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AES helps other solo, silo and ensemble firms optimise operational efficiencies, maximise growth and expand.

Many businesses face similar roadblocks to growth and AES offers solutions to improve efficiencies, growth and metrics.

All our partners share a common philosophy about markets and investing, wealth advice, and an advisor’s fiduciary responsibility to investors.

Without AES

You carry the workload of an entire company, balancing the little time you have instead of looking after your clients and growing the value of your business. 

Without AES

With AES

Spend your valuable time focussing on your business and the growing client relationships you cherish. We keep the rest ticking. 

With AES

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External Asset Manager

Fully included


External Asset Manager

The $50m Dollar Blueprint

Guaranteed Buyout

Inspirational Messaging

Boosted Terms

Revolutionary Investment - Dimensional

Innovative Adviser

SMART Account™

Intelligent Office

Health First

Assured Novation

Branded (In partnership with AES )

Cultural Recruitment

Trusted Introduction

Accounts Infrastructure (needed for Boosted Terms)

M&A Support

Considered Compliance

Quality Paraplanning

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