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BREAKING NEWS: Millionaire Teacher coming back to the Middle East (only 100 seats left)

By Sam Instone - January 16, 2018

Andrew Hallam, the expat who famously built his million-dollar fortune from a school teacher’s salary, is on his way back to the Middle East. 

Now a best-selling financial author and gifted public speaker, Andrew is coming to Dubai first…and then Abu Dhabi.

He’ll be discussing his latest book, Millionaire Expat: How to Build Wealth Overseas, and helping expats – like you – understand everything you need to know to build a successful investment portfolio.

Millionaire Expat How to Build Wealth Living Overseas

But be warned! 

His inspirational talks are booking up fast as word spreads about his return…

To hear one of Andrew’s life changing talks, book your place before it’s too late!

For those of you wondering whether this will be a valuable use of your time, here's a sneak preview of what you can expect from Andrew's session entitled, "Simple, Smart Investing (Theory & Education)"...

Now, imagine this.  

You’re thinking of buying a couple of avocados.  

The avocado supplier is visiting the supermarket.  He says,

“These are the best avocados in the world.”

On the outside, they look great, so you put a handful in your basket.  

But then you get home and cut one open...

It’s rotten to the core!

If you live in the Middle East, and you own a stock market-related investment you may own a rotten product.

That’s what happens to most expats in the Middle East.  

Only, you aren’t buying avocados.

You’re buying investment products.

You hope these products will help you in retirement.  

But the investment products, like the avocados, are black and mouldy inside.

Such products are sold prolifically.  

In fact, if you live in the Middle East, and you own a stock market-related investment, odds are you own a rotten product.

I’m guessing you already suspected that.  

After all, global stock markets have risen a lot over the past five years.  

Your money likely hasn’t.

  • In fact, if we measure the growth in U.S. dollars, the average global stock has gained 68 percent over the past five years (ending December 31, 2017). 
  • The average U.S. stock has gained 102 percent over the same time period. 
  • If you measure investment results in British pounds, the growth was even higher. 
  • Measured in British pounds, the average global stock gained 104 percent over the past five years. 
  • The average U.S. stock gained 142 percent over the same time period.

If you live in the Middle East, and you invested with a financial salesperson who sold you something rotten, you didn’t make anything close to that.

What’s worse, you probably can’t sell that investment without incurring a huge penalty...

At his talks, Andrew will explain why you didn’t make much money (if you made anything at all).  

And, he'll show how you can invest on your own, or, if you prefer, he’ll teach you how to hire an ethical financial guide.

Andrew will also explain that fair investment products can be sold at anytime, without incurring penalties.

 You deserve decent investment returns.  

Let Andrew show you how to get them.