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74% of professionals say financial education improves performance

We design tailored programmes to create a healthier, more productive and engaged workforce.

These tackle issues of debt, stress, savings as well as highlighting retirement strategies.

Expatriates in particular face increased opportunity and risk.

Trust us, a little wisdom goes a very long way.


Financial education programmes

Many international companies let financial 'foxes into their hen houses' because they offer allegedly 'free' services.

Our team will teach your staff why 'free' isn't a good idea when it comes to financial advice. 

They deliver impartial knowledge to benefit both employer and employee.


Important areas:

  • Financial awareness;
  • Life events;
  • Effective ways to budget;
  • Defining financial goals and requirements;
  • Net-worth statement
  • Ways to save for retirement;
  • Low-cost investing/Index funds
  • The true cost of retirement;
  • Debt management;
  • Insurance and protection.



“AES made the process very easy for us. They gave a great presentation to our employees and really impressed us with their simple wisdom and approach.”

Robert Lachlan

HR Director

“Taking the burden of financial planning from busy executives is a privilege. I enjoy the diverse challenges I am presented with – from creating tax efficiency and cutting costs, to succession planning and family office structuring.”

Stuart Ritchie

Chartered Wealth Manager and Chartered Fellow

“I enjoy the one-to-one sessions where people want a bit of personalised advice on retirement, right through to helping them with a complex situation, such as divorce or wealth distribution. The sessions make such a positive difference to people’s lives, and I’m always heartened when I can provide genuine help.”

Julian Vydelingum

Chartered Financial Planner

“What a difference! Having a Chartered professional who I can trust has switched on the lights to me. I’ve clearly made some mistakes but I can now get on with my life and work with renewed vigour and peace of mind.”

Charlie Oakham


International executive financial planning

78% of executives are affected by financial stress.

Our expert team provide financial counselling for executives, entrepreneurs and senior staff.

This increases executive focus, engagement and performance whilst improving retention and enhancing loyalty.

exec counselling

Providing your most valued staff with financial counselling

  • Helps differentiate you from your competitors;
  • Helps retain and recruit exceptional talent;
  • Demonstrates you genuinely care about your key employees;
  • Enables your executives to concentrate on running your business.

How IFAs are paid to mis-sell pensions

Getting the best advice as an expat can be a challenge. Outside the UK, firms and advisers may not be regulated or qualified.

Download this guide and stay informed

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IFAs Mis sold 249x337


Asked Questions

What is executive financial counselling?

Executive financial counselling is the provision of bespoke education, consultation and expert, independent financial advice to executives and management within a company.

What specific workplace financial education services do you offer?

We deliver teaching and guidance covering financial matters such as education fees planning, tax efficiency, pension allowances, inheritance tax, pension freedoms and general holistic financial advice.

We can do this in a face to face environment allowing education, discussion, clarification and ultimately, positive outcomes. 

We aim to provide your staff with reassurance in areas which are often not easy to understand, and help staff use the financial resources available to them most effectively to achieve their goals.

Our service is highly valued by staff with a corresponding benefit to those businesses which provide access to it.

What is workplace financial education?

Financial education provides employees with information and guidance relating to financial matters.

It can cover workplace benefits such as pensions, share plans and insurance products, as well as mortgage information and issues such as dealing with debt. 

Financial education aims to help your staff have control over their finances and improve their financial wellbeing.

Does workplace financial education work?

We recently held a series of financial education sessions for employees at an international law firm.

When surveyed afterwards, the results were conclusive:

  • 100% learnt something new about understanding how to manage their money
  • 96.4% are more likely to consider setting their own personal financial goals
  • 82.7% understand more about how to manage any debt they may have
  • 96.4% are more likely to consider saving alongside their company pension
Why is my employees' financial wellbeing so critical?

As an employer you should take action to improve employee financial wellbeing as that can help improve people’s financial competence and productivity, reduce time off work due to stress, and thereby improve organisational performance.

Employees of all types and earning levels can be at risk of poor financial wellbeing, and many may require financial education.

Evidence shows that poor financial wellbeing impacts on health in terms of poor psychological wellbeing, higher stress and anxiety levels, and lower levels of good health.

This in turn impacts productivity in terms of poorer job performance, short-term decision-making, reduced ability to concentrate, lower productivity and absenteeism.

Why choose our financial education programmes?

We don't believe apathy towards financial matters is caused by employees simply being uninterested.

We believe they are simply baffled by industry jargon, complex technicalities and an army of smooth salespeople.

When these are explained simply and clearly - but not trivialised - people take an interest and change their behaviour.

We call this 'positive change'.

This is what our financial education programmes aims to achieve.

We make the complicated simple and give employees clear information to help them become smarter with their finances.

Our team are communication experts.

They demystify pensions by using plain English, jargon-free explanations, and a multi-media approach, as different people learn in different ways.

It's the key to turning your benefits spend into a worthwhile investment.

Not only does it engage your employees, it empowers them to make confident decisions on their own.

The programme is a cycle. We agree objectives with you, both long and short-term, and measure the programme's success against these objectives, industry benchmarks.

Our qualified team of financial educators will then host group seminars and one-to-one meetings at your offices.

The seminars can even be made available as live webinars if required, so any employees unable to attend or remotely located can still benefit.

Learn more about our workplace financial education programmes


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