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Health & Protection - Client Focus Value Proposition

Tailored. Because one size never fits all


Our breakthrough, four-step methodology sets us apart from ‘traditional’ firms within the insurance sector.

This unites highly tested, tailored advice and a unique systematic process with an extraordinary plan management service.

In today's high-stress environments, employees need their healthcare benefits to deliver - right from diagnostic testing to emergency services and preventive care. 

With work absence increasing and medical costs rocketing, the message is clear: healthcare benefits must deliver.

Healthcare should be user-friendly, accessible and effective. Future-proof and flexible healthcare design is derived from genuine discussion that delves into the heart of each and every business.

Quality medical treatment and advice isn’t the same for every company because every company isn’t the same. 

At AES Health, you get a clear and simple health benefits plan that is crafted to suit your individual business needs and objectives. Our team conducts a detailed analysis that shows you technical evidence, so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare needs. We’re known for addressing a broken insurance system and completely turning it on its head.

We're here to help.

Your satisfaction guarantee


It’s all about you having the best possible insurance experience.

If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied, let us know.

Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to improve your experience…

Even if it means waiving the fees you’re paying.


Medical insurance experts providing healthcare solutions that deliver.

Smarter IS better

Many firms do not know there is a smarter way to find, secure and manage your corporate medical insurance.

Our revolutionary 4-step system will ensure your business and your team experience far better results.

This means you’ll experience something different from what you’ve had with other firms.

AES helps, manages and works for you.

Giving you greater clarity, confidence and control.

Corporate medical insurance professionals at AES International working to deliver the best solutions for clients.

Discover how we’ve:

  • Saved clients up to £3m on annual premiums
  • Delivered savings of up to 50% on renewals
  • Increased benefits and upgraded provider

For over 170 clients, for whom we manage annual premiums in excess of AED 50 million.


“I always get a quick and efficient service with AES. I experienced the real value of personal service on a recent trip abroad, when my son had a medical emergency. AES was easily reachable and coordinated with the insurers, alleviating this additional stress from an already stressful situation. Highly recommended.”

James Burdett

CEO, Destinations of the World

“Reduced our claims from 130%+ down to 80% in 2 years and saved us over AED 12million in premium. The AES team are very knowledgeable and able to deal with our demands and requirements to the upmost level. Highly recommended.”

Sarah Sissons

HR Director NMDC

“Getting the right company health insurance that aligns with our organisations requirements has always been a challenge with many grey areas that my team is not qualified to understand. AES Middle East simplified the process, explained their recommendations and provided answers and solutions to all my questions and concerns. I trust them because they are professional, experienced and always deliver.”

Simon Lloyd Davis

Project Director

“AES Middle East made the process simple and smooth. They took the headache out of finding a high quality company insurance scheme and continue to remove the day to day headaches. Knowing that I can call them whenever there is a problem or query from one of my staff gives me great peace of mind, and they provide a workable solution every time”

Kerry Potgieter


A medical insurance professional explaining the benefits of the best general lines of insurance.

Get the best general lines of insurance


You will benefit from:

  1. A cost-appropriate solution at a better rate than you will get from going direct 
  2. Knowledge-driven solutions which remove your risk
  3. Plan management scales of benefits, deductibles, co-payments, premium increases and claims


Asked Questions

What sets AES Health apart?

Some of the things that set us apart:

  1. You’ll get a highly tested, technically excellent plan tailored to your company’s budget and goals.
  2. You’ll get privileged access to leading international insurers through our economies of scale and extraordinary plan matching system, which are unavailable to other businesses. Our market knowledge and commitment means we get to know what works for you and our well-being team will focus on prevention instead of cure.
  3. You’ll receive a high-touch, individualised, team-orientated service to help keep you compliant, educated and comfortable with your benefits and market changes.
  4. You’ll experience the clarity, confidence and control that comes from a well-defend plan management service and from working with a highly qualified, professional, supportive and impartial team.
  5. You'll work with a stable team at a large, independent, well-established and multi-national firm. 
  6. You'll get a flexible, diversified, systematic insurance process which extends across a range of protection benefits and your account will be managed in line with a market leading service level agreement. 
  7. Your fees are fair, annually benchmarked and designed to maximise the value you get.
What is the benefit of using a medical insurance broker when buying medical insurance in Dubai?

As your broker, AES International will save you money, headaches, heartache and improve the benefits you get for your spend. 

We specialise in providing high-end consultative medical insurance broking services that deliver demonstrable value added benefit.

Which companies do you work with?

We work with SME and corporate clients who care about their people and value our high level of technical expertise, experience, transparent and compliant approach to demonstrating value. 

We feel our offering is the best medical insurance broker service in Dubai.

When should I begin looking at options for my group insurance renewal?

You should be monitoring the market with your broker throughout the year, and be aware of a strategy well before the renewal.

We recommend starting to get quotations in from 3 months prior to your renewal, with the goal of finalising 3 weeks before renewal date.

This allows time for cards to be delivered and on-boarding presentations to be done for your staff.

Are the rates we pay the same if we use a broker instead of going direct to an insurer?


The broker payment is taken out of the insurer’s fixed costs so you will always get the same rates whether you use a broker or go direct. 

The insurance company will pay a fee to the brokers once the policy has been signed up.

This averages at 10 – 15% in the market.  You are entitled to ask your broker what exactly they have earned from you, and how they feel they have earned their money.  Whether you choose to work with us or another broker, ensure your broker is working hard for you for their fee.

How do I know if my broker is compliant to sell company medical insurance in Dubai?

All brokers must also be regulated by the Dubai Health Authority.  You can find the list of compliant insurance brokers / intermediaries here:


If your broker isn’t on this list, they aren’t legally allowed to place any business in Dubai.

Part of the application process required intermediaries to have the following: 

  • Complaints handling procedures and complaints log
  • Training of competence scheme for advisors
  • Code of conduct for advisors
  • Data protection and client confidentiality policy
Do I need my claims data to get a quote?

For groups over 100 the insurance company should always release your claims data in a specific Dubai Health Authority format.

This isn’t always required to take out a new plan, however you are always entitled to it.

For groups under 50, generally claims data won’t be required and you can sign up on standard off the shelf plans and rates.

What documents are required for an individual to get health insurance in Dubai?

Medical insurance in Dubai is now directly linked with visa processing.  So, before a policy will be issued, the insured person’s details will need to be uploaded to the GDRFA (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs).

In order to do this, they will require a visa, passport, Emirates ID and other basic information that will be presented in an excel census format.

How long does it take to get medical cards?

Cards are usually printed within 3 – 10 working days (depending on the insurer).

For larger corporate schemes, they can sometimes be printed prior to payment.

However, for SME’s and individuals, cards will only be printed once payment is received.

What is medical inflation and how does it affect me?

In the UAE, medical inflation averages between 9 – 12% each year.  This comes from the ever-increasing costs for medical treatment from providers.

Inflation is filtered down to you as insurers will look to increase their rates by around the same amount to ensure their plans are still priced correctly, competitively and ultimately profitably.

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