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Better for your clients, your business and you

A planning based business model is proven to work. It's the next evolution in financial services and results in:

  • Your interests 100% aligned with the client
  • More consistent financial rewards
  • Better long term results
  • Professional fulfilment
  • Personal growth
Better for your clients, your business and you-min
Focus on growing your client relationships

Partnering your business with AES means you focus on growing your client relationships, we take care of the rest.

  • Administration
  • Investment
  • Operations & IT
  • Technical Support
  • Compliance

Discover the difference

When you become a wealth planner you no longer sell people investment returns, insurance products, mortgages or pensions.

These things become tools used to fix the real issues clients face, like;

  • How much is enough?
  • Will my money last as long as I do?
  • How do I live my best life with the financial resources I have at my disposal?

As a financial planner, this is a much more exciting, fulfilling and profitable way to go through life.

Discover the difference


Most people care deeply about trying to do the right thing for their clients.

Yet the way we were taught to sell, advise, solve problems (whatever you want to call it) in the past, was well-suited to selling products, but not well-suited to helping clients identify and solve the real issues they face.

So the first step is a structured, compelling conversation entirely focussed on your client.

The outcome is knowing what is in their best interests, establishing goals and whether we can help or not.


Questioning and listening

 You already know this is the holy grail of good communication skills.

Great financial planners have taken their questioning and listening skills to a whole new level.

It’s the art in the job.

All our partners share a common philosophy about markets and investing, wealth advice, and an adviser’s fiduciary responsibility to how we make the lives of those we serve, better.

Questioning and listening
Cashflow modelling

Cashflow modelling

The second step is to get cashflow modelling and planning at the heart of your business and use it with every client. 
Client relationships that were described by planners as great before cashflow modelling are typically described as 3x better after.

It’s that powerful.
The bottom line is that it allows you and the client to fully see and understand their financial situation for the very first time. 

Why change?

Some old-school advisers generate ridiculous amounts of new business, commission and short-term advocacy doing it the old way.

However, it’s getting harder and harder to do that and will never end well for the client or adviser.

They might get away with it for a few more years, but we're not counting that as winning on the financial front or as living a life of meaning and purpose.
It’s like saying that someone who made a 300% return last year on Bitcoin is a great investor.

AES provide an opportunity to right-minded and committed professionals to transition and be at the vanguard of professional transformation. 

Why change?
Your best life  - Partnerships

Your best life  

Speak to some of our Wealth Planners who have made the journey.

Making the transition to financial planning, or improving your planning service is something special.

It might take a little bit of work to get your head around it, but then it’s like a new lease on life.


Asked Questions

How can I find more high net worth clients?

Finding the right clients starts by increasing and enhancing the time you spend discovering and developing them.

AES helps you utilize client development and marketing strategies to find the clients you’re looking for.

We also provide defined client experience maps and high-touch service guidelines to help your existing clients achieve their financial goals and become your biggest advocates.

Regardless of the type of clients you serve, AES’s turnkey campaigns and messaging strategies help you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. It’s time someone provided advisors with real answers to help them grow their business.

What if I need more than just “back office” support?

That’s why firms come to AES; we’re a partner, not a vendor.

We provide real, tangible benefits to you and your clients.

Along every step of the way, we’re there to guide and support you while also providing operational and administrative services.

You get a team of professionals with time-tested strategies in marketing, client growth, professional management and many additional areas of the business.

And after you’re on the right track, AES provides access to learning and development opportunities via an active community  that help your business achieve more.

How can I get started?

Just say the word.

Whether you oversee an already successful practice but want to take it to the next level, or you need help becoming a stronger, more established organization, we can help.

Let us show you how AES can help make you more profitable and more productive.

You've got questions.

We'll call you. It's that easy.

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We'll call, learn about you and help you decide if we're a good fit. It's that easy.

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