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Aetna Insurance

Aetna, established in America in 1853, is an international insurance provider with the mission to build a healthier world. 

Currently, they serve 47.9 million people with a dedicated team of 50,000 employees. 

Along with offering a diverse range of health coverage plans, they also offer digital tools and online resources that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. 

Whether it is advice to quit smoking, eating healthier, family planning or any other medical concern, Aetna provides care at every step of the member’s health care journey. 

Our Verdict
A Closer Look
Customer Reviews

Aetna offer the below plans: 

  • Individual/Family Policies
  • Comprehensive international SME policies  
  • Comprehensive international corporate policies  
  • Moderate regional SME policies 
  • Moderate regional corporate policies 

The Pros

> Aetna's partnership with Red24 that enables them to offer global evacuation and support that extends beyond medical services. For example, during recent terror attacks, members’ families and next of kin were updated on the whereabouts and safety of their members if they were in the affected location
> Aetna International Mobile app allows convenient access to claims and insurance information
> Popular with American expatriates in the UAE with access to 1.1 million providers in the U.S.
> Offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides counselling/advice to all staff
> They also provide resources and information to expatriates relocating to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for example advice on schools, areas to live, rent etc.
> Large focus on customer service, with a local office in Dubai
> Compassionate emergency flights included in most plans, allowing the Aetna-insured member to visit a family or relative who is terminally ill
> Telemedicine provision which is a very user-friendly and cost-saving source for members
> A range of modular plans in the international market and also local market which provides a good range of options
> A very helpful and flexible in-house team 

The Cons

> The top plans can be expensive
> Renewal increases can be volatile
> Maternity can be expensive as an add on for individuals
> Accessing the enhanced maternity feature may require a year’s waiting period
> The local plans do not have any mental health benefits
What are the TPA (Third Party Administrator) options?


Do Aetna Insurance offer a portal or an app?

Aetna offer an app to customers. 

What's the turnaround time for reimbursements?

3-5 working days. 

What's the turnaround time for pre-approvals?

For out-patients: 5-15 minutes
For in-patients: 24 hours

What's the minimum number of employees required for MHD (Medical History Disregarded)?


Aetna were a “no brainer” option in the recent COVID crisis

Following recent financial constraints from the COVID-19 situation, we unfortunately had to reduce our budget and the local market policies that Aetna provide were the perfect match. Thanks to AES for highlighting and advising these, we were able to reduce our premium while still getting the top quality service of an international insurer.  

Expert Assessment of Aetna Insurance

We’re highly impressed with Aetna as they extend their offering beyond medical care. With partners like Red24, their EAP program, their telemedicine and their case managers (anyone diagnosed with a serious condition will be given a personal account manager for the entirety of the condition). 

They have a huge presence worldwide, as they’re one of the leading global insurance providers, especially big in America. This makes Aetna very attractive to western expats living in the UAE and other GCC countries, who travel frequently outside the UAE. 

Compassionate travel is an example of Aetna’s care beyond medical services. This option allows members to visit a terminally ill family member or relative by covering the cost of the travel. As almost 90% of the UAE’s population are expatriates, many members have families living elsewhere in the world, and this feature is highly appreciated by those insured by Aetna. 

We are also impressed with the flexibility in the Aetna plans allowing us to satisfy the customer's specific requirements as near to perfection as possible. The introduction of the local “Focus” plans has also provide a great local product option for our clients. 

If you are a business owner or HR professional in the UAE, you’re looking to improve the medical insurance cover for you group, save money on your employee benefits package or reduce your company medical insurance costs, we will review your current plans and related expenses. Please contact us or call us on +971 (0) 4559 4900. 

At AES, we focus on providing long-term solutions, tailored to an individual organisation’s needs, to help you improve overall employee wellness, drive up productivity and engagement, and enable you to manage your corporate medical insurance spend year on year. 

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