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End of Service Benefits (EoSB)

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International Pension Plans

Deliver benefits your workforce will understand and value

  • You understand the benefits of rewarding and retaining a talented workforce.

  • You're interested in International Pension Plans, Provident Schemes or End of Service Benefit (EoSB) schemes for expatriate employees.

  • You need the most expert and professional advice available.

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international company benefits

How we help you:

We can assist with

  • Independent scheme evaluation 
  • Pension administration 
  • Employee communications 
  • Investment advice  
  • Strategic advice & analysis 
  • Solution/improvement design 
  • Change implementation 
  • Ongoing advice 

End of service benefit (EoSB) solutions

We are the only fully integrated, independent provider of End of Service Benefit advisory services within the GCC.

Our expertise includes:

  • Helping you understand and manage your liabilities;
  • Creating a structured program;
  • Setting assets aside and investing them appropriately, to keep pace with gratuity inflation over the long term.

“Getting an End of Service Benefits solution in place, that was sufficient to meet future needs, was a headache hanging over me. AES took the entire problem, solved it and delivered my company a total solution. Highly recommend - and actually, I already HAVE recommended AES.”

Mark Offer
HR Manager

“We had a corporate pension solution in place, but it wasn’t sufficient to meet the needs of our key personnel. AES have created a solution, set it up, and they manage the ongoing investment side of things too. All in all – a highly professional service.”

Ian Lowe
Business owner (engineering)

“As a company, we spent a lot of time researching the right partners for corporate investment and financial management. We were so impressed with the key team at AES International when we met them that they made the job of choosing simple in the end.”

Simon Bloomfield

    International pension plan management

    Our international pension scheme administration and investment management services focus on 3 core objectives:

    1. Supporting your company's reporting requirements and your employees information needs.

    2. Enabling your organisation to reach your investment goals and future liabilities.

    3. Professional, evidence-based investment management of underlying pension assets.


    International group pensions and end of service benefit advice

    International employee benefit packages help employers attract, recruit and retain talented staff. 

    Our advice removes the complexity from international group corporate pension planning. We deliver independent advice about how to structure the best solution for your international pension, gratuity scheme or workplace savings scheme.

    We also demystify international pensions for your workforce, through accessible communications in plain English, ensuring they appreciate and truly value the benefits of their package.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is an international company or corporate pension?

    In plain terms, an international company or corporate pension is a pension plan which is written under trust and provides retirement benefits based on the accrual of a pot of money, from the investment of contributions paid by the employer, and in some cases the employee. 

    We specialise in corporate pensions schemes and employee benefit trusts within the Middle East, where because of the political, economic and legal environment locally, many companies opt to create their plans outside of the GCC.

    How is an international corporate pension normally structured?

    Typically, it’s run by a board of trustees who are responsible for paying retirement and death benefits.

    A corporate pension is normally a type of money purchase or defined contribution plan. 

    It will likely appoint an investment manager to manage the money within the scheme.

    How do I set up an international employee benefit trust?

    Our objective is to make what can be a complex process as simple as possible by determining benefits, systems, processes and accountability at the outset. 

    This normally entails the consideration of the following areas in great detail: - 

    1. Define the objectives for establishing the plan.
    2. Establish the criteria and requirements to establish and maintain the plan.
    3. Investment fund choice.
    4. Administration Process design.
    5. Input, contribution process and redemption, leaver process.
    6. Reporting requirements (paper and/or web portal based).
    7. Governance.
    8. Trustee selection and appointment.
    9. Investment mandate selection process.
    10. Implementation and data transfer.
    11. Member application documentation
    How do I get the best end of service benefit or international pension plans?

    Speak to an organisation expert in this particular area, and they will take the time needed to design and develop the most appropriate benefits structure for your organisation’s needs.

    Note, the segregation of pension assets from company assets is not only safer and more compliant but makes good financial sense as well.  

    Poor investment mandates, poor governance and accounting practice make getting this area right an imperative.  We can guide you.

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