“We're on a mission to bring positive change to lives around the world”

Sam Instone, CEO

About AES International

The Story of AES International

The story of AES International

Learn how we rose from obscurity to spark a global transformation.

For as far back as he can remember, Sam always wanted to serve in the British Army. He joined cadets at school, completed a military degree, and commissioned from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst into The Household Cavalry. He ended up in charge of Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace - and whilst in London he met his future wife, Kate. Because they wanted a family, Sam reluctantly left the army to ‘get a real job’. Like many veterans, Sam didn't know what to do next! So he tried his hand at this and that - headhunting, insurance and even security...


The AES International team

We are extremely selective when it comes to adding people to our team. Each person has a remarkable ability.  And all are smart, hard working, ambitious and a pleasure to work with.

Our values shape our culture

Every member of our team is a specialist, but there are 3 critical things we all have in common - our core values:

Our mission

To create Positive Change for our clients and our profession

Our vision

To make the world healthy, wealthy and wise

This is AES in a nutshell
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Our culture is so much more than we could fit in a single slide deck, but we did our best to pack as much of who we are into this culture code. Flip through to get a glimpse into the heart of our organisation.

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