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Health and Benefits

Understanding the benefits of rewarding an international workforce

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    Health and wellness in the workplace

    Are your benefits aligned to your strategy?

    We help ensure you get the most out of the international benefits you are providing your staff.

    This means helping you with:

    • Engagement
    • Risk management
    • Operational effectiveness
    • Productivity and cost-effectiveness

    You get global knowledge and local wisdom.

    A partner to help make you and your team 'healthy, wealthy and wise.'


    Employer health and benefits consulting

    Expatriate health and benefits

    How we help you get better results:

    • International employee wellness
    • Benefit programmes
    • Medical claims analysis/audit
    • Occupational health and rehabilitation services
    • Executive wellness
    • Health and productivity
    • Health plan performance
    • Independent scheme evaluation 
    • Measurement and benchmarking
    Executive benefits and wellness

    Executive benefits

    Our expertise includes:

    • Executive health & wellness
    • Retirement planning
    • Welfare plans (life and disability)
    • Keyman and business continuity
    • Wealth preservation

    “Getting an End-of-Service Benefits solution in place, that was sufficient to meet future needs, was a headache hanging over me. AES took the entire problem, solved it and delivered my company a total solution. Highly recommend - and actually, I already HAVE recommended AES.”

    Mark Offer
    HR Manager

    “We had a corporate pension solution in place, but it wasn’t sufficient to meet the needs of our key personnel. AES have created a solution, set it up, and they manage the ongoing investment side of things too. All in all – a highly professional service.”

    Ian Lowe
    Business owner (engineering)

    “As a company, we spent a lot of time researching the right partners for corporate investment and financial management. We were so impressed with the key team at AES International when we met them that they made the job of choosing simple in the end.”

    Simon Bloomfield

      Workplace wellness


      Done well, wellbeing programmes can prevent illness and reduce absence, turnover and costs while driving performance.

      But getting there isn’t straightforward. 

      Wellbeing needs to mirror the diversity of its workforce to succeed – their needs, their roles, their choices throughout their now extended working lives and employers still need to support each step. 

      We can help you with:

      • Absence management
      • Occupational health
      • Employee assistance programmes
      • Wellness Initiatives
      • Health Risk Assessments
      • Stress audits
      • Wellness days
      • Gamification
      • Fitness coaching
      • Work/life balance



      International assignment management

      International assignment management

      The average cost of an international assignment can be significant.

      Failure can therefore not only be costly, but also result in reputational damage for the company and the loss of valuable employees.

      As an international firm, we provide an exclusive suite of benefits to ensure the health, wealth and awareness risks are mitigated when you send your staff overseas.

      Frequently asked questions

      What makes you different from the big name consultants?

      As an HR leader with complex issues, we understand the pressure you're under.

      Who has time for long reports and reams of data? You need clear answers, and you need them now, not in six months.

      That’s why we offer a different kind of consulting:

      • no information overload, just the answers—without any clutter;
      • no generalizations, just specific, actionable solutions to the problems that are costing you the most money;
      • no generalists, but a team of specialists who dive deep on the issues of most importance to you;
      • no impractical solutions for you to execute, but a team to help you implement, test, and refine; and
      • no long reports to review;  no large volume of data to sort through, just solid, practical answers tailored to your company.

      All we do is international and we're very nimble!


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