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National Life and General Insurance Co

Established in 1995, National Life and General Insurance Co (NLGIC) are one of the major health insurance providers in the UAE market, writing nearly AED 1.4 billion in the 2019 financial year.

They were the first insurance company operating in the Oman market and then expanded into other additional markets. They are very financially stable as a subsidiary of a large investment company, OMNIVEST.

NLGIC strive to work with a customer first approach and believe that customer service is an attitude and not a department.

Our Verdict
A Closer Look
Customer Reviews

National Life and General Insurance Co offer the below plans: 

  • Individual/Family policies
  • Moderate regional SME policies  
  • Moderate regional corporate policies  

The Pros

> Flexible benefits in both SME and Corporate policies
> A number of TPAs can be used
> All TPAs have user friendly apps that can be used by the members
> In-house TPA option which is more cost effective
> Experienced and knowledgeable team in terms of the market and trends
> Very helpful and flexible who always assist where they can to secure or help clients

The Cons

> On-boarding documentation can be excessive and take time
> They do not provide individual policies
> Their plans change quite often so there is slight uncertainty over long-term plans
What are the TPA (Third Party Administrator) options?

Nextcare, NAS or Inaayah.

Do NLGIC offer a portal or an app?

NLGIC offer an app to customers. 

What's the turnaround time for reimbursements?

10 working days. 

What's the turnaround time for pre-approvals?

For out-patients: 15-30 minutes
For in-patients: 24 hours

What's the minimum number of employees required for MHD (Medical History Disregarded)?


A great insurer for our requirements

We are a mid-sized SME who had to reduce our budget last year and AES were very helpful in presenting and advising us towards NLGIC.

The insurer was able to match our previous benefits almost exactly as they were before and they are now much more cost effective.

There have been a few issues with the turnaround times for some of our members but they have actually been within the stated turnaround times of NLGIC.

Overall they are a great insurance provider for the premium we paid.

Expert Assessment of National Life and General Insurance Co

When reviewing the local market of insurers, NLGIC are currently one of our favoured insurers. The all-around flexibility that they offer is great to work with and very helpful when trying to meet a client's specific requirements.

They offer “off the shelf” policies, as well as plans that can be tailored. We are also able to choose from 3 different TPAs for these policies. The management team are all well experienced and helpful with us and their clients.

Like most local insurers, NLGIC follow a very bureaucratic process where the documentation can be excessive and cause certain delays and issues. Their quotations and documents often have to be double checked before they are sent as they are known to sometimes include small mistakes.

We are confident about NLGIC being financially robust as they have been in the industry for a long time and are a subsidiary of OMNIVEST. As they grow and succeed they only gain more of our trust.

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