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Chartered Financial Planners

AES International, Chartered Financial Planner

Chartered status is a gauge of competency and expertise in financial planning.

To achieve and maintain our Corporate Chartered Financial Planner status from the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), we have to prove that we always work to the highest professional standards.

Chartered status is awarded on merit, and holding this status makes us unique within the international financial marketplace.

Chartered status sets us apart from the rest.

Expats are an easy target.

Too many people’s lives are being ruined by substandard salespeople who masquerade as advisers on behalf of industrialised brokerages and insurance firms. 

The international financial marketplace is therefore crying out for the application of professional standards such as chartered status in order to clean it up and protect clients.

In addition to 65 different regulatory licenses, chartered status means our practices and standards are rightly closely scrutinised according to the highest expectations, as determined by the Chartered Insurance Institute.

It isn’t easy to achieve.

It is worth it.

It sets us apart because it gives our clients the assurance that we are ethical, have integrity, and deliver the best advice every single time.

AES International Positive Change

Our Mission

To create 'Positive Change' for our clients and the wider marketplace.

Our Vision

To help international people understand, protect and build their wealth.

"Transforming an outdated financial industry into a profession."

AES International Team
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Chief Executive Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Chief Financial Officer
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General Counsel and Head of Pensions
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Chief Investment Officer
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Head of Investment Strategies
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Head of Administration
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Head of Information Technology
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Head of Accounts
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Head of Marketing

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