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Stuart Ritchie

By: Stuart Ritchie

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July 15th, 2019

30 years of investment excuses, that the market happily ignored [infographic]

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Every year, global events shape our countries…

Our economies.

But happily ignoring these events,

(in term of our investments, at least),

Is the best course of action.

After all, it’s what the market does…

When huge global events occur…

(which they inevitably will)

Some investors react.

The most successful ones don’t.

Because despite natural disasters, conflicts, referendums and questionable presidents…

The markets always bounce back.

I could have chosen to go back 50 years.


Black Monday (1987) …

The Falklands war (1982) …

The Watergate scandal (1972) …

The Arab-Israeli war (1967) …

But I think by 30, I had made my point.

Contact us today to learn why ‘time in’ is more important than ‘timing’.

30 years of investment excuses

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Stuart Ritchie is a Chartered Financial Planner, APFS, Chartered Wealth Manager, Chartered FCSI

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