Key takeaways from the week

  • Stocks fell on the week as investor sentiment continued to weaken ahead of this week's Brexit vote;
  • The Brexit vote will dominate sentiment this week, with polls now pointing to a lead for the 'remain' camp; and
  • The Federal Reserve (Fed) kept rates unchanged, and its cautious stance points to continued easy global monetary policy.

Either way, stick to your plan

Markets are flying today, with the news of a 'remain' vote seemingly leading the polls. Tomorrow that could all change.

Economic instability is never good for markets, and so for those wanting to see Britain's continued recovery and Europe avoid plunging further into woe, many argue that a 'remain' vote would be a better option.

Plenty argue that longer term, Britain would benefit from exiting.

From an investment perspective, the spin doctors are making objectivity difficult, by whipping up a storm regarding the emotive issues such as immigration.

Either way, the short term noise is difficult to ignore, but in terms of your long term investment goals, ignore it you must. It is so easy to be influenced by the noise, and pressured into taking unnecessary action.

If you are self-investing, our advice would be don't go for short term profits based on the flip of a coin.

Do not confuse the need for Enormous Investment Bank traders to react to market events, with your need to think long term and stick to your sensible investment plan.

If you have any concerns and need advice on what to do, please contact us here, or use the live chat feature at the bottom right of any page of our website. 

Market data

Equity Indices Value Weekly Change
FTSE 100 6,021.09 -1.61%
S&P 500 2,071.22 -1.19%
Hang Seng 20,169.98 -4.15%
Nikkei 225  15,599.66 -2.51%
Dax 30 9,631.36 -2.07%
Shanghai Composite Index 2,885.105 -1.44%
Bonds  Value Weekly Change
US 10 yr 1.61% -2.48%
UK 10 yr 1.14% -7.89%
Commodities / Energy Price Weekly Change
Gold $1,287.88 1.34%
Brent Crude Oil $48.70 -4.52%
Currencies Majors Value Weekly Change 
EUR-USD 1.1269 -0.09%
USD-JPY 104.26 -2.69%
GBP-USD 1.4326 -0.10%
Central Bank  Rate
Fed Reserve 0.50%
ECB 0.00%
Bank of England 0.50%
Bank of Japan -0.10%
Prices as at Friday 17 June 2016

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