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Comprehensive family wealth advice

Our multi-family office services are intended for families with investable assets in excess of £10 million.

You'll get a problem-solving, possibility-capturing partnership entirely focused upon you and your unique values, goals and aspirations.

Giving you greater clarity, confidence and control over your ideal future.

Every day we seek to find ever more thoughtful and effective ways to help our clients live the best life they can imagine.

Stuart Ritchie

Director, Wealth Advice

"We see true wealth management as so much more than just portfolio management."

Sam Instone


Multi-family office services


Strategic Wealth Advice

To give you clarity amid the complexities of sustaining wealth.


Tax and Bookkeeping

Encompassing in-house tax planning, preparation and payments alongside bookkeeping and bill pay services.


Investment Management

Custom designed to seek asset protection while pursuing your desired return.


Financial Planning

Creating and executing a plan that reflects and aligns with your family’s long-term goals and values.


Bankers and Professional Advisers

Structuring your support network so you have a network you can trust.


Family Learning

To encourage communication and education for your family's future.


Asked Questions

Why use AES multi-family office services?

For those who have generated great wealth - it can be extremely challenging retaining it.

Plans for preserving your family wealth should often take a very long-term view - potentially up to 100 years. 

Successful requires far more than financial capital - an investment in human and intellectual capital.

This requires a focus on physical and emotional well-being, education and life experience. 

AES specialise in multi-family office services to affluent families who require health, wealth and well-being advice in excess of normal governance structures. 

We're about ensuring your family is healthy, happy and prosperous - in our experience, a rarity amongst many wealthy families.


How do you work with clients?

You get advice for the real world.

We know that investment decisions rarely take place in a vacuum. Like most of our clients with complex financial affairs, you need to consider all manner of other issues including tax, legacy issues and legal consequences. That requires a real commitment to collaboration which is unfortunately all too rare.

We see true wealth management as so much more than just portfolio management. We see it as the combination of;

  1. Investment Consulting – determining your risk required, risk tolerance and risk capacity.

  2. Strategic Planning – Wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer and generosity.

  3. Relationship Management – thorough integration with your other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, private bankers and real estate professionals etc.

We also have our own network to ensure we can find an expert to help you resolve any issue with financial implications you encounter.

Can I get help with a specific need?

A lot of thought and planning needs to go into what activities are required.  However, when set up and run properly the multi-family office is a perfect vehicle for managing and preserving personal wealth for successive generations.

Each family or individuals’ requirements are different so every family office needs a bespoke structure designed to meet their unique and specific needs.

Examples of the sort of work carried out by a multi-family office can include:

  • Property management
  • Real estate development activity
  • Succession planning
  • Employment of household staff
  • Centralisation of resources
  • Co-ordinating tax, legal and investment advice
  • Organisation family security, vacation and business travel arrangements
  • Family governance
  • Trust and company administration
  • Monitoring investment management performance
  • Coordinating investment policies with regard to private equity, venture capital and philanthropy

The important thing to remember is that this is a vehicle designed by a family to look after your assets and interests with a core objective of preservation and where possible enhancement of those assets for the benefit and enjoyment of your family members.

The benefits of such a structure are numerous and include administration, consultancy and investment services carried out free of conflicts-of-interest.

The ability to have a continuous and on-going regular contact between family and skilled employees dedicated to providing solutions to their requirements.

Above all, the multi-family office provides a structure that gives the client a comprehensive oversight and management of personal assets, freeing themselves up to explore other interests knowing that someone is managing/monitoring the family’s business interests on a day to day basis.

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