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£1.88 million? You cannot be serious!

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By Joy Aquino - July 08, 2015

What winning Wimbledon could buy you…

Athletes are some of the highest paid individuals on the planet. For 2015 alone, the combined earnings of the world’s top 10 highest paid athletes will amount to £610 million. That can already pay for a whole year’s worth of wages of around 35,000 Greeks.

Even athletes who don’t win aren’t really losers at all. At Wimbledon, a first round loser in the singles event can take home as much as £29,000, which could be enough to start up a small business or even buy a small but exquisite retirement home in Southeast Asia.

Roger_Federer.jpgSwiss tennis player Roger Federer is the highest paid athlete in the sport and the 5th highest paid athlete in the world, with earnings in the last 12 months reaching as much as £43 million.  To give you a much better idea of the unbelievable earnings of athletes, particularly tennis players in Wimbledon, we thought it would be fun to look at what succeeding in the tournament could buy you.

If you’re a semi-finalist – £470,000

With your winnings, you could buy your own private island in the Philippines and build a small home, not forgetting a 70-ft Monte Carlo yacht to help you get there. Or how about a 3-bedroom home in Naples, Italy with half of your winnings, plus a NetJets Marquis Card that would allow you to travel millionaire-style for 25 hours in increments. Even with the second option, you will still be left with around £100,000 in your pocket.

If you’re a runner up – £940,000

Well, you could get everything above except make it two (even three), and make it bigger. Say a 40-acre island in Belize in the Caribbean, or a 5-bedroom home in Miami, Florida and you will still have enough for a Lamborghini Aventador. If you’re into fine art, why not spend your winnings on a Monet or Andy Warhol painting on Amazon and be the envy of all art enthusiasts?

If you’re the champion – £1.88 million

You can take it all. The ball is in your court.

You could have your own aircraft, like the Cessna Caravan, or buy a Bugatti Veyron, and still have enough to buy this Gothic Church in Manchester, UK as your home, or a holiday home in Hawaii, US. If you’re feeling a little entrepreneurial, you could open two McDonald’s restaurants or two Starbucks franchises to grow your wealth.

And all this is just for one season at Wimbledon. Imagine this being a career and you might find yourself wishing you took sports more seriously in your childhood. But of course, there are far wiser ways to spend your winnings, especially since the limelight in a sporting career can dim much earlier than in other careers and the retirement years can last much longer.

While this blog is a fun look at what is available to those who can afford it, it is important to invest in the right places and adopt a financially sustainable lifestyle. Self-made millionaires adopt winning habits that they practice religiously and which have helped them achieve the success they currently enjoy. If you have the wealth of a Wimbledon winner and would like to know how you can sustain your lifestyle, click below and find out the secrets of becoming (and staying) a millionaire.