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Week 46: Weekend reading for health, wealth and happiness

By Sam Instone - November 12, 2020

We have every reason to be optimistic.

Stock markets are rallying, the development of a vaccine is progressing well and 2021 promises to be a better year.

I've therefore begun thinking about my goals and accountability for the rest of this year and next.

Here is a '2020 year-end planning checklist' from our friends at Buckingham Strategic Wealth that you might find useful for your own goals, followed by an article from Monument Wealth Management on 'framing your perspective of 2021'.

Given the impact this year has had on my children, it reminded me of a post from one of my favourite Safal Niveshak blogs, 'an open letter to my daughter'.

The father wanted to teach his daughter 10 lessons for life:

1. Run your own race... always
2. Ask questions... then search for answers
3. Recognise change and embrace it
4. Work hard, and be lucky
5. Never fear failure
6. Money doesn't grow on trees
7. Learn to earn, and then earn to learn
8. Never spend more than you earn
9. Live your life with a map in hand
10. Have gratitude

With the changes announced this week to inheritance laws in the UAE, I've chosen to share 'the sense of an ending' which is about the other end of life, and ensuring you have a will in place.

Looking at the middle period of our lives, I enjoyed this article about one of the great paradoxes of modern life; 'are we trading our happiness for modern comforts?' While on average, existence has gotten more comfortable over time, happiness has fallen. Why?

I follow this up with a question from Ashley Whillans that we all should consider in the modern age we live in - 'which of these time 6 time traps is eating up all your time?

And if that doesn't put you off buying consumables, here you can find the 'top 100 product searches on Amazon'.

As always, and true to my own military roots, the final word is taken by former senior British Army officer, inspirational leader and Ironman champion David Labouchere on 'Main Effort'. In military terms, 'main effort' translates to 'priority'. What is most critical to your success now, and how will you support it?


A question for you

Life isn't just about figuring out what to do. The real challenge is (not so) simply doing the things we know we should be doing.

Ask yourself - what things am I not doing that I know I should be? Why not?


This week's meditations

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
Albert Einstein

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
- Mahatma Ghandi

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Have a great weekend, stay safe, be grateful and enjoy the ‘light’ reading! 


Buckingham Strategic Wealth's '2020 year-end financial planning checklist'

Monument Wealth Management's article 'Framing your perspective of 2021'

Safal Niveshak's blog 'An open letter to my daughter'

Arun Shourie's article 'The sense of an ending'

Arthur C. Brooks' article 'Are we trading our happiness for modern comforts?'

Ashley Whillans for TED Ideas 'Which of these 6 time traps is eating up all your time?'

Carmen Ang's post for Visual Capitalist 'Ranked: the top 100 product searches on Amazon'

David Labouchere's article 'Main Effort'

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