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    We have won the most awards within the international financial advice marketplace, including Global Best Practice Adviser Firm, for good reason!

    We employ many Chartered Financial Planners throughout our organisation, work with integrity, and demonstrate our professionalism via our ethical conduct, best business practices and consumer protection policies. 

    We take an evidence-based approach to investing our clients’ money passively, delivering peace of mind, security and ultimately higher returns than 97.8% of active global equity funds, all at a far lower cost. 

    We also believe in education first, so we share our expert knowledge freely and widely with uniquely informative blog posts, ebooks, slideshares, videos, content and social media marketing.


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    Rhiannon Davies

    Here to help you get expert commentary - fast!

    As Head of Communications, part of Rhiannon Davies's role is managing all press enquiries, and ensuring journalists receive the expert information they're seeking promptly.

    Having originally qualified as a pensions adviser, she is also technically adept at writing accessible communications to assist features writers.

    As Rhiannon has a comprehensive knowledge of every facet of AES International's business, she knows which experts are best placed to assist with each enquiry, saving precious time for journalists on deadline. 



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