Plan in just 3 simple steps: -

1. Talk

Our role is looking after your entire financial wellbeing, now and into the future.

So, tell us your needs, your goals and your concerns.

And we’ll listen and we’ll understand.

2. Plan

By taking all the time to understand you, your hopes, dreams and even your fears, we will then be ready to create your Personal Prosperity Plan that will include: -

  • A financial map of your life
  • Accessible financial education
  • An implementable step-by-step guide to achieving your financial ambitions

3. Achieve

If you choose us to help implement your plan, no matter what life throws up, you’ll stay on track, enabling you to achieve your goals.

And you can be assured of our commitment to you, because we actually share the same goals:

financial education Your financial education
financial empowerment Your financial empowerment
financial success Your financial success
  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

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    Barbara Veale

  • “Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

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    Kristian Petersson

  • “With this sort of banking service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend this to other expatriates, especially those with connections to the UK.”

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