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Fiduciary, basically means trusted.  You'll get the same advice as our family members. 

This sounds like common sense but its practice is extremely uncommon.

In fact, AES was the first and remains the only firm in the AMEA (Asia, the Middle East and Africa) region to meet this standard of excellence.

That’s in a population of 5 billion+ people!

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"The fiduciary standard is about giving you clarity, confidence and control about your ideal future. It’s all about you and the standards of stewardship you should expect from this point on."

Pippa Miller, Co-CEO, AES International


Fiduciary service to our community underpins our transformative approach to 'traditional' financial services.

Certified firms volunteer to be comprehensively assessed and audited by CEFEX®, The Centre for Fiduciary Excellence each year.

Assessments are conducted to the principles of the international standard ISO 9000 and ISO 17021. 

Certification helps determine the trustworthiness of investment fiduciaries.

The Standard

CEFEX® certification allows us to stand shoulder to shoulder with a tiny handful of the world’s best firms.

It enables you to trust the objectivity of advice, the systems and the processes you get.

It implies AES has demonstrated adherence to best practices, and is well positioned to earn your trust. 

Ultimately, it is all about you - your peace of mind and your best future.

Learn more about why fiduciary matters below.

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How you benefit from AES's CEFEX® Certification

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Who is CEFEX®?

What are the CEFEX® Prudent Practices?

Why 'fiduciary' matters

CEFEX® News Release

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Case Study

Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi

Case Study

Bossier Parish Community College Foundation

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