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We’re looking for purpose-driven people to join our movement, challenge the status quo and make a positive difference

Working with AES International

We’re on a mission to create positive change!

To develop a world where individuals get better results, and live more prosperous lives.  A world where companies deliver great benefits that have a profound impact on their employees and their performance.

Nelson Mandela said: "education is the most powerful weapon with which we can change the world..."

And we agree - in consequence, we put intense focus on improving and sharing our expertise, and in thinking, acting and advising entirely differently to our peers. 

Join us, to begin a journey to transform global financial services for the next generation.


AES International staff

Our culture is created by these values



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Our culture and people are just the beginning...

Because we care about our talented team, we offer amazing benefits: here are just a few examples...

“AES International is a unique organisation. You are encouraged and enabled to be the very best you can be…and if you rise to the challenge you are continually rewarded with greater opportunities. Just one example of how unique AES is – they have helped fund my further education, supported my learning, given me extra time off to take exams, and celebrated my successes with me. ”

Rebecca Steele
Head of Marketing

“Within the financial practitioner team, I am literally surrounded by experts in their field, and every single day I learn from my colleagues. In terms of my own professional development, it has advanced so rapidly directly as a result of being exposed to so many highly qualified and experienced financial professionals. I’ve never worked anywhere before where such consideration goes into every single client interaction. It’s a great feeling to know that you’re genuinely making a difference.”

Chris Davies
Financial Practitioner

“AES International is an inspiring organisation to work within. Talent is rewarded, and we are all encouraged daily to help make the organisation better. It can be stressful sometimes, because the pace of change is rapid. But we all know that what drives it is everyone’s focus on being the absolute best we can be. Best for our clients, who are the heart of our organisation – best for our colleagues, all of whom we each rely upon to fulfil a strategic function – and best for the organisation that we all believe in and want to help deliver positive change.”

Debbie Fairfield
Senior Client Services Associate


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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Associate – Wealth Management

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Senior Associate (Talent Acquisition)

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Senior Associate – Wealth Management

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