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Financial planning isn’t something you can do once

By Sam Instone - May 08, 2018

You could be forgiven for likening a financial adviser to a personal trainer.

Both improve your health (be it physically, or financially).

Both usually offer a free consultation and develop custom plans for specific needs.

Both aim to make you the best version of yourself.

Most importantly, they both require long-term commitment in order to see results.

Jason Butler, author and former adviser, discusses why a 2-month spell with a personal trainer (or financial adviser) won’t get you the results you desire.

And why not?

Because like fitness, financial planning is about evolving new habits.

It’s about proper decision making and accountability. 

And most importantly, it’s about being disciplined.

So, when choosing a financial planning firm, make sure it’s philosophy and approach is one you’re happy to work with for a very long time.

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