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Introducers and Intermediaries

High-value financial services for clients operating across borders


    You get safe, secure solutions from leading experts

    We localise the global world, help navigate complexity and deliver peace of mind.

    Enabling businesses, their people and their communities to prosper. 

    Who we work with

    Chartered financial planners

    UK Chartered Financial Planners

    As Chartered Financial Planners, we understand your standards. Typically we help protect and benefit your client whilst they are overseas and hand them back to you if and when they return.

    Key areas:

    • International pension transfers
    • Offshore private banking
    • International estate, tax and trust planning
    • Rectification of problems caused by overseas ‘brokers’
    • Regulated overseas advice
    • International mortgages and lending
    • International cashflow planning
    • Foreign exchange


    International Intermediaries

    International Intermediaries

    International financial advisers and insurance brokers trust our expertise to help create value for their clients.

    We understand and solve systemic problems within international markets.

    This means you can build your business through a trusted partnership with an expert professional services provider.

    Key areas:

    • Network services (Tied Agent, Appointed Representative or Introducer status)
    • Outsourced investment proposition
    • Defined benefit pension analysis
    • Business growth/management/transition
    • Business exit/buy-out

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    Lawyers and Solicitors

    Lawyers and Solicitors

    The Legal Services Act (LSA) and Retail Distribution Review (RDR) aim to improve client outcomes, competitiveness and professionalism. 

    Overseas, these standards rarely exist and it is hard for legal professionals to place reliance upon financial service providers.

    Our regulatory structure and independent expertise is specifically constructed to bridge this gap, leverage client relationships and to provide an enhanced experience.

    Our knowledge can help diversify and expand your business, enhancing your client experience and in turn generates further appropriate referrals.

    Key areas:

    • Family wealth
    • Business wealth
    • Corporate benefits
    • Divorce
    • Trusts
    • International pensions and pension sharing orders
    • Inheritance tax planning
    • International mortgage and lending applications
    • Expert witness

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    Pension trustees

    Pension Trustees

    Our expertise helps you navigate your legal, financial and regulatory requirements with complete peace of mind and security.

    Key areas:

    • Investment advice and due diligence
    • Evidence-based investment strategies
    • Cost reduction
    • Fiduciary/local compliance
    • CGT events
    • Helping direct clients of trustees or orphan clients where something has gone wrong
    Accountants and tax advisers

    Accountants and Tax Advisers

    Most accountants are unable to source suitably expert financial partners outside of domestic markets, for the simple reason that they largely don’t exist.

    Like ourselves, your profession places strong emphasis on qualifications, years of experience and a good cultural and personal fit.

    As Chartered Financial Planners, our expertise and client-focused approach can complement your own knowledge and client relationships.

    Key areas:

    • Multi-jurisdictional employee benefits
    • International pensions and retirement planning
    • Tax-efficient cross-border planning and investment management
    • International corporate pensions schemes
    • International insurance and protection
    • End of year tax planning solutions
    • Employee and Employer pension contributions
    • Provision of tax year end investment information
      • Capital gain events
      • Pension scheme contributions
      • Investment income received
      • Business continuance and succession planning

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    Business, Performance and Life Coaches

    Business, Performance and Life Coaches

    Listening, identifying issues, setting objectives, creating a successful strategy and delivering results.  This is what you do and what we do.  It’s why we enjoy complimenting the work of business coaches as well as introducing coaches to our own clients.  We know you are best placed to assist our clients with transforming their business in both a commercial and cultural capacity. 


    Key areas:

    • Protect the continuity of the business with Partner/Director protection
    • Provide a capital injection on the death/illness of Key Personnel
    • Inter-generational wealth planning for family businesses
    • Retirement Strategies, including business-friendly pensions
    • Investment Portfolio Management for individuals and trusts
    • Inheritance tax strategies in the best interests of the family
    • Tax driven investments
    • Simple tax-efficient investment structures

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    Insurance Companies and Banks

    Independent, professional advice can augment relationships and drive revenue.  Our team are used to supporting other financial services providers.

    Key areas: 

    • Actuarial and Defined benefit consulting
    • Pension services
    • Insurance mediation for banks
    • Jumbo life insurance
    • Orphan client advice for life companies
    • Locally regulated services/ terms of business
    • Staff training
    • Expert witness/consulting


    Affiliate programme

    Affiliate Program

    Designed for website owners looking to monetise their site and develop digital partnerships with a leading global independent financial services provider.

    • Earn fees upon all referrals on a performance basis
    • Unlimited potential
    • Dedicated relationship support
    • Signing up is quick, easy and free

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