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Review summary

Morgan Price

Morgan Price was established in the UK in 1999; it is a specialist provider of medical insurance around the world, with a specific focus on the Middle East and the Far East.

With over 18 years’ of experience in the international health insurance market, Morgan Price provides excellent service to clients around the world. Additionally, they are founder members of the Association of International Medical Insurance providers (AIMIP).

In the UAE, they have partnered with Watania, that was founded in 2011. Watania aims to be a leading takaful operator in the UAE that meets all the Sharia compliance regulations in the region.

Customer Reviews
Expert Verdict

Morgan Price provides insurance plans for individuals and corporates in the UAE. All the plans are Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) approved. Therefore, employers in the UAE enjoy affordable health benefits that improve the health and well-being of their employees.

Individual medical insurance plans offered by Morgan Price:


  1. Maximum benefit of AED 5,920,000
  2. Area 1 - AGCC, Arab Countries, Middle East & SEA + Home Country; Area 2 -Worldwide Excluding USA; Area 3 - Worldwide
  3. In patient and day care treatment
  4. Outpatient care
  5. Physio up to 6 Sessions
  6. Alternative Medicines up to AED 3,700
  7. Chronic & pre-existing conditions
  8. Cancer care
  9. Pregnancy and childbirth
  10. Dental and optical benefits (optional)
  11. Audiology
  12. Psychiatric benefit
  13. Medical evacuation and repatriation
  14. Out of area treatment
  15. Network options


  1. Maximum benefit of AED 9,990,000
  2. Physio Paid in Full
  3. Alternative Medicines up to AED 13,320
  4. Congenital Abnormalities up to AED 133,200
  5. All the above

Corporate (group) medical insurance plans offered by Morgan Price:

Gulfhealth Options

  1. Overall maximum sum insured $ 2,000,000 USD
  2. Neuron TPA – Network Comprehensive
  3. Out-patient benefits
  4. In patient and day-patient benefits
  5. Pre-existing conditions
  6. Prescription Drugs paid in full
  7. Newly diagnosed chronic conditions
  8. Cancer care
  9. Pregnancy and childbirth benefits
  10. Medical evacuation and repatriation
  11. Transportation of mortal remains
  12. Hospital accommodation outside UAE
  13. Additional benefits for UAE residents only within the Emirate of Dubai

Additional benefits:

  1. Wellness & dental module
  2. Optical module
  3. Psychiatric module
  4. Worldwide module
  5. Enhanced physiotherapy modules
  6. Enhanced routine chronic module
  7. Enhanced maternity module

For a complete list of benefits with details and limitations under the above plans, please refer to the brochures in the resources section, or contact us for more detailed information.


The Pros

> Innovative and quick to react to market changes
> Competitively priced
> The modular product allows flexibility
> Backed by Lloyd’s of London
> New choices plan uses Neuron’s top network as a standard (including all premium hospitals and clinics in UAE)
> Partnership with Neuron, therefore, access to their mobile app and online portal
> ‘Privilege Card’ offered by Neuron gives members discounts at over 120 partners
> Partnership with Dubai Cares - 1% of premiums donated towards charity
> Been in the UAE for over 10 years (more than alot of the new international providers)
> Consistently less than 12% annual increases for group medical insurance products (lower than the market average and medical inflation)

The Cons

> Networks restricted due to focus in the Middle East, UK, and Asia.
> Individual plans can be expensive as the focus is primarily on the SME market
> No option to reduce the network on group plans to lower premium
> Low maternity limits as standard on group plans and can be expensive to upgrade to the enhanced module
Which hospitals, clinics and pharmacies can I have access to if I am insured with Morgan Price?

Please refer to the brochure in our resources section.

How long does it take for a claim to be processed?

The standard approval times are dependent on us receiving all of the correct information from your chosen provider (either Amity or Neuron).

How do I submit a claim?

Click here to submit a claim for Amity

Click here to submit a claim for Neuron

Can I review the status of my claim online? What are the other ways to follow up?

Morgan Price has two third-party administrator’s – Neuron & Amity. Please check the back of your membership card.

You can also download the Neuron app to review the status of your claim and access other medical insurance-related documents.

Alternatively, you can call +971-4-552-0914 or email info@gulfhealth.ae for more information.  

Perfect choice for us

As an SME we were looking for the best partner, that delivered flexible and well-priced solutions, excellent customer service and ongoing support.

We have certainly found that after selecting Morgan Price as our preferred provider for group medical insurance.

Expert Assessment of Morgan Price

We’re impressed by Morgan Price’s medical insurance products and services. They have adapted swiftly to the changing market environment in the UAE by consistently upgrading their plans and launching new products. Changing quickly whilst staying competitive in the market demonstrates their willingness to be a long-term medical insurance provider in the UAE.

Partnership with Neuron has given our clients access to the Neuron app, which is one of the best in the region. Our clients not only enjoy the convenience it brings but also the discounts and promotional offers such as weekend stay at 5* hotels, dental treatments etc.

Morgan Price provides excellent customer service with a dedicated and experienced team in the UAE and issues can quickly be escalated and resolved.

The initial benefits on their core product aren’t quite as rich as some of their competitors, for a little extra premium most of these can be upgraded and brought back in line.

If you are a business owner or HR professional in the UAE, you’re looking to save money on your employee benefits package and reduce your company medical insurance costs, we will review your current plans and related expenses. Please contact us or call us on +971 (0) 4559 4900.

At AES International, we focus on providing long-term solutions, tailored to an individual organisation’s needs, to help you improve overall employee wellness, drive up productivity and engagement, and enable you to manage your corporate medical insurance spend year on year.

Morgan Price Corporate Plans

Morgan Price Individual Plans

Morgan Price Gulfhealth Options

Morgan Price Neuron Network List (Tier 1)

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