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Bupa Insurance

Bupa Global was founded in the UK in 1947, with the aim of providing high quality health care services to the public. Today, they are a leading provider of national, international and global health insurance plans, and deliver health care services through over 1.2 million clinics, hospitals, dental centres and aged care service centres. 

Bupa Global serves over 27 million people worldwide - with offices located in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Latin America and many other international markets with approximately 1,700 employees worldwide. 

Our Verdict
A Closer Look
Customer Reviews

Bupa offer the below plans: 

  • Individual/Family Policies 
  • Comprehensive international SME policies  
  • Comprehensive international corporate policies  

The Pros

> No need for referrals; Bupa Global offers direct access to doctors and hospitals globally
> A very comprehensive network globally
> High quality global customer service
> Established brand name
> 70+ years of experience
> Not-for-profit company with no shareholders, so invests profits back into improving the service
> International plans have access to nearly every network in the world
> Market-leading second opinion services offered

The Cons

> Expensive
> Very slow to react to market demands in the UAE
> Not much flexibility on SME plans and only 3 individual plans
What are the TPA (Third Party Administrator) options?

In-house Bupa team.

Do Bupa offer a portal or an app?

Bupa Insurance offer a portal and an app to customers. 

What's the turnaround time for reimbursements?

3-5 working days. 

What's the turnaround time for pre-approvals?

For out-patients: 10-30 minutes
For i
n-patients: 24 hours

What's the minimum number of employees required for MHD (Medical History Disregarded)?


Suitably flexible, excellent customer service

Following a complete deep dive into our EB offerings, the AES insurance team negotiated an exceptional contract with Bupa Global. 

We have reduced our spend with intelligent adjustments in cover, and benefited from claims reduction via a staff education program. I thoroughly recommend AES. 

We had Tier 1 cover before with another provider - but Bupa Global came in with a better long-term offer. 

We are 100% satisfied. 

Expert Assessment of Bupa Insurance

We’re very impressed with Bupa Global’s medical insurance plans and services, especially when it comes to their corporate plans for expatriates living in Dubai. 

Bupa Global is one of the most prestigious insurance companies in the world, and they place great emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service and developing their global medical network. 

Bupa Global is non-profit, and therefore focus on reinvesting revenues to improve customer service and increase the overall quality of their health care and insurance provision. 

Bupa Global is an excellent partner for companies, especially those with an international workforce, and especially as a health insurance provider in Dubai. 

Dubai expatriates also have the option of continuing the same insurance policy if they leave the company they work for in the UAE, and move back to their home country, without underwriting any previous conditions. This is a big plus point as it gives Dubai expats a policy for life that saves them thousands of dollars in medical costs. 

Another popular feature offered by Bupa Global is the ‘my second opinion’ on their portal and app.  Expats may find themselves misdiagnosed, and therefore have the option to submit their reports on the portal for a free second opinion from well-renowned specialists from all over the world. 

Bupa Global may seem an expensive option for day to day use in the UAE, but they show their value when someone is really ill and needs expert support and care. 

Bupa Global are partnered with Oman Insurance as their fronting partner who are also a well established and trusted insurance provider that specialises in the local Gulf market.  

If you are a business owner or HR professional in the UAE, you’re looking to improve the medical insurance cover for you group, save money on your employee benefits package or reduce your company medical insurance costs, we will review your current plans and related expenses. Please contact us or call us on +971 (0) 4559 4900. 

At AES, we focus on providing long-term solutions, tailored to an individual organisation’s needs, to help you improve overall employee wellness, drive up productivity and engagement, and enable you to manage your corporate medical insurance spend year on year. 

Start looking after your employees' well-being today. 

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