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AES International - Fiduciary certified financial plannersAES was the first and remains the only firm in the AMEA (Asia, the Middle East and Africa) region to meet the fiduciary standard of excellence. Our experts are often quoted by national and international trade press. Here are some of the press mentions over the last 5 years. We hope you find them insightful. 

"On a mission to bring you Positive Change"

Sam Instone, Co-CEO

latest press comments

Press mentions - 2021

25 June 2021: Why money is an emotion and one of the most powerful forces in our lives - The NationalThe national press mention - AES International

Let me tell you about a problem. Afterwards, you’ll hopefully feel better about your money and less judgemental about what others do with theirs.

A colossal gap exists between the rate of return investments produce and the return most investors get. This compounds over time to either fuel or decimate your wealth.

The problem? Behaviour.

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9th June 2021: UAE central bank unveils whistleblowing portal International AdviserInternational Adviser's logo

Stuart Ritchie, director at AES, told International Adviser: “The UAE has strict social media policies which have discouraged people to come forth and share their grievances with businesses.

“The new whistleblowing portal is a great way around this. It’s yet another step the UAE is taking to address misconduct in financial services.

“I hope it encourages people to report unethical practices in the region – and to do so without fear of retaliation or reprimand.”

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1st June 2021: Sterling's three-year high weakens the remitting power of British expatriates? The NationalThe national press mention - AES International

Stuart Ritchie, director of wealth advice at AES, does not recommend either strategy to save on remittance fees “for a variety of reasons”.

“Most importantly, cash will be eroded by inflation, meaning the value will decrease over time,” he says.

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25th May 2021: Will expat confidence in UAE financial advisers ever improve? International AdviserInternational Adviser's logo

Stuart Ritchie, director of wealth advice at AES, said: “Many international professionals have been burned by taking the wrong type of advice and feel compelled to share their stories with people in their communities – and so the news spreads.

“The media also plays a big role in this by helping to expose unregulated financial advisers to avoid others falling prey.”

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25th May 2021: How financial infidelity can erode trust and wreck your finances - The NationalThe national press mention - AES International

“We’ve heard stories of people taking on mountains of debt to fund their lifestyle – something which would be difficult for them to admit, even to partners,” Stuart Ritchie, director of wealth advice at financial advisory AES, says. “I’ve heard of couples who’ve faced troubles in their marriages because of a lack of financial disclosure.”

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May 2021: Key learnings from Amber Waheed's court case - British Business GroupBBG feature of Sam Instone

With all the many paths to getting rich, losing your wealth can happen remarkably quickly with a single poor
decision. This area can be incredibly complex and my decades of experience indicate that poor Amber is at the outset of her learning journey.

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6th May 2021: Who wants to be a millionaire? – Pocketful of Dirhams -The National

4th May 2021: Marriage and money: Top tips for newlyweds to find financial bliss -The National

13 April 2021: Retirement planning by age: how much should you save in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s?-The National

23 March 2021: Financial security for oil and gas professionals - Oil & Gas Middle East


08 December 2020: Practical ways to teach your children smart money skills -The National 

10 November 2020: Will the UAE introduce income tax for 'high earners'? - International Adviser

03 November 2020: 10 money mistakes you should avoid during a crisis - The National 

02 November 2020: Why US-domiciled funds are a tax danger for expatriates - The National 

28 October 2020: The Debt Panel: 'I was detained by immigration after my bank failed to update its records' - The National 

20 October 2020: Why your UK employee could be working remotely from Dubai - The National 

14 October 2020: What does Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis mean for your investment portfolio? - The National 

06 October 2020: How to start investing for your children The National

15 September 2020: UK financial watchdog reviews 'scandal-hit' consumer investments -The National 

14 September 2020: Greece targets wealthy foreign pensioners with tax incentives - International Adviser 

13 September 2020: Covid-19 accelerates urgency of people wanting to retire in secure countries -The National

07 September 2020: Is it still possible to get a decent yield from dividends? -The National

01 September 2020: How to manage your finances as a couple - The National

25 August 2020: UAE retail space ‘lagging behind rest of the world’ - International Adviser

20 August 2020: How to find freedom from money worries - The National

19 August 2020: The Debt Panel: 'Why wasn't my credit shield insurance used to pay my credit card when I lost my job?' - The National

10 August 2020: Are zero-fee ETFs too good to be true? - The National

21 July 2020: The Debt Panel: 'Can my bank file a police case against me for missing one payment?' - The National

21 July 2020: Will covid-19 spark more M&A in the UAE advice sector? - International Adviser

14 July 2020: The Debt Panel: 'I'm stuck overseas and my bank ignored my Covid-19 debt relief request' - The National

14 July 2020: How to avoid fear, ignorance and greed to build long-term wealth - The National

02 July 2020: Episode 81: Financial Planning in Dubai with Stuart Ritchie [PODCAST] - The Nextgen Planners

01 July 2020: The Debt Panel: 'I cannot repay my Dh60,000 dues as I haven't been paid since January' - The National

21 June 2020: The nine biggest mistakes investors can make - The National

17 June 2020: Will UK wealth raid throw existing IHT plans up in the air? - International Adviser

11 June 2020: Are there investment lessons to be learned from epidemics/pandemics? - Gulf News

11 June 2020: Lockdown could trigger exodus of expats from UAE - International Adviser

10 June 2020: The Debt Panel: 'My bank account has been blocked for a year. How do I access my salary?' - The National

09 June 2020: Five personal finance habits busted by the pandemic - The National

26 May 2020: The Debt Panel: 'I've lost my business and face two court cases. How do I restore my life?' - The National

17 May 2020: How should young investors approach the current financial market?- The National

17 May 2020: Sam Instone on Citywire - Advice Around the World [PODCAST] - Citywire

06 May 2020: The Debt Panel: 'I've lost my job so can I unlock some of my gratuity to get by?' - The National

04 May 2020: Strong sales: Dubai records $353mln property deals in last week of April - Sawya

04 May 2020: COVID-19: Top tips to deal with your savings and investments in UAE - Sawya

03 May 2020: How have ETFs weathered the market crash? - The National

26 April 2020: What is the best way for investors to generate income today? - The National

19 April 2020: Five lessons we can learn from past market corrections - The National

15 April 2020: How to avoid tone-deaf marketing during a pandemic - International Adviser

08 April 2020: Experts share their tips to financially cope during Covid-19 - The National

30 March 2020: Why the stock market crash could be the buying opportunity of a lifetime - The National

29 March 2020: Why the stock market crash could be the opportunity to buy a life - ExBulletin

16 March 2020: Seven steps you must take to protect your money amid the coronavirus crisis - The National

09 March 2020: Pay down your debts or invest - which is right for you? - The National

23 February 2020: How rich are you? [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio

04 February 2020: How to invest during volatile times? [PODCAST] - The National

16 January 2020: Have Middle East wealth clients been poorly served? - International Adviser

16 January 2020: How to build a $1m portfolio by the time you retire - The National

01 January 2020: How can you sort your finances in 2020? [PODCAST] -Dubai Eye Radio


30 December 2019: 10 money resolutions to help you fix your finances in 2020 for better in the Middle East  - The National
02 December 2019: Striving for better in the Middle East - IRESS
26 November 2019: Returning residents: 'Why we boomeranged back to the UAE' - The National
24 November 2019: What you should know before hiring a financial planner - Capital Letter Magazine (British Business Group)
23 November 2019: Doctors urged to issue generic brand drugs as UAE acts to make healthcare more affordable - The National
18 November 2019: How is the UAE protecting residents in debt? [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
15 November 2019: UAE regulator releases new rules on life cover - Insurance Business
06 November 2019: UAE's Insurance Authority rolls out new life insurance regulations - The National
05 November 2019: How will commission cap revamp the UAE advice market? - International Adviser
04 November 2019: Emerging Asia makes up 36% of the global economy so should you invest more? - The National
17 October 2019: 7 alarming things you must know before hiring a financial planner (#3 will blow your mind!) - British Business Group
13 October 2019: Are healthcare benefits being squeezed? [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
07 October 2019: How to protect your investments in the final years before you retire - The National
01 October 2019: Will Dubai’s wealth industry benefit from Expo 2020? - International Adviser
16 September 2019:Why people in the UAE are saving LESS money than last year [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
10 September 2019: Are your investment funds in the right currency? - The National
27 August 2019: Experts say it is never too late to start funding for your retirement - Dubai One TV
12 August 2019: How Britons in the UAE are cashing in on the pound's plunge - The National
07 August 2019: Being mis-sold an investment leaves a hole in your financial future - The National
02 August 2019: Colin Ward joins AES International as Director Employee Benefits - Global Benefits Vision
17 July 2019: How alluring is the UAE golden visa scheme? - International Adviser
08 July 2019: Six things you should do to protect your finances today - The National
24 June 2019: Low paid UAE workers turn to charities for help with cancer care costs - The National
12 June 2019: What UK fund manager Neil Woodford's failure says about active fund management - The National
06 June 2019: What the UK pound's fluctuating fortunes mean for UAE residents -The National
21 May 2019: How to take out the right critical illness and life insurance protection - The National
13 May 2019: New to the world of investing? Here's how to begin today - The National 
25 April 2019: Can advisers make financial inclusion universal? - International Adviser 
14 April 2019: Simplify your investment strategy to make more money - The National 
09 April 2019: Abu Dhabi hospitals must issue patients with breakdown of medical bills - The National 
08 April 2019: What does Brexit mean for your finances? - The National 
07 April 2019: Hedge funds: Managers promise market-beating returns, but watch out for those fees - Zawya 
07 April 2019: Director of AES International, Stephen MacLaren, discusses health insurance with Dubai Eye [PODCAST]  - Dubai Eye Radio 
04 April 2019: Building bridges: Investing in infrastructure can offer steady returns - Zawya
29 March 2019: How to move to the Middle East - International Adviser 
21 March 2019: Fed's decision to hold interest rates steady 'good news' for UAE consumers - The National
18 March 2019: The best financial apps to help UAE residents manage their money - The National
10 March 2019: Why you really need bonds in your financial portfolio - The National 
6 March 2019: Generali pulls its contractual savings plans from the UAE - The National 
27 February 2019: 9 common financial mistakes UAE residents make - and how to avoid them - The National
17 February 2019: What the UAE's new life insurance regulations mean - The National
13 February 2019: UAE Insurance Authority pushes ahead with stringent life insurance regulations - The National
12 February 2019: UAE regulator drafts commissions cap - International Investment
10 February 2019: Director of AES International, Sam Instone, answers financial questions related to banking, insurance and investment. [PODCAST] Dubai Eye Radio
7 February 2019: How the Fed's dovish interest rate stance affects UAE savers, borrowers and investors - The National 
5 February 2019: Are advisers listening to their clients? - International Adviser
4 February 2019: How to build up a nest egg for your children's future - The National
 28 January 2019: Want to retire at 55? Here's how - The National
 24 January 2019: How Jack Bogle changed the investment game for all of us - The National
23 January 2019: Director of AES International, Sam Instone, discusses important financial topics for expat investors [PODCAST] Dubai Eye Radio 


31 December 2018: Stephen MacLaren discusses the new coverage of 3 major cancers with Dubai Eye [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio

25 December 2018: Read Stuart Ritchie's thoughts on employers and financial advisers filling the retirement gap for expats - The National 

20 December 2018: How do you know a financial adviser is right for you? - Gulf News

05 November 2018: Dubai financial adviser Neil Grant liable for client's six-figure losses, says civil court financial expert  - The National

17 October 2018: How a corporate savings plan helps businesses remain competitive  - Entrepreneur

14 October 2018: What next for your portfolio: growth, value or momentum investing? - The National 

25 September 2018: Int's pension transfer unit to cut ties with the overseas IFA's - The International Adviser

24 September 2018: New to the UAE guide part 2: set-up costs, visas, rent, school fees and more - The National

23 September 2018: New to the UAE guide: set-up costs, visas, rent, school fees and more - The National

18 September 2018: Director of AES International Stuart Ritchie shares his thoughts on the new UAE retirement visa announcement [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

17 September 2018: Is the UAE's new five-year visa a game changer for expat retirement? - The National 

9 September 2018: Are these the warning signs of an approaching global recession? - The National 

12 August 2018: What does a sensibly diversified portfolio look like - The National 

29 July 2018: The must-read personal finance books for your holiday - The National

18 July 2018:The great debate - Equity Magazine

5 May 2018: Sam Instone discusses the new regulations that the insurance industry is facing [PODCAST] -Dubai Eye Radio 

29 May 2018: The cheapest stock markets to invest in around the world - The National

20 May 2018: Should UAE residents focus on retirement of paying down their mortgage? - The National

16 May 2018: Credit Suisse fund transfers to Lombard Odier IM - FT Adviser

4 May 2018: UAE's 'good old expat packages' fade away as companies target younger professionals - The National

30 April 2018: How advisers in the Middle East are getting future ready - International Adviser

30 April 2018: Are we witnessing the slow death of cryptocurrencies? - The National

12 April 2018: Income under threat from rate rises and inflation - FT Adviser

9 April 2018: Should a China-US trade war worry UAE investors? - The National

22 March 2018: Why income growth is hard to come by in the UK - FT Adviser

12 March 2018: Five global indicators that tell us how the stock markets will fare this year - The National

9 March 2018: Investors pursue Dubai rogue financial adviser in court as more victims come forward - The National

9 March 2018: Are you guilty of financial infidelity? - Khaleej Times

5 March 2018: Is the stock market volatility over or are we due a full-blown crash? - The National

25 February 2018: How will higher interest rates affect your finances in the UAE? - The National

13 February 2018: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Big four speak out on Dubai changes - International Investment

12 February 2018: International Investment ezine Dubai special: AES Int’l speaks out - International Investment

11 February 2018: Investors might want to watch their dollar weight - The National

6 February 2018: Advisers, industry experts urge calm as Asian market shares follow DJIA lead down - International Investment

3 February 2018: Twelve ETFs to suit every investment portfolio - The National

15 January 2018: Emerging markets race ahead after a decade in the doldrums - The National

14 January 2018: Andrew Hallam explains how expats can avoid getting trapped in inflexible financial products [PODCAST] Dubai Eye Radio 

14 January 2018: Finance guru Andrew Hallam’s new guide for expats wanting to become wealthy - The National

7 January 2018: Has the good fortune for ETFs run its course? - The National

4 January 2018: UAE advisers taking cautious approach to VAT - International Adviser

1 January 2018: What does 2018 hold for your investment portfolio? - The National

1 January 2018: Insurance year in review: life regulations now expected early 2018 - The National


27 December 2017: 10 financial resolutions for a more prosperous 2018 - The National

20 December 2017: Money year in review: Despite doom predictions, the upward trajectory continues - The National

20 December 2017: EU May Remove UAE From Tax Haven Blacklist - Bloomberg BNA

20 December 2017: UAE moots pensions for expats - International Investment

19 December 2017: Investments year in review: Investors wait for final push on mis-selling regulations - The National

17 December 2017: Why robo-advisories will appeal to Mena millennials - Khaleej Times

7 December 2017: Tax haven blacklist to give EU citizens around the world a "rude shock" - The National

6 December 2017: Dubai wealth managers dismiss UAE inclusion in EU tax haven blacklist - The National

4 December 2017: Is it still too risky to invest in banking stocks? - The National

20 November 2017: How to budget for a surprise expense in the UAE - The National

16 November 2017: End of the line? Regulatory changes proposed by the UAE Insurance Authority could completely change the way business is done in the region - International Adviser

8 November 2017: National Bonds challenges UAE's 'financial advice dilemma' with new investment app - The National

6 November 2017: A guide to bond funds - what they are and who needs them - The National

23 October 2017: 'We live on a shoestring in the UAE': Spendthrift expats reveal budget secrets - The National

18 October 2017: Is Black Monday about to strike again? - The National

12 October 2017: Housing demand falls amid rate rise concerns - FT Adviser

4 October 2017: FCA: less than half of pension transfer advice ‘suitable’ - International Investment

3 October 2017: Are you liable for income tax while living in the UAE? - The National

2 October 2017: Europe Best Practice Adviser Award winners revealed - International Adviser

1 October 2017: Analysis: A new regulatory era in the Middle East - International Adviser

28 September 2017: Holborn Assets makes controversial FCA pension claim - The National

25 September 2017: Should investors ever catch a falling knife? - The National

22 September 2017: Co-Op Bank mortgage business a 'watch and see' for brokers - FT Adviser

19 September 2017: Liberty Sipp reports strong growth as it eyes £2bn mark - FT Adviser

18 September 2017: Broke after the holidays? Here are 20 tips to get your finances back on track in the UAE - The National

17 September 2017: Europe is back: is now the time to invest? - The National

14 September 2017: Warning over racehorse investment scams - FT Adviser

10 September 2017: Andrew Hallam talks about how he became a millionaire on the salary of a teacher [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

7 September 2017: Bahrain tops best expat country in the world to live survey - The National

6 September 2017: Lessons learnt from 'keeping up with the Joneses' in the UAE - The National

3 September 2017: The best specialist exchange traded funds to invest in - The National

30 August 2017: Leading advisers predict new UAE rules will cull firms by 50% - International Adviser

29 August 2017: Expensive month for UAE parents with some taking out loans as Eid and start of school coincide - The National

27 August 2017: Could you survive an interest rate hike in the UAE? - The National

20 August 2017: Six steps to taking charge of your retirement - The National

10 August 2017: Sam Instone talks FCA changes and the impact on Dubai expats [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

16 August 2017: ADGM offers foundations for wealth management - The National

31 July 2017: Is there a Bitcoin ATM in Dubai's Media City? - The National

30 July 2017: How to cut through the jargon and build your own ETF portfolio - The National

19 July 2017: Aviva sells loss-making FPI to IFG for £340 million - The National

12 July 2017: The thrill of investing in boring companies - The National

4 July 2017: Fixed-term investment plans are failing UAE customers, says Friends Provident - The National

23 June 2017: A man on a financial mission against predatory investment schemes - The National

16 June 2017: Your Money blog: How to top up your British state pension while living as an expat in the UAE - The National

16 June 2017: Savers in UAE struggle to stay on track - The National

16 June 2017: Past your peak? Don’t risk pensioner poverty - The National

11 June 2017: Pound dives on election fears - Techno Tribune

11 June 2017: Pound value plunges after election result - PPP Focus

10 June 2017: UK investors sidelined by election result - The National

1 June 2017: A word of advice - Business and Finance Magazine

31 May 2017: ADGM to launch wealth-management foundations - The National

23 May 2017: Vanguard’s rise shows it is now time for UAE investors to have access low-cost funds - The National

19 May 2017: Central Bank turns attention to complaints of mis-selling investment products - The National

18 May 2017: Fresh blow hits UAE insurance providers, as Central Bank cracks down - International Investment

12 May 2017: Small company ETFs to invest in - The National

12 May 2017: Small caps can be big winners - The National

12 May 2017: Money clinic: the secret to becoming a millionaire - The National

10 May 2017: Roundtable - Selling Investment [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio

8 May 2017: IA Product & Service Awards 2017 - International Adviser

4 May 2017: UK Best Practice Adviser Award winners revealed - International Adviser

3 May 2017: CII qualifications in international financial planning - International Adviser

3 May 2017: Portugal a ‘dark horse’ for IFAs but avoid France - International Adviser

1 May 2017: AES International Increases Leads by 7.5X With HubSpot - Hubspot

28 April 2017: Investing for income: the ultimate growth machine - The National

27 April 2017: UAE’s ‘game-changing’ life industry overhaul given green light - International Investment

6 April 2017: CEO Sam Instone talks pensions to the agenda team [PODCAST] Dubai Eye radio

4 April 2017: UK-UAE tax treaty lets UK pension holders cash out tax-free - The National

29 March 2017: Expats face Brexit ‘limbo’ as UK kick-starts Article 50 talks - International Adviser

23 March 2017: More firms in the FCA firing line after Holborn sanctions - International Adviser

23 March 2017: Does end-of-service gratuity have a future? - The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ME

17 March 2017: ETFs do the hard work for expats like you - The National

9 March 2017: Property or pension for retirement savings? - Expat Network

8 March 2017: Will investors revisit small caps? asks analyst Zak Mir - Share Talk

1 March 2017: How to build a £40,000 portfolio in five years - Shares Magazine

27 February 2017: Challenging the status quo of an outdated industry - International Adviser

24 February 2017: The danger of a crash landing in high-flying stocks, bonds and property - The National

21 February 2017: How to help millennials plan for their financial future - FT Adviser

10 February 2017: How much is your fixed-term savings plan REALLY costing you - The National

2 February 2017: Placing Best Practice at the heart of your business in 2017 - International Adviser

2 February 2017: FCA pressured to act on overseas pension transfers - FT Adviser

22 January 2017: Why do people fall for bogus schemes - Gulf News

21 January 2017: What you can do to avoid investment scams: expert advice - Gulf News

12 January 2017: Surge in enquiries about transfer of UK pensions overseas - Financial Planning Today

6 January 2017: 12 steps to financial solvency - The National


30 December 2016: Do the maths and start saving to get what you want - The National

23 December 2016: Planning for your children’s future: the gift of financial security - The National 

19 December 2016: Brexit implications seen in HMRC’s removal of French and Italian ROP schemes - International Investment

16 December 2016: French and Italians living in UK face pension transfer block - Financial Times

11 December 2016: UAE banks warn customers on new international tax compliance measures - The National

08 December 2016: Innovation and Digitalisation will Drive Next Wave of Economic Growth - MENA Mediavatar

6 December 2016: Global best practice adviser firm of the year 2016 revealed - International Adviser

2 December 2016: Investing at the edge - The National

29 November 2016: UAE insurers ‘seeking more time from regulator’ on indemnity commissions - International Investment

25 November 2016: The importance of life and critical illness cover in the UAE - The National

11 November 2016:  The standout mutual funds you should be looking at - The National

30 October 2016: Start saving early for your children's education - Gulf News

28 October 2016: Consider your financial priorities and set targets - The National

9 October 2016: Venture fund helps MENA region tap into expertise of veteran investors - The National

7 October 2016: Looking to transfer your expat pension? - Expat Network

29 September 2016: Qatari investors advised to buy traditional houses in the UK - The Peninsula

22 September 2016: Interview with Sam Instone about financial planning and medical insurance for expats in the UAR - Dubai One TV

10 September 2016: Passive investment is the way to go - The National

30 August 2016: INSIGHT: Market officials urge tightening up of UAE retail wealth market regulation - Thomson Reuters

28 August 2016: What continued low interest rates mean for your finances - The National

22 August 2016: Direct selling in the UAE: How much money can you make? - The National

18 August 2016: Will EU expats have state pensions frozen? - This is Money

18 August 2016: Expats face a 'financial wild west' when it comes to regulation - Citywire

14 August 2016: Era of fintech arrives on UAE investment scene - The National

28 June 2016: AES gets DFSA license, opens new Dubai office - International Adviser

26 June 2016: UAE investors and the hunt for dwindling yield - The National

17 June 2016: UAE expats count the cost after falling into investment trap - The National

4 June 2016: A passive investing approach that maximises returns - Gulf News

2 June 2016:  Middle East consumers demand greater transparency from offshore investment firms - Middle East Living

23 May 2016: Why you need an emergency fund in the UAE - Gulf News

23 May 2016: AES International reports 'twelvefold' rise in queries for hidden-commission-revealing service - International Investment

23 May 2016: The great offshore bond debate - International Investment

22 May 2016: Consumer requests for reports showing truth about offshore investments increase twelvefold - Zawya

20 May 2016: Your essential guide to low-cost funds and ETFs - The National

29 April 2016: Top ten financial advisors for expatriate investors - Andrew Hallam

28 April 2016: How AES International (in Dubai) will build you a portfolio of index funds - Andrew Hallam

18 April 2016: Shop around to get most out of credit cards - Gulf News

27 March 2016: Experts warn against vicious cycle of debt in UAE - Gulf News

21 March 2016: Pension Life Helping Expat Victims of Mis-selling Abroad - Shelter Offshore

20 March 2016: Regulating the UAE's financial sector - The National

20 March 2016: UK pension pressure a danger to UAE expats' safe retirement - The National

12 March 2016: GCC investors urged to think long term to generate reasonable returns - Gulf News

10 March 2016: Fee vs commission: which is better? - Gulf News

9 March 2016: AES International bringing transparency to financial advice abroad - Shelter Offshore

25 February 2016: Mifid and Me: changing face of passporting - FT Adviser

25 February 2016: Navigating taxation differences cross-border - FT Adviser

8 January 2016: Financial pitfalls of UAE expatriates returning home - The National

6 January 2016: Investors warned over 'double your cash' scams in Dubai - The National


30 December 2015: Middle East market feels wind of regulatory change - International Adviser

27 December 2015: Are your funds suitable for you? - Times of Malta

5 December 2015: Robot financial advisers to march on the UAE - The National

3 December 2015: Working abroad can prove addictive - Financial Times

1 December 2015: PA ANALYSIS - How to profit from cyber-security, the real 'stress test' - Portfolio Adviser

3 November 2015: Fresh faces: Ashley Owen of AES International - Citywire

27 October 2015: Aberdeen advisers makes switch to Dubai - Citywire

26 October 2015: ‘I lost most of my savings’ – The cost of risky financial advice - Doha News

22 October 2015: Brit expats targets of unregulated schemes - FT Adviser

22 October 2015: Middle East advisers applaud opening of Abu Dhabi free zone - International Adviser

20 October 2015: AILO slates claim int'l life companies complicit in UCIS sales - International Adviser

19 October 2015: Mis-selling fears hamper funds' fintech revolution - Reuters

15 October 2015: Sale of unregulated schemes now 'pandemic' in expat markets - International Adviser

15 October 2015: FCA UCIS ban pushes problem overseas to UK expats - FT Adviser

11 October 2015: Equity investors pour money in European and Japanese stocks - Gulfnews

7 October 2015: Gaps in EU safety net for structured products: ESMA - FT Adviser

7 October 2015: Offshore banking, mortgages and safe and secure investments - Emirates News (video)

2 October 2015: UAE resident faces losing Dh80,000 on investment plan - should he cut his losses? - The National

2 October 2015: UAE expats and offshore banking: All you need to know - The National

30 September 2015: Friends Provident International to exit UK offshore bond market - Fundweb

29 September 2015: Corbyn hope in frozen pensions battle - The Telegraph

26 September 2015: Corbyn boost for campaign on expatiates' frozen pensions - The Herald

22 September 2015: Bernard Ginns: Imagining great cities from a tree house in Yorkshire - The Yorkshire Post

22 September 2015: The refugee crisis could push Europe into recession - The Street

4 September 2015: AES to offer direct investing using either a guided or DIY approach - FT Adviser

2 September 2015: Financial Traps - Benchmark Middle East

28 August 2015: It pays to keep a cool head when stock markets are crashing - The National

2 September 2015: Financial traps - Benchmark

27 August 2015: Pension transfer loophole to close next month - FT Adviser

27 August 2015: Buy on the weakness, or head for the lifeboats - Euroweeklynews

26 August 2015: AES International begins graduate training programme - CCR Magazine

25 August 2015: AES International begins graduate training programme - Automated Trader

24 August 2015: AES offers DIY investment to British expats - Automated Trader

21 August 2015: Expat advice firm launches D2C platform - Money Marketing

20 August 2015: Investors urged to be cautious over foreign financial advice firms - The Move Channel

19 August 2015: Advice firms avoiding UK regulation a threat to investors - Actuarial Post

19 August 2015: AES: Advice firms circumventing UK regulation a threat to investors - Automated Trader

19 August 2015: Pensioners 'vulnerable' to European financial companies - Pensions Age

19 August 2015: AES calls for clarity on UK advice firms using EEA passporting - International Adviser

18 August 2015: Government shuts QROPS public sector transfer loophole  - International Adviser

11 August 2015: Pension hope for public sector workers after loophole emerges - The Telegraph

7 August 2015: How UAE expats can protect their retirement nest egg - The National

29 July 2015: AES adds nine new ETFs and Index-Linked Funds - Wealth Adviser

28 July 2015: Warning over 'dodgy' EU financial advice firms setting up shop in the UK - Your Money

28 July 2015: Beware Europe-based financial advisers 'passporting into the UK but operating to much lower standards on charges and disclosure - Mindful Money

22 July 2015: Expats can save without using an IFA: Adviser - FT Adviser

16 July 2015: Why UAE expats fail to save: Consumption, socialising drain savings - Gulf News

15 July 2015: Expats keep the faith in offshore banks despite poor rewards - The Telegraph

15 July 2015: British expats failing to save - The Move Channel

14 July 2015: Top tips to save money on Eid, holiday travel - Gulfnews

10 July 2015: Greece crisis rattles thousands of expats living there - CNN Money

10 July 2015: HMRC overseas pension list branded 'useless' - FT Adviser

7 July 2015: QROPS crackdown in Australia, and Canada could be next - The Telegraph

2 July 2015: Moving abroad? You may have to pay 55pc tax on your pension - The Telegraph

1 July 2015: HMRC scraps thousands of QROPS from overseas pensions list - International Adviser

1 July 2015: HMRC culls thousands of schemes from overseas pensions list - Money Marketing

1 July 2015: HMRC cuts thousands of overseas schemes from recognised list - Citywire

1 July 2015: Pensioners abroad face steep UK tax charges - Financial Times

23 March 2015: Compare yourself to your peers: AES International - Citywire

19 March  2015: Investors need to ask wealth advisors about charges - Emirates News (video)

Older press mentions

1 August 2013: The field-marshal of finance - The Economist

10 October  2010: Who stole my pension? - BBC Panorama (video)



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