How we help you

Group Corporate Pension Schemes

  • Our experts authored the book on pensions.
  • Our licensing gives you unmatched security.
  • Our approach delivers unrivalled integration and peace of mind.

Whether you have a solution already, or you want to implement a corporate pension scheme for your employees for the first time, we will:

  • Review existing arrangements
  • Consult on managing predicted shortfalls
  • Design a new flexible, scalable solution
  • Implement required changes to existing schemes
  • Set up, manage and administer your entire corporate pension solution

Our international pension scheme administration services and investment management approach to your corporate pension scheme is focused on 3 core objectives:

Group Corporate Pensions

Supporting your company’s reporting requirements and your employees’ information needs

Group Corporate Pensions

Enabling your organisation to reach your investment goals and future liabilities

Group Corporate Pensions

Professional, evidence-based investment management of the underlying pension assets.

End of Service Benefit (EoSB) Schemes

We are the only fully integrated, independent provider of end of service benefit consultancy solutions within the GCC.

End of Service Benefit liabilities are not going away, and should be recognised and properly accounted for by employers to ensure compliance.

Our services: -

  • Your EoSB solution will act as an important recruitment and retention tool.
  • Advise on managing imminent and long-term liabilities.
  • Design an appropriate EoSB saving and investment solution.
  • Implement, manage and administer your employee end of service benefit scheme.

Our scheme administration and investment management approach to your end of service benefit scheme is focused on 3 core objectives:

End of service benefits

Helping you understand and mange your liabilities

End of service benefits

Creating a structured program

End of service benefits

Setting assets aside and investing them appropriately, to keep pace with gratuity inflation over the long term