In this eBook, you will:

How IFAs are paid to missell pensions

  • Understand how IFAs are financially incentivised to mis-sell
  • Discover if you’ve unknowingly been affected by mis-selling already
  • See the financial impact of mis-selling, and how it will affect your retirement unless you take specific action
  • Discover the 3 critical tactics that will protect you and your money
  • Learn everything you need to know to build and protect your pension

Even if you believe you’re not affected by the risk of financial mis-selling that’s rife abroad, unfortunately if you’ve made any form of financial commitment via a commission-based financial adviser, then you are affected.

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Jeremy_Ford.jpg"I now understand how the allegedly ‘free’ advice works and stand to make savings of £100s of pounds a year whilst hopefully getting the performance my retirement account really deserves."

Louiza May, International Teacher

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