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As the Middle East’s only certified fiduciaries (unconflicted financial guides), Chartered and fee-only firm providing comprehensive advice to individuals, families and businesses, AES is here to start a revolution in the way you think, feel and experience the future.

We do this by challenging convention, creating deep transformation and helping you make smart decisions. This is why we’re the go-to counsel for the smartest and most successful professionals who seek a wise and trusted guide to unlock new possibilities and get better results.

I started life in the Household Cavalry Regiment and initially set up AES to advise companies and individuals within high-risk locations around the world. Over time, I discovered the wider 'traditional financial services industry' was sadly more akin to the 'Galactic Republic' in Star Wars and not the 'Jedi' profession to which I'd aspire! 

My vocation is to challenge this status quo and to encourage professionals to think, act and decide differently. 

I draw from several decades of experience and over 50,000 hours in the trenches, and I'm yet to meet a person who couldn't optimise and improve their financial position, or who told me they'd wished they'd waited longer before sorting these types of matters out. 

But, even with all my experience, I've still only touched the tip of the iceberg on the reliable subject matter available. I've read hundreds of books on wealth, investing and the psychology of money, attended countless webinars, conferences and events, and worked with hundreds of experts. Proponents of the Dunning-Kruger effect will know this means I understand and accept there's still A LOT I don't yet know. But this doesn’t stop me using the wisdom of experience to create, collate and share as much useful content as I can.

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What our readers say

Sam, I’ll have to keep this one in my files. This is one of the best views or opinions on why so many people are fooled by their brokerage.

I’ve been a reader of Andrew Hallam for at least 10 years and I enjoy reading your emails.

I really enjoy reading your follow up emails and find the approach really inspiring, well done!

Great article. Thank you for sharing.  

Thank you for this great email. Such a great reminder of the principles of long term planning. I shared it with my 3 daughters to educate them on the fundamentals of wealth creation.

I find your emails really useful and interesting.

I've been receiving your newsletters for quite some time now and have appreciated your insight and knowledge regarding financial well being.

I follow you (thanks to Andrew Hallam), I read your newsletters and enjoy the themes you explore and the morals of the stories.

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