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An international family office

Our international family office service aggregates the best experts from areas including wealth management, investment advice, tax and estate planning, corporate structuring and private banking.

All work together to simplify your life and get you where you want to go.

You'll get:

  • help making smart decisions with your money
  • help mitigating taxes
  • help protecting your assets
  • help taking care of your loved ones and the causes you care about
  • help making an impact within your community.

This service is ideal for families and business owners with complex financial situations, with a net worth starting around $10 million, who desire a comprehensive and holistic approach to their finances and life.

In particular, you'll likely prevent the common seepage of wealth to the Private Banks, esoteric investment 'opportunities' or a lifestyle of poorly controlled/escalating costs.

You'll feel a greater sense of clarity, confidence and control over your ideal future.

This is a problem-solving, possibility-capturing partnership entirely focused upon ensuring you get wise counsel and live an amazing life of significance.

Every day we seek to find ever more thoughtful and effective ways to help you live the best life you can imagine.  Our star-studded collective plugs you into an invigorating world of access and wealth that ensures you enjoy peak levels of awareness around how best to sustain and grow your wealth.

David Norton

Director, Wealth Advice

"We see true wealth management as so much more than just investment management.  Luxuriate in the independence your wealth opens up and enjoy a supreme level of clarity, confidence and control "

Sam Instone


Our family office services

International family office

A hub of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support the requirements of the family across the whole range of their affairs, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

Legal and tax advisory

Bringing exceptional experience to wealthy international families, providing advice on long-term tax planning and structuring solutions, as well as ensuring day-to-day transactions are properly scrutinised for their tax and regulatory implications.

Expert fiduciary

A full range of cross-jurisdictional fiduciary services including trusteeship, directorship, company secretarial, administration, nominee services and executorships. Our extensive commercial experience equips us to handle an exceptionally wide range of assets.

Wealth planning

Integrated planning and investment advice focused on cross-border/international family members. Clients benefit from advice across a full range of tax efficient structures and investments to support their financial and intergenerational goals.

Private banking and professional advice

Our private banking and professional advisers services form part of a wider risk management strategy, covering the whole spectrum of family circumstances. Our independence means we can source the most appropriate provider for our clients.

Governance and succession

Supporting client families in succession planning and family governance is core to our service offering. It is an integral part of almost everything we do and is a crucial consideration in major decisions.

Investment management

Drawing on extensive resources and expertise,
we invest on a discretionary or advisory basis across the full range of asset classes. We always adapt our investment approach to the wider circumstances of the family

Dealing and treasury

A comprehensive service to handle all the family’s banking and investment administration, including cash management, deal execution and custody. Our system enables us to spread banking counterparty risks across a number of prime institutions.

Property advisory

We advise and act for clients in all matters relating to residential property, particularly in prime residential, commercial and hotels.
We support clients with acquisitions and disposals, manage existing properties and offer a private property search service.

Family business advisory

We assist families in all matters relating to the ownership of family businesses, including succession planning and governance, structuring and fiduciary services, risk management, and a breadth of corporate finance advice

Corporate services

A bespoke service designed to help clients navigate the world’s increasingly complicated legal and regulatory environment in order to create innovative and effective corporate structures.

Expert reporting

We provide comprehensive online reporting across a client’s entire asset base. Intelligence and technology combine to provide the insight and visibility needed to make effective decisions about family wealth.


Asked Questions

Why use AES for family office services?

For those who have generated great wealth - it can be extremely challenging retaining it.

Plans for preserving your family wealth should often take a very long-term view - potentially up to 100 years. 

Success requires far more than financial capital - an investment in human and intellectual capital.

This requires a focus on physical and emotional well-being, education and life experience. 

AES specialise in international family office services to wealthy families who require advice in excess of normal governance structures. 

We're about ensuring your family is 'On purpose' - healthy, happy and prosperous - in our experience, a rarity amongst many wealthy families.

We question the assumption that wealth management is primarily about investment products or standardised portfolios.  Instead, we believe investments are best managed as part of an integrated, intergenerational approach, encompassing the entirety of a family’s wealth. 

For us, investment decisions should be seen through the lens of the family as a whole, drawing on a deep and detailed understanding of family circumstances. We appreciate that many entrepreneurial clients have a highly personal approach to investment risk, which is often significantly at odds with traditional asset managers. So we have developed an approach to risk that bridges the gap between accepted investment theory and the broader perspective of the entrepreneur.

How do you work with clients?

Investment decisions rarely take place in a vacuum.  Like most of our clients with complex financial affairs, you'll likely need to consider all manner of other issues including tax, legacy issues and legal consequences. That requires a real commitment to collaboration which is unfortunately all too rare.

We see true wealth management as so much more than just portfolio management. We see it as the combination of;

  1. Investment Consulting – determining your risk required risk tolerance and risk capacity.

  2. Strategic Planning – Wealth enhancement, wealth protection, wealth transfer, and generosity.

  3. Relationship Management –  integration with your other professionals such as accountants, lawyers, private bankers and real estate professionals etc.

We also have our own network to ensure we can find an expert to help you resolve any issue with financial implications you encounter.

Can I get help with a specific need?

A lot of thought and planning needs to go into what activities are required. However, when set up and run properly the multi-family office is a perfect vehicle for managing and preserving personal wealth for successive generations.

Each family or individuals’ requirements are different so every family office needs a bespoke structure designed to meet their unique and specific needs.

Examples of the sort of work carried out by a multi-family office can include:

  • Property management
  • Real estate development activity
  • Succession planning
  • Employment of household staff
  • Centralisation of resources
  • Co-ordinating tax, legal and investment advice
  • Organisation family security, vacation and business travel arrangements
  • Family governance
  • Trust and company administration
  • Monitoring investment management performance
  • Coordinating investment policies with regard to private equity, venture capital and philanthropy

The important thing to remember is that this is a vehicle designed by a family to look after your assets and interests with a core objective of preservation and where possible enhancement of those assets for the benefit and enjoyment of your family members.

The benefits of such a structure are numerous and include administration, consultancy and investment services carried out free of conflicts-of-interest.

The ability to have a continuous and on-going regular contact between family and skilled employees dedicated to providing solutions to their requirements.

Above all, the multi-family office provides a structure that gives the client a comprehensive oversight and management of personal assets, freeing themselves up to explore other interests knowing that someone is managing/monitoring the family’s business interests on a day to day basis.

Who do you help?

Wealth is international. Our clients are global citizens.  So we are an international business.  Even those clients who are based primarily in their home country value the advice we bring from an international perspective, with access to contacts and investment opportunities worldwide.

We have moved across borders as our clients and their interests have expanded, and our expertise has similarly grown with our clients’ requirements.

Cross-border living and cross-border investment calls for cross border knowledge and we can offer specialist advice about the tax and legal implications of international lifestyles.

Our attitude, culture and philosophy are shaped by the combination of deep roots in local communities and a modern international outlook.

What questions can you answer?

The types of questions we help families answer:

Does your family share a vision and a purpose for your family wealth?
What are your ambitions and concerns for the family business?
Are there assets that depend heavily on your personal expertise?
How can you demonstrate your values through the investments you make?
How are you preparing those who will inherit?
Have you discussed the practicalities of the transition?
How is family leadership determined?
What values do you want to instil in future generations?
What are the risks to your family and your family’s long-term wealth?
Do you want your wealth to promote and support good causes?

What's the difference between a family office vs wealth management?

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that serve ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investors. They are different from traditional wealth management shops in that they offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family. For example, many family offices offer budgetinginsurance, charitable giving, family-owned business, wealth transfer, and tax services.

What's the difference between a single or multi-family office?
Single-family offices serve one individual and their family, while multi-family offices serve a few families benefiting from economies of scale.


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