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AES International is revolutionising advice for British expatriates, by becoming the first international financial advisory company to offer clients the option of taking a “direct” approach to investing.  

In a challenge to the status quo, clients of AES International will now be able to choose to invest using either a “guided” or “do-it-yourself” approach, significantly cutting the costs normally experienced by investors overseas.

The proposition is based on an offshore banking platform, a model which has consistently been proven to be best for expatriate clients because of the low costs, flexibility and wide banking and investment options available.

Sam Instone, chief executive of AES International, said: “Core to the proposition and our ethos as a company is an understanding that clients are in fact the best people to control their financial wellbeing, with some help from us, and we hope to transform the industry in the process.

“We are currently in the process of optimising our proposition and soon will be able to offer investors a much more technology-driven experience. However, even taking this initial step is a big push forward for an advice ‘industry’ that is still largely stuck in the dark ages.”

To access the service, clients simply need to open an account with AES International, after which they can choose to adopt either a DIY or guided service. Importantly, professional financial advice, provided by qualified individuals, is still on hand if and when the client needs it. The two main options both carry a transparent, flat annual fee.

Instone added: “We believe in adding value and that means only charging clients for what they actually need. Many clients are only interested in building an investment portfolio and so do not need full financial advice and the costs associated with it.

“A similar, platform based model has worked very successfully in the UK for a number of years now. The only reason it hasn’t been adopted by those serving British expatriates in other markets is because most offshore advisers are only interested in chasing large commission payments from international life companies.

“With this new proposition, we aim to provide clients with a real, cheaper and more effective alternative.”

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