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Have you created your retirement bucket list yet?

By Sam Instone - January 30, 2020

I read about a retiree who complained about always being bored.

She couldn’t find her purpose.

In fact, a few days after she retired…

She started looking for work.

It made me wonder…

Are we so caught up in saving for retirement

That we forget to plan this stage of our lives?

The things we want to see, do and achieve?

The Japanese call retirement a second life.

It’s fitting, because it really is our second chance…

Life on our terms.

But being in the financial services profession, I know it’s easy to get caught up in saving for retirement.

Making sure we have the funds to see us through 30, 40 or even 50 years of not earning a salary.

But how often do you sit down and plan your retirement?

It’s arguably a better use of your time…

And a more effective way of knowing how much you’ll need.

Your magic number.

This video puts it into perspective.

The idea of an aimless retirement makes me feel uncomfortable.

It’s why I’ve decided to sit down with my wife and children to plan that part of our lives.

It’s made the prospect of retirement even more exciting for me.

I hope you’ll dedicate some time to do the same.

Understanding what you’d like to do in retirement is the best way to know how much you’ll need.

It’s not just about putting your life into numbers but enabling you to live a fuller, more enriching life.

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