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Our fees

These will be agreed with you in advance of any work being performed, or any planning, advice or recommendations taking place.

Financial planning advice

   Investment advice    Financial planning
 Pension transfers 
Initial charge < 1.25% < 3% < 3%
 Ongoing planning  1.25% p.a. 1.25% p.a. 1.25% p.a.


Minimum account size

We are committed to helping international investors like you, irrespective of wealth and expertise. 

We have no minimum account size.

However, our services are most suitable to those with at least $/£/€ 10,000

Investment Advice

Investment advice

We charge a flat annual fee of 1.25% per annum for ongoing investment advice. This includes reviewing suitability, re-balancing and personal relationship management.

Financial planning

Financial planning

For a detailed plan, implemented to cover complexities like retirement or estate planning, we charge an hourly rate for a UK-qualified Chartered Financial Planner to work on your behalf.

Pension transfers

Pension transfers

Your transparent fee will depend on the amount to be transferred:

Up to £250,000: 3%  |  £250,000 - £500,000: 2.5%
£500,000 - £1m: 2%  |  over £1m: 1% 

Lending and mortgages

Lending and mortgages

We negotiate competitive rates from leading providers. An arrangement fee is set according to the complexity of your case.

Advisers, introducers and appointed representatives

External services and providers

Advisers external to our UK or UAE offices, or appointed representatives may operate their own charging structures. These are detailed in writing at the point of business.

Terms of Business

Terms of business

Written terms of business specific to your country of residence, and a full tariff of charges are available on request.

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