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Ian McGugan

Ian McGugan is a multi-award-winning business reporter with Canada’s Globe and Mail. He’s been writing about investing, economics and business for more than 20 years. Previously, Ian was executive editor of Canadian Business magazine, founding editor of MoneySense magazine, and he’s also worked for the Financial Post and the Financial Times of Canada. Best-selling financial author Andrew Hallam cites Ian McGugan as one of his most influential mentors.

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Resolutions for a Prosperous New Year

By: Ian McGugan
January 4th, 2018

[Estimated reading time: 6 minutes - read while you debate whether to start your post new year fitness plan]

It’s easy to snicker at people who make New Year’s resolutions.

John Norcross, a professor at the University of Scranton, found that only about half of those who announce such self-improvement programs manage to stick to them for even three months.  

But the cynics who laugh at all those quitters may be missing the bigger point.

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