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How to bounce back financially after slipping up in December

The #1 thing investors need to do to improve returns in 2020 [plus a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work for you]

20 things you MUST do to achieve financial success in 2020

Fact: 2019 has proven there’s no way to predict the markets

Our 9 most talked-about [perhaps slightly controversial] blogs in 2019

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[TRUE STORY] This brave investor lost $39,000 and still managed to get back on his feet

Stop looking for patterns in the stock market [Video]

Finally! Researchers explain why we go out of our way to save on everyday expenses. [But not on big things like investments].

Retiring early in 1957 vs today

The markets have returned 214% over 10 years. How has your portfolio performed?

5 of the simplest, most tax-efficient ways to distribute wealth to your family

How the ground-breaking technology of Dimensional Funds is the future of investing

No, structured products are NOT a good idea and yet expat investors are still being sold them

4 of the most burning questions we're asked every single day

5 harsh truths about your expat lifestyle that are standing in the way of your future

The fall of the ‘Woodford’ fund – and what it means for your money

How will a no-deal Brexit affect my UK investments as an expat?

The financial mistakes that ruined millions of futures

This Harvard expert shares the secret to living richly (and it's the simplest thing you'll see today)

Does the idea of an early retirement seem far-fetched to you? (3 reasons why it shouldn't)

Should I transfer my UK pension to a QROPS or a SIPP?

The most powerful tool ever for your finances (and how you can use it today)

7 alarming things you must know before hiring a financial planner (#3 will blow your mind!)

How to avoid the silent pension killer [plus 2 other ways to ensure you don't outlive your money]

Repatriating to the UK in 2019: Your instant guide (Part 2)

How to avoid these common investment mistakes and become a better investor

Repatriating to the UK in 2019: Your instant guide (Part 1)

How being a patient investor equals success

How one oil and gas professional lost £210,000 to a sales tactic now banned in the UK

Insider secrets: how salespeople make money on your investments in 2019

Can you afford the retirement you want?

This UAE-based lawyer lost 11% of his £600,000 investment to hidden commissions – here’s how

Updated for 2019: How we helped lottery winners stay rich (3-point plan)

Updated for 2019: “It’s only money” … moving on after financial loss (4 invaluable tips for your wellbeing)

7 finance books that will completely change your life

7 common financial mistakes expats make in 2019

3 easy ways you can harness the power of the stock market

10 investing truths to live by

What questions should I be asking my adviser?

30 years of investment excuses, that the market happily ignored [infographic]

This is how random global returns are

Your life = 28,835 days

Am I going to be okay?

Why are you so convinced that picking stocks doesn't work?

Is hiring an adviser worth it? (Part 2)

Is hiring an adviser worth it?

Is renting throwing my money away?

If 92% of active funds don’t beat the market, why are people still investing this way?

Why do you keep recommending Dimensional Funds?

Are robo-advisers taking over?

What is value investing and is this strategy right for me?

How checking performance daily will make you unhappy 50% of the time

How can I time the market to maximise growth?

Is it normal to fight with your spouse about money?

Can I trust my financial adviser? [video]

I want to retire with £10 million. How much should I save?

Do you really need to meet your adviser in person?

Is the stock market about to crash?

Can I ever trust anyone who works in finance?

Is investing a science or an art? It's both. If you disagree, read this. By the end, we will see eye to eye.

Why the ‘world's largest fund company you've probably never heard of’ only allows access to its funds through hand-picked advisers

This will get a few of you up in arms. But if you want to hear a bunch of comforting lies then you've subscribed to the wrong blog

Are you more Patrick Swayze in Point Break or Christopher Columbus? (Because this says a lot about the type of investor you are).

Why I'm talking about the link between the military and investing - all over Facebook

To own, rent or hail (think Uber). That is the question. Time to keep your investing head; it's just another paradigm shift.

An eye-opening post on how evidence-based investing is giving investors (like you) the upper hand

This 3-minute video explains why history rarely repeats itself in investing (although the media may pull the wool over your eyes)

How much of this blog have you heard before? If it's all news to you, you may not have an adviser but a product salesperson

Got your eye on property? Stop and read this before you even think about signing on that dotted line

If your adviser's confused about this - tell them to hit the road. PLUS recommended reading at the end.

11 lessons you'll learn today from one of the greatest investors that ever lived

Is the nightmare over? Can investors finally breathe a sigh of relief with the latest crackdown on hidden costs?

What are the signs that you are overthinking and risking your investment? (PLUS 7 tips to stop those negative thoughts)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: the dark side of compounding that your adviser's most likely not telling you about

How two lawyers, currently earning $500,000, admit they struggle to make ends meet (case study plus our thoughts)

Right, listen up, it’s time to address the ‘big, bad’ volatility issue in the room

What does Apple's first slogan have in common with our MOST successful clients?

7 roles of a financial planner (and golf buddy isn’t one of them)

It would NEVER happen to me (or could it?)

How old will you be when you die?

Goodbye and thank you, Jack Bogle

Are you at risk?

You may be wrecking your investments (without knowing it)

2017 vs. 2018 in the market (PLUS! Tips for 2019)

7 important financial ideas to kickstart 2019

Confused about these investing terms? You’re not alone

5 podcasts you should listen to in 2019 (plus 3 facts you might not know)

How to choose a financial adviser who’s right for you

4 types of financial advisers (and which are best avoided)

The most remarkable story you’ve probably never heard

5 common mental errors that affect good decision making

This one piece of advice will save you $20,000 (AED73,460)

The 7 best financial accounts on Twitter (in my opinion)

Think you know what you’ll need in retirement? Think again.

5 true 'mini retirement' stories (and how they did it)

Why new funds are best avoided

How to think about money (in 10 simple ways)

What do glaciers and investing have in common?

If you’re panicking about the markets, STOP and read this

There is no such thing as a perfect portfolio (and why you shouldn’t aim for it)

3 investment strategies (and their key differences)

Are collectible items a good investment?

How to have a good investment experience (tip: it's all about control)

Why worrying about your investment is a complete waste of time

7 brilliant investment books (that are surprisingly underrated)

Why bear markets scare us (and why they shouldn’t)

How one Wall Street broker changed his ways

UK Budget 2018: everything expats need to know

What’s money without time?

Lessons for every investor - from IKEA’s founder

Dirty tricks of the trade: how many have you fallen for?

Do you really need financial advice?

How to stay a motivated investor: A scientific guide

What’s harder than getting rich?

Hoping for an early retirement? Here’s what you should know

3 reasons people invest

What’s the one thing all wealthy people have in common?

The top 5 blogs we’ve ever written

Should investors buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?

3 truths about investing that nobody wants to believe

How to respond to crashes and corrections

Words of wisdom from lifelong learners

What have we learned from the 2008 financial crisis?

How to be twice as successful

Beware of the wealth effect

Cashless payments are making us spend more

Investing in private equity may be a bad idea

Why the housing market is slowing everywhere – not just in the UK

Rise of the machines in wealth management?

100 blocks a day (how to reassess your time)

It’s official: Interest rates don’t just go down…

Do you suffer from priority-blindness?

Investment tips from an industry insider

The layers of the brain

How mindset affects investment behaviour

What is grit?

10 common-sense investing lessons

Why investors should be wary of social media

Investment risk and retirement

Why simple beats complex

Are index funds becoming too popular?

How much is enough?

A true piece of investing wisdom

Why smart people slip into motion (not action)

Which factors are the most important?

When index investing shines (and when it doesn’t)

The books that made me

Why to invest in the first place (and how)

What’s your “average speed”?

When you do (and don’t) need a financial planner

Why controlling investment costs is so important

Where did all the alpha go?

Successful investing is boring

The paradox of skill: Why your portfolio should be passively managed

Why a buy-and-hold approach beats speculation

Why investors need to feel happy doing nothing

How to get wealthy (over time)

The danger of staying close to home when investing

Bad news for believers that the past is any guide to the future

Safe as houses? Not really...

Why evidence-based investing and academic evidence are the same thing

Why my money is in passively managed funds

How to get more from your mornings (I have about 5,775 left)

My favourite time frame is forever

Why I’m learning about learning

The best investment funds today (backed up by data)

Diversification: The only free lunch in investing

Why you should care about survivorship bias

Financial planning isn’t something you can do once

Are you guilty of irrational decision making?

How to control your financial destiny (and boost your sex appeal)

Revealed: The biggest risks of the 4 percent retirement rule

The science of your increased success (from the laws of physics to the psychology of achievement)

Where are all the billionaires?

4 poker tactics that will boost your investment returns

You today vs. you tomorrow (3 tips + 1 video)

How to resist temptation, stick to investment goals (and grow wealthier...)

Cost is one of the most important factors for your investment success (3rd Value of Advice video)

Effective asset allocation - in a nutshell (2nd Value of Advice video)

Do I need a financial adviser? (1st video in a 5-part series about The Value of Advice)

From a 26% loss to a 29% gain in just 12 months (turning offshore investment bonds around)

Do index funds perform better during a bear market? (5 formidable facts that prove passive investors will always win)

How to get better investment results (in 5 minutes)

A tale of 2 expat investors in the UAE (and a challenge for you)

Why God would be fired as an investment manager (3 lessons from Him)

Financial winter is coming (here’s your #1 chance for survival)

Warning: expat with investments, KNOW THIS, the entire industry is stacked against you

7 simple ways you can avoid UK inheritance tax in 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire Teacher coming back to the Middle East (only 100 seats left)

2,000% insane gains! But is it too late to invest in bitcoin? (Includes infographic)

Resolutions for a Prosperous New Year

Most expatriate investors lose to a box of cornflakes

5 ways to reduce stress and save money

How to save £175,000 of inheritance tax

3 lessons from a reformed broker

This secret may save you millions!

Don’t let procrastination kill your retirement

Should I lend money to my family?

Why you might never be able to retire

Is gold a good investment?

5 expensive mistakes British expats make about domicile and tax

What is evidence-based investing anyway? (Includes 1 awesome infographic!)

Why YOU may be able to retire much sooner than you thought

Secrets of a self-interested industry laid bare: an enlightening interview with The Evidence-Based Investor

Funny money: who says financial advice has to be boring!

Thank You!  I’m going on holiday and YOU’RE paying for it…

Is now the time for expats to invest defensively?

How you could save £1M on tax

Why successful investors still shun hedge funds

Common money mistakes for expats

How to keep time on your side for investment success

Defined benefit pension transfers for expats: 10 critical facts

5 personal financial habits that will make you rich

5 tips to make you a better investor in no time

How to profit from other people’s mistakes

The greatest gift that I can give?

How to effortlessly build a £2million portfolio

Don’t make this $5,000 mistake

Bitcoin rallies 168% in 6 months: should it pack out your portfolio?

How to work less and make more money!

How to protect your money as an expat

Get richer quicker – 3 valuable lessons from Tony Robbins’ Unshakeable

How do I secure my family’s future?

How to get better investment results

How do I fund private education for my children?

5 things wrong with DIY investing

Active or passive: which is best when markets plummet?

Is property investing better than passive investing?

4 best investment platforms for expats

Who is Carl Richards and why should I care?

What do I do if the market goes down?

UK inheritance tax for expats

The best kept secret that destroys wealth

Investing essentials: the different asset classes

Why you should never try and time the market

More damning evidence that active management fails investors

Dimensional versus Vanguard: should expats care?

Transparency versus jargon: why you should demand plain English not plain lies

Which market news sources can investors trust?

In your 60s and planning for retirement? Is it too late to invest?

How to invest in your 50s: 5 steps for financial success

Don’t think you can invest in your 40s? Think again!

How to turn £240 into a million-pound pension (for your grandchildren!)

How to rebalance a portfolio

Why you’re financially better off with a couch potato portfolio

How to cure behavioural bias

4 final steps to securing your retirement income

Are you on track for financial freedom?

Step-by-step guide to never running out of money in retirement

Too scared to invest?  You’re not alone.

2 ways to invest for higher returns

Updated for 2019: The differences between QROPS, QNUPS and SIPPs (plus Brexit and new Malta rules)

Andrew Hallam – Insights from the Millionaire Teacher

Can't afford to retire? Think again!

If you're superstitious, here's the best way to invest

QROPS pension transfers: returning to the UK

Evidence that, 'an investment in knowledge pays the best interest'

10 tips: how to make the most money when investing

Why you should stop trying to be better than average!

3 investment lessons: this is what Groundhog Day can teach you

5 things we can learn from the man who invented index funds

Facing your financial fears

2 ways to improve your investment returns significantly

Why you may not need financial advice in 2017

Sometimes you can’t put a price on value

Successful investors don’t pay fund managers

How to be financially successful in 2017

Passive versus active: Buffett’s million dollar gamble

A gift to help you keep your financial resolutions

Stock markets will crash in 2017: Here’s what you need to do

Our GUARANTEED financial predictions for 2017!

How to fight fear when investing

2 reasons why Hargreaves Lansdown investors have got it wrong

5 steps to a financially fitter you in 2017

The secrets to a millionaire’s success

How to explain passive investing to your loved ones this Christmas

Three reasons you should listen to the millionaire teacher

Procrastination: How much will it cost you?

Is there any truth in UK property predictions for 2017?

Passive vs active investing: Are you a tortoise or a hare?

Investment fees are confusing on purpose

What is evidence-based investing?

The best way to invest

Who’s fighting your corner?

Expat in the UAE? This is a tough subject

Your expat guide to UK residency rules - Part 2

Why experienced fund managers perform worse

Your expat guide to UK residency rules - Part 1

Why you hate to think about money

How IFAs are paid to mis-sell pensions

Investing: Let's look at the evidence

Get busy doing nothing

It's time to let go

Expat guide to property tax in the UK in 2019

The three questions expat investors ask most

Do you even care about your investments?

How to be smart in a world of dumb investors

The lies expats believe

The real cost of fees, charges & commission

Has British property become a toxic investment?

What do index funds and Karl Marx have in common?

A guide to losing money – from an expat millionaire

How much do you really pay for financial advice?

Why boring investors make more money

Does your financial adviser add value?

Is investing really that complex?

Kind of weird, but VERY profitable

Life is short… Actually really short

Learning to live with uncertainty

What’s the best way to diversify your investments?

Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

What you need to know about investment risk

Where do astronauts pay tax?

How to pick a financial adviser

Why you DON'T want the 'best performing investment fund'

The one thing awesome investors ignore

Why structured products are like ticking bombs

How to become 100 million times richer than Bill Gates

A pain-free retirement: 3 lessons we can learn from pilots

Evidence-based investment, NOT interest-based!

The 10 commandments of offshore investing

Why young people should invest now

What is an index fund or ETF?

How to become a great investor

Financial regulation in Dubai: How to complain

When is the best time to invest?

7 financial lessons from Game of Thrones

The best index fund investments that everyone should own

Common mistakes investors make [infographic]

Is offshore banking illegal? (5 myths busted)

The inner game of offshore investment

Should you transfer your final salary pension?

How much is your offshore investment plan actually worth today?

7 steps to getting the best offshore savings rate

The best investment approach for turbulent markets

Does money make you happy?

Why new rules mean anyone can inherit your pension

UK Pensions: Scams, lies and the facts

Can't keep up? Here's the latest on the Brexit

The chance of a lifetime?

The Prediction Game

How to manage your investments if you lose your job

A quick guide to the economic impact of a Brexit

Alpha manager, beta performance?

Your cash is in the bank. But is it safe?

Negative interest – coming soon to a bank near you?

The 5 golden rules of successful investing

Is it time to time the markets?

Bear markets: a survival guide

Do you truly understand interest rates?

Iran: Does it matter?

6 tips to make you a little richer in 2016

Is your pension up to scratch?

How much does China matter?

The enlightened expat’s guide to choosing a financial adviser

How to protect your investments in 2016

Worried you're not saving enough for retirement?

12 financial resolutions to ensure a prosperous New Year

Lower for longer: How cheap oil can damage your wealth

3 ways to invest like a Jedi

What 2015 taught us about investing

5 ways to test your financial fitness

Top 5 blogs you may have missed this year

Is your financial adviser a Jedi Master?

Why is my pension not growing?

5 things to do before the year ends

Oil at $40 - Living with the new normal

7 ways to waste your expat salary

21 random (yet frugal) acts of Christmas kindness

We said ‘buy these funds’ on Black Monday – what happened?

Purchasing a property while living abroad

Nine Christmas shopping hacks you should know

UK Spending Review | AES International

Three things rich people do

7 things expats are tired of hearing!

Glamour girls, pants and Big Macs…

Lessons from 5 famous people who went bankrupt

The 9 things expats need to know about tax

23 struggles all expats will understand

Investing and the premier league footballers facing ruin

As an expat, how can I diversify my investment portfolio? (3 top tips & 1 free guide!)

Is UK property overheated?

The one thing James Bond did wrong

Expats! Five terrifying facts about your finances

Meet the managers of the Nedgroup Investments Growth MultiFund

When is a good time to invest?

Free report on the risks of offshore investing

What should you be investing in?

How to invest

Risky investments rife in international markets

Five signs that your investments are on the brink of disaster

A simple solution for your expat banking, saving & investment needs

Toxic funds laying waste to expat investing

Why invest at all?

Your three minute warning – how to avoid investment Armageddon

Three toxic investments which could destroy your portfolio

Are you worried about the rising cost of living?

Investing: What Stuart Lancaster and Sam Burgess taught us

Want to retire at 55?

Don’t let inaction ruin your expat savings

We asked expats what’s the worst financial advice they received...

Expats excluded from UK property market

Expat financial advice: Stop the silent cash killer

Is this the fund you need to meet your investment goals?

Offshore investing: When fees are for mugs

Are you meeting your investment goals?

The Cypriot Currency Calamity – a modern day horror story

Offshore investing: The golden rule

5 minutes of reading which could make you thousands of pounds

When markets crash: The one thing long-term investors should do

Your investment guide: 5 minutes of reading which could save you thousands

China market crash: An idiots’ guide to Black Monday

DIY Investing: A secret that will change your life

3 funds you should buy today, and proof that buying now makes sense

Law change could impact YOUR Will

The Investors’ Grief Cycle

Your easy way to make a million

Expat guide to living and working abroad 

Putting the BlackRock Continental European Fund under the spotlight

Retirement planning: The five biggest pension mistakes everyone makes

3 bits of international financial advice we would give Greece...

Offshore investing and its silent killer

What makes a good financial adviser

The best way to save for expats: Offshore private banking

'Facts' and why the whiney kid at school was right

Revealed: The tricks to retiring an expat millionaire

The 7 benefits of offshore banking

An idiot’s guide to the Greek debt crisis - Part 2

An idiot’s guide to the Greek debt crisis - part 1

Expat in the UAE? Here’s the best way to mess up your finances

£1.88 million? You cannot be serious!

I dare you NOT to watch the news

Why every investor worth their salt will lose money

3 shocking pension facts that will make you want to save every penny

Investors! You're not as smart as you think you are

Are you an expat financial ninja...?

Investing: Why you’re probably doing it wrong

Why investment 'guarantees' are like being naked

The sexy end of bond investing?

How to become an expat millionaire just by saving regularly

International Financial Advice: The Reality Gap

5 investment questions you may be too embarrassed to ask

Exposed: The 3 toxic sales tricks used to steal your pension

Did you know Houdini hated tricksters?

Investing: 7 facts you won't know about emerging markets

5 inspirational billionaires and the lessons we can learn from them

Expat financial advice: D is for debt…

The approach we adopt

Financial advice for expats: C is for cash…

Interview with a fund manager – James Sullivan

The expat financial checklist: Five financial essentials

Financial advice for expats: B is for bond…

UK election result a boon for UK property investment

7 terrible financial advice tips you should ignore

If we were William and Kate's financial planner...

Financial advice for expats: A is for annuity

What is Positive Change?

Three reasons for investing in European equities

Five points to impress your friends with on the global economy

Graduates? Looking for a career in international financial services?

Delivering transparency and results to our clients

Why you should continue to invest even in falling stock markets

Retirement ‘almost’ gone wrong: Real life case study

Are we heading for another market crash?

What does this General Election mean for savers and pensioners?

Pension ‘freedom’ day is coming!

Apple turning gold?

Don’t get tempted by the low inflation trap

Don’t let the taxman dip into your retirement savings

Test your financial knowledge

Expat financial advice: Budget 2015

A turning point for investing in emerging market debt?

Revealed: 3 shocking reasons investors lose money (and why you're at risk)

Five best places to live as an expat

New listings on the FTSE hit record levels in 2014 – are they worth a punt?

Can you make money from European QE?

Chasing the dragon... Can you still make money from China?

Incomes return to pre-crisis levels, except for those of working age

What can you learn about investing from Warren Buffett?

Why use a regulated financial adviser?

Why has the FTSE 100 hit a record high and what does it mean?

Desperate salesmen scaring expats into transferring pensions

What are the best retirement places for expats?

Can British expats afford to go home with 16 taxes (at least) to pay?

What British expats DON'T miss about home

Why is great financial advice for expats so hard to find?

What do you regret in life? We bet it's not money

Should British expats buy UK property in 2015?

9 questions you MUST ASK before choosing a financial advisor in 2015

Don't ruin your retirement by NOT reading this

Gold up nearly 13% since November 2014

Banks reject mortgage borrowers in 40s

How to save £264,800 of inheritance tax in 4 minutes

Expats, are you feeling prosperous in 2015?

2015 Investment Outlook

Best of 2014 and blog suggestions

2014 investment review: The ups and downs

The winners and losers: Cost of living roundup 2014

Award winning international financial advice

Expat blog: 11 Fun Financial Facts

Rising Interest Rates in 2015 – Can You Afford Them?

Santa Rally: Investors’ Last Christmas Wish

How to buy and hold UK property investment in 2017

What is the cost of living in Luxembourg in 2019?

Cuts to UK Stamp Duty but expats and non-domiciles face higher taxes

Financial planning for a Premier League goalkeeper: Real life case studies

Cost of Living in Dublin

Fact: Money makes people happier, says new research

Cost of living in Stockholm

Financial planning for an international pop star: Real life case studies

How to profit in your portfolio as global oil prices crash

Cost of living in London

Cost of Living in Berlin

How much money do you need to live? £1m should be enough

Interest-only mortgage time bomb warning for UK housing market

Britons leave loved ones in chaos and distress by not writing a Will

Cost of Living in Warsaw

What type of offshore bank account should I choose?

International financial advice: Healing the lack of trust

What is the cost of living in Switzerland in 2019?

The 0.99% mortgage starts a rate war amongst UK property lenders

Cost of Living in Spain

Why financial advisers who tell the truth about money make the world a better place

Global stock market sell off - Should investors panic?

Cost of living in Brussels

Expats face tough new mortgage rules for letting out their UK homes

The cost of investing: Active vs passive funds

Cost of living in Doha, Qatar

UK Tax Resident - To Be or Not to Be?

What's the cost of living in Dubai in 2019?

Expat tax: Brits back home get higher tax allowances

Sweeping changes to UK pensions announced - QROPS and SIPPS affected

Non-UK-domiciled tax benefits - could they help you?

3 Fundamentals of a sound investment strategy

Financial adviser named in Britain's top 1000 Inspirational Companies

Retirement planning for expats part 2

How safe are offshore banks?

Retirement planning for expats

The benefits of offshore banking