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Download: How to choose a financial adviser checklist

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to ensure you only trust an adviser whose interests are aligned with your own, and who is a professional fiduciary NOT a salesperson.

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What qualifications, experience and regulation should you look for in a financial adviser?

This checklist will help you ask the right questions when choosing a financial adviser, and know which answers mean yours is an adviser you can trust:

What you'll discover:

  • Will your adviser lock you into contractually binding investment periods where you have massive exit penalties?
  • Does your adviser construct your portfolio according to your specific needs?
  • Does your adviser get paid a hidden commission or a transparent fee?
  • Is your adviser a trusted fiduciary - or a self-interested salesperson?
  • Is your adviser authorised to give you advice?
  • Are their qualifications worth the paper they are written on!
  • Is your adviser's firm regulated by a proper financial regulator such as the UK FCA, the Dubai FSA or the US SEC?

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