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Week 22: Family, self & work

By Sam Instone - June 03, 2021

June is the end of H1.

With Q1 and Q2 almost behind us, I’ve been reflecting on my own Accountability Document

And whether I’m on track for my ‘best year ever’.

Family, self & work.

This, plus my other week’s reading, below.

So far, I haven’t got the balance right.

I passed half-way on my 12,000km cycling challenge today so I am about a month in front on ‘self.’

‘Work’ has never been busier.

My finances are simplified and markets are flying.

But ‘family’ - my number 1 priority needs more work.

‘Golden time’ and ‘date night’ have gone out of the window and the intentionality I want to put into my children’s upbringing is slipping by.

And just like other parents, I’m reimagining summer and the idea of ‘creating memories' for my kids given the current pandemic.

With travel restrictions and vaccination regulations, we all need to find creative ways to alleviate boredom while keeping our kids engaged.

I read an interesting piece this week on how to “wean” your kids off their devices.

What better time than summer for a digital reset to undo our collective bad 'lockdown' tech habits?

Listed in this piece are the most effective strategies:

  • Separate good tech habits from dangerous
  • Make mealtimes device-free zones
  • Make family time fun
  • Keep children busy

While all these strategies seem like a good way to tempt your kids (or partner) off their devices…

It’s easier said than done.

I also read a great article recently that shared 13 business ideas for children to start this summer.

Encouraging kids to pursue business ideas has benefits far beyond just financial, teaching them the value of earning money and inculcating positive ‘money scripts’ from a young age.

It also gives us an opportunity to communicate our family values of hard work, kindness, and teamwork through direct experience.

After all, I try to teach my children the purpose of money is both to afford ‘great experiences' and to 'help others'.

Keeping them busy is one challenge but keeping them active is much harder considering the desert heat.

Here’s a great article sharing different ways you can get your kids (and you) moving.

Above all, the most important thing you can give to your family, especially your children, is your time.

I’ve spoken about the value of time in my blogs before.

Each day, you need to hold yourself accountable to make every moment count.

This article by Tim Urban completely changed how I view my time and money.

True wealth is a big picture thing – freedom from anxiety, a higher confidence about how great life is, the emotions of joy, love and the ability of having choice.

Spending your way to happiness

I want to pass on the gift of understanding true wealth to my sons and daughter, because it’s purposeful, fulfilling and great way to live.

Especially to my oldest as she is spending her last summer with us before leaving for school in the UK.

If you’re interested in this topic it may be worth looking at a book called The Opposite of Spoiled, by Ron Lieber.

As for me - how am I going to do better with my family commitments in H2?

A great inspiration to me is the top coach and all round superman, David Labouchere and I know his insight would be for me to revisit, review and re-factor my daily rituals.

These are ‘consistent behaviours, intentionally practiced and precisely scheduled’.

If you want a hand developing yours – you can contact him for guidance here.


A question for you:

What is your favourite memory from this past 6 months of spending time with your family? And how can you create more memories like this?

This week’s mediations:

"Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is all you need."
 – Sarah Ban Breathnach

"Many men can make a fortune, but very few can build a family."
– S. Bryan


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Have a great weekend and enjoy the ‘light’ reading! 


My accountability document

Wall Street Journal's article on how to wean your kids and yourself off screens

Anna Meyer's blog on 13 business ideas for kids and teens

Rei's article on staying active while social distancing 

Your life in weeks by Tim Urban

Ron Lieber's book The Opposite of Spoiled


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