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Our 5 most talked-about blogs in 2021

By Sam Instone - December 01, 2021

The AES blog has always been about education.

I'm thrilled to see thousands more subscribers join us this year...

Who are all interested in becoming the best version of themselves.

Our health and wealth experts have covered everything from the markets to workplace wellness...

To leaving behind a legacy and the cost of delay. 

Some have appealed more than others.

Here are 5 of them.

1. Repatriating to the UK in 2021: Your instant guide (part 1)

Updated in 2021, this blog remains a constant source of valuable information for senior internationals from the UK, looking to return home. 

It covers key questions including whether or not to sell your assets, how funds are taxed and capital gains tax. 

If you are considering a move, read the blog here

It's also worth remembering that many UK financial planners will not be familiar with the many nuances of the international products you may hold, so it's a good time to speak to an international financial planner before you leave. 

2.“I’m an engineer in Dubai with a UK pension. Should I transfer to a QROPS or a SIPP?”

Originally posted in 2020, this blog remains high on our list for readership. 

It tells the real-life story of one of my clients, who came to us for a free second opinion about the anxiety he was feeling around whether he was on track to keep the future lifestyle he wanted.

His existing pensions had been structured as a QROPS, with an underlying bond as the platform.

This wrapper within a wrapper made him liable to unnecessary charges. 

Find out how we helped him, plus more information on QROPS and SIPPs, as well as 7 things to consider if you're contemplating a pension transfer. 

If you are in doubt, contact us. Our pension specialists are on hand. 

3. Where to invest your capital right now

Perhaps not surprisingly, 2021 (and 2020) saw us receiving an influx of requests for second opinions on their existing financial plans and portfolios. 

In this blog, I share where my own money is invested, and why. 

I am busy. I have 3 children, 3 businesses and a lot of complexity in my life.

Even with over 20,000 hours of professional investing experience, DIY investing for myself can prove costly because of my natural behavioural bias and worse still, misses the far more important aspects around planning.

I am very happy with the solution laid out in this blog for my own money, my family's money, my friends and for the many international family stewards I work with.

4. How empathy creates a more productive workforce

Written by our Director of Health & Protection, this blog looks at how the pandemic has highlighted the difference between human companies and profit-driven companies. 

Those who understand people and want to make a positive difference in the world... 

And those who only care about money.

With some shocking statistics, it includes 4 tips on how to bring more empathy into your workplace.

5. [Case study] How one client earned a 60% investment return in a single year

Record-breaking market movements can provide profound opportunities for investors. 

Such was the case for one of our clients. 

While many were reactively selling or rebalancing their portfolios in the wake of a market crash, he remained undeterred. 

In this blog, we share the story of John, who sought our help over 5 years ago.

You'll get to see how his portfolio looked then, a snapshot of his portfolio as of March 2020 and again a year later. 

You cannot time the markets. 

No one can. 

But having the right plan in place can help you seize opportunities and be greedy when others are fearful. 


And that's it, 5 of our most popular blogs this year. 

As you reflect on 2021 and ahead to your goals for next year, we'd love to know the topics that are of interest to you, and how we can help give you feelings of clarity, confidence and control moving into 2022. 

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