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Sam Instone

By: Sam Instone

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June 8th, 2018

Why investors need to feel happy doing nothing

Investment | Financial Education

It’s deeply ingrained in the human psyche that taking action is a positive thing.

And in many cases, it is.

But successful investing means doing exactly the opposite.

Even if that feels wrong.

And it will.

In our latest video, Barry Ritzholtz, one of the most popular investment bloggers in the United States, explains why investors need to start thinking in terms of decades.

Not weeks and months.

Why does our psychology work against us?

Particularly in capital markets?

What can we learn from the evidence presented in this video?

Successful investors are simply less active.

Their holding periods are longer.

They ignore the “noise”.

The biggest enemy of an investor?



About Sam Instone

Sam Instone, Director at AES International, is passionate about positive change and ensuring international investors get better results.

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