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DIY Investing: A secret that will change your life

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By Simon Danaher - August 26, 2015

How to invest DIY

Here’s a secret which could change your life. The best part is it could also save you tens of thousands of pounds.

Do it yourself investingThe little secret that I’m going to let you in on is one which no other international financial advice company wants you to hear but one which any good adviser should have already told you…

…you may not need financial advice.

This may seem counterintuitive for a financial advisory firm to say, but the reality is most people, most of the time, are fully capable of successfully managing their finances, without any involvement from a financial adviser.

You only really need financial advice if you have complex financial affairs, want investment advice, or at certain times of your life when you require specialist or expert knowledge – for example, when you are approaching retirement.

A REAL adviser, like an AES International adviser, would tell you this, but the problem is that international financial services is an industry full of salespeople, not true advisers. A salesperson is most likely only going to tell you about products and then sell you whichever one it is that makes THEM the most money… In contrast, an AES International adviser will provide you with advice you value.

In our new guide – “Do-It-Yourself Investing: How to become your own financial adviser” – we explain all you need to know in order to take control of your finances and invest for the future.

We believe by giving you the tools to manage your finances yourself, if you want, and by being there if and when you do need specialist advice, we are providing you with the best possible way to manage your money.

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