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    16 January 2020: Have Middle East wealth clients been poorly served? - International Adviser
    16 January 2020: How to build a $1m portfolio by the time you retire - The National
    01 January 2020:How can you sort your finances in 2020? [PODCAST] -Dubai Eye Radio


    30 December 2019: 10 money resolutions to help you fix your finances in 2020 for better in the Middle East  - The National
    02 December 2019: Striving for better in the Middle East - IRESS
    26 November 2019: Returning residents: 'Why we boomeranged back to the UAE' - The National
    24 November 2019: What you should know before hiring a financial planner - Capital Letter Magazine (British Business Group)
    23 November 2019: Doctors urged to issue generic brand drugs as UAE acts to make healthcare more affordable - The National
    18 November 2019: How is the UAE protecting residents in debt? [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
    15 November 2019: UAE regulator releases new rules on life cover - Insurance Business
    06 November 2019: UAE's Insurance Authority rolls out new life insurance regulations - The National
    05 November 2019: How will commission cap revamp the UAE advice market? - International Adviser
    04 November 2019: Emerging Asia makes up 36% of the global economy so should you invest more? - The National
    17 October 2019: 7 alarming things you must know before hiring a financial planner (#3 will blow your mind!) - British Business Group
    13 October 2019: Are healthcare benefits being squeezed? [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
    07 October 2019: How to protect your investments in the final years before you retire - The National
    01 October 2019: Will Dubai’s wealth industry benefit from Expo 2020? - International Adviser
    16 September 2019:Why people in the UAE are saving LESS money than last year [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio
    10 September 2019: Are your investment funds in the right currency? - The National
    27 August 2019: Experts say it is never too late to start funding for your retirement - Dubai One TV
    12 August 2019: How Britons in the UAE are cashing in on the pound's plunge - The National
    07 August 2019: Being mis-sold an investment leaves a hole in your financial future - The National
    02 August 2019: Colin Ward joins AES International as Director Employee Benefits - Global Benefits Vision
    17 July 2019: How alluring is the UAE golden visa scheme? - International Adviser
    08 July 2019: Six things you should do to protect your finances today - The National
    24 June 2019: Low paid UAE workers turn to charities for help with cancer care costs - The National
    12 June 2019: What UK fund manager Neil Woodford's failure says about active fund management - The National
    06 June 2019: What the UK pound's fluctuating fortunes mean for UAE residents - The National
    21 May 2019: How to take out the right critical illness and life insurance protection - The National
    13 May 2019: New to the world of investing? Here's how to begin today - The National 
    25 April 2019: Can advisers make financial inclusion universal? - International Adviser 
    14 April 2019: Simplify your investment strategy to make more money - The National 
    09 April 2019: Abu Dhabi hospitals must issue patients with breakdown of medical bills - The National 
    08 April 2019: What does Brexit mean for your finances? - The National 
    07 April 2019: Hedge funds: Managers promise market-beating returns, but watch out for those fees - Zawya 
    07 April 2019: Director of AES International, Stephen MacLaren, discusses health insurance with Dubai Eye [PODCAST]  - Dubai Eye Radio 
    04 April 2019: Building bridges: Investing in infrastructure can offer steady returns - Zawya
    29 March 2019: How to move to the Middle East - International Adviser 
    21 March 2019: Fed's decision to hold interest rates steady 'good news' for UAE consumers - The National
    18 March 2019: The best financial apps to help UAE residents manage their money - The National
    10 March 2019: Why you really need bonds in your financial portfolio - The National 
    6 March 2019: Generali pulls its contractual savings plans from the UAE - The National 
    27 February 2019: 9 common financial mistakes UAE residents make - and how to avoid them - The National
    17 February 2019: What the UAE's new life insurance regulations mean - The National
    13 February 2019: UAE Insurance Authority pushes ahead with stringent life insurance regulations - The National
    12 February 2019: UAE regulator drafts commissions cap - International Investment
    10 February 2019: Director of AES International, Sam Instone, answers financial questions related to banking, insurance and investment. [PODCAST] Dubai Eye Radio 
    7 February 2019: How the Fed's dovish interest rate stance affects UAE savers, borrowers and investors - The National 
    5 February 2019: Are advisers listening to their clients? - International Adviser
    4 February 2019: How to build up a nest egg for your children's future - The National 
     28 January 2019: Want to retire at 55? Here's how - The National
     24 January 2019: How Jack Bogle changed the investment game for all of us - The National
    23 January 2019: Director of AES International, Sam Instone, discusses important financial topics for expat investors [PODCAST] Dubai Eye Radio 


    31 December 2018: Stephen MacLaren discusses the new coverage of 3 major cancers with Dubai Eye [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    25 December 2018: Read Stuart Ritchie's thoughts on employers and financial advisers filling the retirement gap for expats - The National 

    20 December 2018: How do you know a financial adviser is right for you? - Gulf News

    05 November 2018: Dubai financial adviser Neil Grant liable for client's six-figure losses, says civil court financial expert  - The National

    17 October 2018: How a corporate savings plan helps businesses remain competitive  - Entrepreneur 

    14 October 2018: What next for your portfolio: growth, value or momentum investing? - The National 

    25 September 2018: Int's pension transfer unit to cut ties with the overseas IFA's - International Adviser 

    24 September 2018: New to the UAE guide part 2: set-up costs, visas, rent, school fees and more - The National

    23 September 2018: New to the UAE guide: set-up costs, visas, rent, school fees and more - The National

    18 September 2018: Director of AES International Stuart Ritchie shares his thoughts on the new UAE retirement visa announcement [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    17 September 2018: Is the UAE's new five-year visa a game changer for expat retirement? - The National 

    9 September 2018: Are these the warning signs of an approaching global recession? - The National 

    12 August 2018: What does a sensibly diversified portfolio look like - The National 

    29 July 2018: The must-read personal finance books for your holiday - The National 

    18 July 2018: The great debate - Equity Magazine

    5 May 2018: Sam Instone discusses the new regulations that the insurance industry is facing [PODCAST] -Dubai Eye Radio 

    29 May 2018: The cheapest stock markets to invest in around the world - The National 

    20 May 2018: Should UAE residents focus on retirement of paying down their mortgage? - The National

    16 May 2018: Credit Suisse fund transfers to Lombard Odier IM - FT Adviser

    4 May 2018: UAE's 'good old expat packages' fade away as companies target younger professionals - The National

    30 April 2018: How advisers in the Middle East are getting future ready - International Adviser

    30 April 2018: Are we witnessing the slow death of cryptocurrencies? - The National

    12 April 2018: Income under threat from rate rises and inflation - FT Adviser

    9 April 2018: Should a China-US trade war worry UAE investors? - The National

    22 March 2018: Why income growth is hard to come by in the UK - FT Adviser

    12 March 2018: Five global indicators that tell us how the stock markets will fare this year - The National

    9 March 2018: Investors pursue Dubai rogue financial adviser in court as more victims come forward - The National

    9 March 2018: Are you guilty of financial infidelity? - Khaleej Times

    5 March 2018: Is the stock market volatility over or are we due a full-blown crash? - The National

    25 February 2018: How will higher interest rates affect your finances in the UAE? - The National

    13 February 2018: VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Big four speak out on Dubai changes - International Investment

    12 February 2018: International Investment ezine Dubai special: AES Int’l speaks out - International Investment

    11 February 2018: Investors might want to watch their dollar weight - The National

    6 February 2018: Advisers, industry experts urge calm as Asian market shares follow DJIA lead down - International Investment

    3 February 2018: Twelve ETFs to suit every investment portfolio - The National

    15 January 2018: Emerging markets race ahead after a decade in the doldrums - The National

    14 January 2018: Andrew Hallam explains how expats can avoid getting trapped in inflexible financial products [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    14 January 2018: Finance guru Andrew Hallam’s new guide for expats wanting to become wealthy - The National

    7 January 2018: Has the good fortune for ETFs run its course? - The National

    4 January 2018: UAE advisers taking cautious approach to VAT - International Adviser

    1 January 2018: What does 2018 hold for your investment portfolio? - The National

    1 January 2018: Insurance year in review: life regulations now expected early 2018 - The National


    27 December 2017: 10 financial resolutions for a more prosperous 2018 - The National

    20 December 2017: Money year in review: Despite doom predictions, the upward trajectory continues - The National

    20 December 2017: EU May Remove UAE From Tax Haven Blacklist - Bloomberg BNA

    20 December 2017: UAE moots pensions for expats - International Investment

    19 December 2017: Investments year in review: Investors wait for final push on mis-selling regulations - The National

    17 December 2017: Why robo-advisories will appeal to Mena millennials - Khaleej Times

    7 December 2017: Tax haven blacklist to give EU citizens around the world a "rude shock" - The National

    6 December 2017: Dubai wealth managers dismiss UAE inclusion in EU tax haven blacklist - The National

    4 December 2017: Is it still too risky to invest in banking stocks? - The National

    20 November 2017: How to budget for a surprise expense in the UAE - The National

    16 November 2017: End of the line? Regulatory changes proposed by the UAE Insurance Authority could completely change the way business is done in the region - International Adviser

    8 November 2017: National Bonds challenges UAE's 'financial advice dilemma' with new investment app - The National

    6 November 2017: A guide to bond funds - what they are and who needs them - The National

    23 October 2017: 'We live on a shoestring in the UAE': Spendthrift expats reveal budget secrets - The National

    18 October 2017: Is Black Monday about to strike again? - The National

    12 October 2017: Housing demand falls amid rate rise concerns - FT Adviser
    4 October 2017: FCA: less than half of pension transfer advice ‘suitable’ - International Investment

    3 October 2017: Are you liable for income tax while living in the UAE? - The National

    2 October 2017: Europe Best Practice Adviser Award winners revealed - International Adviser

    1 October 2017: Analysis: A new regulatory era in the Middle East - International Adviser

    28 September 2017: Holborn Assets makes controversial FCA pension claim - The National

    25 September 2017: Should investors ever catch a falling knife? - The National

    22 September 2017: Co-Op Bank mortgage business a 'watch and see' for brokers - FT Adviser

    19 September 2017: Liberty Sipp reports strong growth as it eyes £2bn mark - FT Adviser

    18 September 2017: Broke after the holidays? Here are 20 tips to get your finances back on track in the UAE - The National

    17 September 2017: Europe is back: is now the time to invest? - The National

    14 September 2017: Warning over racehorse investment scams - FT Adviser

    10 September 2017: Andrew Hallam talks about how he became a millionaire on the salary of a teacher [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    7 September 2017: Bahrain tops best expat country in the world to live survey - The National

    6 September 2017: Lessons learnt from 'keeping up with the Joneses' in the UAE - The National

    3 September 2017: The best specialist exchange traded funds to invest in - The National

    30 August 2017: Leading advisers predict new UAE rules will cull firms by 50% - International Adviser

    29 August 2017: Expensive month for UAE parents with some taking out loans as Eid and start of school coincide - The National

    27 August 2017: Could you survive an interest rate hike in the UAE? - The National

    20 August 2017: Six steps to taking charge of your retirement - The National

    10 August 2017: Sam Instone talks FCA changes and the impact on Dubai expats [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    16 August 2017: ADGM offers foundations for wealth management - The National

    31 July 2017: Is there a Bitcoin ATM in Dubai's Media City? - The National

    30 July 2017: How to cut through the jargon and build your own ETF portfolio - The National

    19 July 2017: Aviva sells loss-making FPI to IFG for £340 million - The National

    12 July 2017: The thrill of investing in boring companies - The National

    4 July 2017: Fixed-term investment plans are failing UAE customers, says Friends Provident - The National

    23 June 2017: A man on a financial mission against predatory investment schemes - The National

    16 June 2017: Your Money blog: How to top up your British state pension while living as an expat in the UAE - The National

    16 June 2017: Savers in UAE struggle to stay on track - The National

    16 June 2017: Past your peak? Don’t risk pensioner poverty - The National

    11 June 2017: Pound dives on election fears - Techno Tribune

    11 June 2017: Pound value plunges after election result - PPP Focus

    10 June 2017: UK investors sidelined by election result - The National

    1 June 2017: A word of advice - Business and Finance Magazine

    31 May 2017: ADGM to launch wealth-management foundations - The National

    23 May 2017: Vanguard’s rise shows it is now time for UAE investors to have access low-cost funds - The National

    19 May 2017: Central Bank turns attention to complaints of mis-selling investment products - The National

    18 May 2017: Fresh blow hits UAE insurance providers, as Central Bank cracks down - International Investment

    12 May 2017: Small company ETFs to invest in - The National

    12 May 2017: Small caps can be big winners - The National

    12 May 2017: Money clinic: the secret to becoming a millionaire - The National

    10 May 2017: Roundtable - Selling Investment [PODCAST] - Dubai Eye Radio 

    8 May 2017: IA Product & Service Awards 2017 - International Adviser

    4 May 2017: UK Best Practice Adviser Award winners revealed - International Adviser

    3 May 2017: CII qualifications in international financial planning - International Adviser

    3 May 2017: Portugal a ‘dark horse’ for IFAs but avoid France - International Adviser

    1 May 2017: AES International Increases Leads by 7.5X With HubSpot - Hubspot

    28 April 2017: Investing for income: the ultimate growth machine - The National

    27 April 2017: UAE’s ‘game-changing’ life industry overhaul given green light - International Investment

    6 April 2017: CEO Sam Instone talks pensions to the agenda team [PODCAST] Dubai Eye radio

    4 April 2017: UK-UAE tax treaty lets UK pension holders cash out tax-free - The National

    29 March 2017: Expats face Brexit ‘limbo’ as UK kick-starts Article 50 talks - International Adviser

    23 March 2017: More firms in the FCA firing line after Holborn sanctions - International Adviser

    23 March 2017: Does end-of-service gratuity have a future? - The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ME

    17 March 2017: ETFs do the hard work for expats like you - The National

    9 March 2017: Property or pension for retirement savings? - Expat Network

    8 March 2017: Will investors revisit small caps? asks analyst Zak Mir - Share Talk

    1 March 2017: How to build a £40,000 portfolio in five years - Shares Magazine

    27 February 2017: Challenging the status quo of an outdated industry - International Adviser

    24 February 2017: The danger of a crash landing in high-flying stocks, bonds and property - The National

    21 February 2017: How to help millennials plan for their financial future - FT Adviser

    10 February 2017: How much is your fixed-term savings plan REALLY costing you - The National

    2 February 2017: Placing Best Practice at the heart of your business in 2017 - International Adviser

    2 February 2017: FCA pressured to act on overseas pension transfers - FT Adviser

    22 January 2017: Why do people fall for bogus schemes - Gulf News

    21 January 2017: What you can do to avoid investment scams: expert advice - Gulf News

    12 January 2017: Surge in enquiries about transfer of UK pensions overseas - Financial Planning Today

    6 January 2017: 12 steps to financial solvency - The National

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    30 December 2016: Do the maths and start saving to get what you want - The National
    23 December 2016: Planning for your children’s future: the gift of financial security - The National 
    19 December 2016: Brexit implications seen in HMRC’s removal of French and Italian ROP schemes - International Investment
    16 December 2016: French and Italians living in UK face pension transfer block - Financial Times
    11 December 2016: UAE banks warn customers on new international tax compliance measures - The National
    08 December 2016: Innovation and Digitalisation will Drive Next Wave of Economic Growth - MENA Mediavatar
    6 December 2016: Global best practice adviser firm of the year 2016 revealed - International Adviser
    2 December 2016: Investing at the edge - The National
    29 November 2016: UAE insurers ‘seeking more time from regulator’ on indemnity commissions - International Investment 
    25 November 2016: The importance of life and critical illness cover in the UAE - The National
    11 November 2016:  The standout mutual funds you should be looking at - The National
    30 October 2016: Start saving early for your children's education - Gulf News
    28 October 2016: Consider your financial priorities and set targets - The National
    9 October 2016: Venture fund helps MENA region tap into expertise of veteran investors - The National
    7 October 2016: Looking to transfer your expat pension? - Expat Network
    29 September 2016: Qatari investors advised to buy traditional houses in the UK - The Peninsula
    22 September 2016: Interview with Sam Instone about financial planning and medical insurance for expats in the UAR - Dubai One TV
    10 September 2016: Passive investment is the way to go - The National
    30 August 2016: INSIGHT: Market officials urge tightening up of UAE retail wealth market regulation - Thomson Reuters
    28 August 2016: What continued low interest rates mean for your finances - The National
    22 August 2016: Direct selling in the UAE: How much money can you make? - The National
    18 August 2016: Will EU expats have state pensions frozen? - This is Money
    18 August 2016: Expats face a 'financial wild west' when it comes to regulation - Citywire
    14 August 2016: Era of fintech arrives on UAE investment scene - The National
    28 June 2016: AES gets DFSA license, opens new Dubai office - International Adviser
    26 June 2016: UAE investors and the hunt for dwindling yield - The National
    17 June 2016: UAE expats count the cost after falling into investment trap - The National
    4 June 2016: A passive investing approach that maximises returns - Gulf News
    2 June 2016:  Middle East consumers demand greater transparency from offshore investment firms - Middle East Living
    23 May 2016: Why you need an emergency fund in the UAE - Gulf News
    23 May 2016: AES International reports 'twelvefold' rise in queries for hidden-commission-revealing service - International Investment
    23 May 2016: The great offshore bond debate - International Investment
    22 May 2016: Consumer requests for reports showing truth about offshore investments increase twelvefold - Zawya
    20 May 2016: Your essential guide to low-cost funds and ETFs - The National
    29 April 2016: Top ten financial advisors for expatriate investors - Andrew Hallam
    28 April 2016: How AES International (in Dubai) will build you a portfolio of index funds - Andrew Hallam
    18 April 2016: Shop around to get most out of credit cards - Gulf News
    27 March 2016: Experts warn against vicious cycle of debt in UAE - Gulf News
    21 March 2016: Pension Life Helping Expat Victims of Mis-selling Abroad - Shelter Offshore
    20 March 2016: Regulating the UAE's financial sector - The National
    20 March 2016: UK pension pressure a danger to UAE expats' safe retirement - The National
    12 March 2016: GCC investors urged to think long term to generate reasonable returns - Gulf News
    10 March 2016: Fee vs commission: which is better? - Gulf news
    9 March 2016: AES International bringing transparency to financial advice abroad - Shelter Offshore
    25 February 2016: Mifid and Me: changing face of passporting - FT Adviser
    25 February 2016: Navigating taxation differences cross-border - FT Adviser
    8 January 2016: Financial pitfalls of UAE expatriates returning home - The National
    6 January 2016: Investors warned over 'double your cash' scams in Dubai - The National

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    30 December 2015: Middle East market feels wind of regulatory change - International Adviser
    27 December 2015: Are your funds suitable for you? - Times of Malta
    5 December 2015: Robot financial advisers to march on the UAE - The National
    3 December 2015: Working abroad can prove addictive - Financial Times
    1 December 2015: PA ANALYSIS - How to profit from cyber-security, the real 'stress test' - Portfolio Adviser
    3 November 2015: Fresh faces: Ashley Owen of AES International - Citywire
    27 October 2015: Aberdeen advisers makes switch to Dubai - Citywire
    26 October 2015: ‘I lost most of my savings’ – The cost of risky financial advice - Doha News
    22 October 2015: Brit expats targets of unregulated schemes - FT Adviser
    22 October 2015: Middle East advisers applaud opening of Abu Dhabi free zone - International Adviser
    20 October 2015: AILO slates claim int'l life companies complicit in UCIS sales - International Adviser
    19 October 2015: Mis-selling fears hamper funds' fintech revolution - Reuters
    15 October 2015: Sale of unregulated schemes now 'pandemic' in expat markets - International Adviser
    15 October 2015: FCA UCIS ban pushes problem overseas to UK expats - FT Adviser
    11 October 2015: Equity investors pour money in European and Japanese stocks - Gulfnews
    7 October 2015: Gaps in EU safety net for structured products: ESMA - FT Adviser
    7 October 2015: Offshore banking, mortgages and safe and secure investments - Emirates News (video)
    2 October 2015: UAE resident faces losing Dh80,000 on investment plan - should he cut his losses? - The National
    2 October 2015: UAE expats and offshore banking: All you need to know - The National
    30 September 2015: Friends Provident International to exit UK offshore bond market - Fundweb
    29 September 2015: Corbyn hope in frozen pensions battle - The Telegraph
    26 September 2015: Corbyn boost for campaign on expatiates' frozen pensions - The Herald
    22 September 2015: Bernard Ginns: Imagining great cities from a tree house in Yorkshire - The Yorkshire Post
    22 September 2015: The refugee crisis could push Europe into recession - The Street
    4 September 2015: AES to offer direct investing using either a guided or DIY approach - FT Adviser
    2 September 2015: Financial Traps - Benchmark Middle East
    28 August 2015: It pays to keep a cool head when stock markets are crashing - The National
    2 September 2015: Financial traps - Benchmark
    27 August 2015: Pension transfer loophole to close next month - FT Adviser
    27 August 2015: Buy on the weakness, or head for the lifeboats - Euroweeklynews
    26 August 2015: AES International begins graduate training programme - CCR Magazine
    25 August 2015: AES International begins graduate training programme - Automated Trader
    24 August 2015: AES offers DIY investment to British expats - Automated Trader
    21 August 2015: Expat advice firm launches D2C platform - Money Marketing
    20 August 2015: Investors urged to be cautious over foreign financial advice firms - The Move Channel
    19 August 2015: Advice firms avoiding UK regulation a threat to investors - Actuarial Post
    19 August 2015: AES: Advice firms circumventing UK regulation a threat to investors - Automated Trader
    19 August 2015: Pensioners 'vulnerable' to European financial companies - Pensions Age
    19 August 2015: AES calls for clarity on UK advice firms using EEA passportingInternational Adviser
    18 August 2015: Government shuts QROPS public sector transfer loophole  - International Adviser
    11 August 2015: Pension hope for public sector workers after loophole emerges - The Telegraph
    7 August 2015: How UAE expats can protect their retirement nest egg - The National
    29 July 2015: AES adds nine new ETFs and Index-Linked Funds - Wealth Adviser
    28 July 2015: Warning over 'dodgy' EU financial advice firms setting up shop in the UK - Your Money
    28 July 2015: Beware Europe-based financial advisers 'passporting into the UK but operating to much lower standards on charges and disclosure - Mindful Money
    22 July 2015: Expats can save without using an IFA: Adviser - FT Adviser
    16 July 2015: Why UAE expats fail to save: Consumption, socialising drain savings - Gulfnews
    15 July 2015: Expats keep the faith in offshore banks despite poor rewards - The Telegraph
    15 July 2015: British expats failing to save - The Move Channel
    14 July 2015: Top tips to save money on Eid, holiday travel - Gulfnews
    10 July 2015: Greece crisis rattles thousands of expats living there - CNN Money
    10 July 2015: HMRC overseas pension list branded 'useless' - FT Adviser
    7 July 2015: QROPS crackdown in Australia, and Canada could be next - The Telegraph
    2 July 2015: Moving abroad? You may have to pay 55pc tax on your pension - The Telegraph
    1 July 2015: HMRC scraps thousands of QROPS from overseas pensions list - International Adviser
    1 July 2015: HMRC culls thousands of schemes from overseas pensions list - Money Marketing
    1 July 2015: HMRC cuts thousands of overseas schemes from recognised list - Citywire
    1 July 2015: Pensioners abroad face steep UK tax charges - Financial Times
    23 March 2015: Compare yourself to your peers: AES International - Citywire
    19 March  2015: Investors need to ask wealth advisors about charges - Emirates News (video)

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    1 August 2013: The field-marshal of finance - The Economist
    10 October  2010: Who stole my pension? - BBC Panorama (video)



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