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The expert opinions of chartered professionals.

These independent reviews cover the savings, investment and pension plans and providers most commonly used by international investors and expats like you.

The reviews are designed to help you make well-informed decisions about traditional offshore investment product providers such as Quilter International (formerly known as Old Mutual International), Generali InternationalFriends Provident InternationalHansard InternationalZurich International and RL360

They also cover offshore private banksinvestment platformsoffshore wrappersQROPS providersoffshore fund houses and specific offshore savings and investment products

Each review gets an AES star rating, and helpful information about features, benefits or risks. Reviews are designed to be used in conjunction with our X-Ray Review™, so you can understand what's best for your personal savings, investments and pensions. 

AES International independent reviews

Used by international executives like you.

Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans

Our independent reviews are our own opinions on the insurance plans and providers most commonly used by international investors and expats.

International trusts

International Trusts

View the potential benefits and applications for each international trust option, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Investment platforms

Investment Platforms

The costs associated with each platform, the range of funds accessible, and the technology behind each option.

Offshore Banks

Offshore Banks

Our own opinions on the offshore bank accounts and service providers most commonly used by international investors and expats.

Pension Transfer Specialists

Pension Transfer Specialists

Make the best financial decisions about your international pension and retirement options.

International Pension Trustees

International Pension Trustees

Each review below gets an AES rating and comes with a generous topping of helpful information on the features and benefits associated with it.

Offshore Investment Bonds

Offshore Investment Bonds

We examine the most commonly sold bond products like Summit, Zenith and Reserve, as well as looking at baby bonds and portfolio bonds.

Offshore Savings Plans

Offshore Savings Plans

Which plans pay hidden commission, lock an investor in, or forces them to pay surrender charges to exit?

Discretionary Fund Managers

Discretionary Fund Managers

Learn whether a DFM pays hidden commission to an adviser, offers a flexible and transparent service, or is inflexible or expensive.

Broker Funds

Broker Funds

We look at the cost of these funds, whether they pay hidden commission, beat their benchmark or under perform.

Second Opinion Review

Lacking confidence? Your investment strategy deserves another look.

Make a selection from the options above to find the right AES service for you.

Second Opinion Review Man Reading

Confused? Frustrated?

Your investment strategy deserves another look.

  • How diversified are your investments and how are they performing against benchmarks?
  • Is your adviser taking advantage of the global economy?
  • Are you being sold a product or are you getting advice?
  • Who is really managing your money?
  • How much you are truly paying for the advice you receive, including hidden commissions and charges?


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