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5 minutes of reading which could make you thousands of pounds

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By Simon Danaher - September 03, 2015

…and save you from making a catastrophic financial mistake

investing mistakesYour investments could perform up to 40% better than those of thousands of people, simply by reading our new guide.

It is a bold promise, but one we are confident we can keep.

There is so much misinformation and deliberate mystification of financial products in international markets, that it can seem hugely complex. However, we are confident we can convey to you what you need to know to avoid catastrophe and actually make money in just one document which should take you no longer than five minutes to read.

The guide, “5 minutes of reading to avoid pouring your money down a plughole”, reveals six key elements which you need to know in order to invest effectively while based overseas.

These include why charges are so important, which products are likely to charge the most, who is really on your side and why so many people end up making terrible investment mistakes when they move abroad.

Don’t let the next person to make a catastrophic financial mistake be you. Spend five minutes reading our guide and avoid the common pitfalls which snare thousands of expatriates each year.

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