We have 2 expert international Employee Benefit Divisions, providing a uniquely integrated approach to leading institutions:
International Medical & Healthcare Advisory

International Medical & Healthcare Advisory

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International Pension & End of Service Benefit Consultancy

Corporate Pensions & End of Service Benefit Consultancy

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About you

You are likely to be an HR director, CFO, or senior decision maker at an international organisation, who wants to:

  • Attract, retain and reward a talented workforce with a high quality solution
  • Ensure compliance whilst minimising internal administrative requirements
  • Balance costs and benefits

We help international organisations like yours successfully navigate the challenges of international employee benefits packages. 

Our approach is ideal for you if:

  • You’re considering developing an international employee benefits package for the first time
  • You’ve let your benefits package roll from year to year without independent, professional review
  • You’re concerned about high costs, unappealing benefits or poor service.

Why choose us

Our expertise in international employee benefits is unique.

We are:

  • Independent, chartered financial planning experts
  • Highly regulated to bring security and peace of mind
  • Fee-based to align our interests and reduce your costs

We have:

  • Global presence and local knowledge
  • 65+ different licenses
  • Unmatched expertise as authorised pension specialists

You get:

  • Security from our international licences
  • Expertise from our chartered financial professionals
  • Transparency from our independent, fee-based approach

How we will help you

We deliver your comprehensive employee benefit solution: -

Employee Benefits
Further information:

We have specific information about corporate pensions, including end of service benefits and medical insurance to inform your decision-making.

Together we’ll manage the challenges you’re facing.

  • "What we really appreciated was the way AES International really listened to all our concerns, it's such a big step to entrust your life pension savings with anyone, and they took the time to keep us at ease.”

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    Barbara Veale

  • “Thank you AES International for helping me and my family with your low cost no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing!”

    AES International Reviews

    Kristian Petersson

  • “With this sort of banking service you also expect to be paying very high fees, but it’s just not the case. I would definitely recommend this to other expatriates, especially those with connections to the UK.”

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    Jake van den Dries

We'd love to help you
Our specialists help people like you.

We help international organisations like yours successfully navigate the challenges of international employee benefits packages.

Let our Independent, chartered financial planning experts show you how we can help.

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