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Welcome to the Best Version Podcast, designed to help high-performance executives and business owners develop better habits in life, wealth and health.



This episode is hosted by Sam Instone, our Co-CEO and features Director of Health and Protection at AES, Damien Walsh.

Damien is passionate about positively changing everyone’s lives. With an in-depth understanding of the global medical insurance landscape and the complexities that many clients face, Damien aims to challenge the status quo by providing simple, quality and personalised solutions to all.

He believes everyone deserves to have access to the best medical options so we can all perform and be at our best every day. He aims to achieve this by providing education on the various policies and benefits available, as well as the importance of living a life of wellness.

In this episode, Sam taps into the extensive knowledge Damien has about the state of the medical insurance market in the Middle East. He also talks about the impact of having a sound health and well-being plan for organisations and individuals, the importance of mental health and why getting vaccinated is the first step towards going back to a normal world. 

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You can also view the timestamps below to skip to the parts you'd like to hear:

[0:45] Who is Damien and what does he do for business owners and professionals in the Middle East?

[2:24] Why are senior international professionals hesitant to have executive health checks?

[3:20] Why it is important to promote well-being among men.

[5:10] How fear is eliminated by information.

[6:00] Why you should be proactive with your executive health checks.

[6:55] Impact of medical insurance inflation and managing employee expectations.

[9:00] Why you need to always ask the questions “why?”

[10.38] Why you should approach health and protection at a sustainable level.

[11:45] How one client had renewable premium no greater than 3% in the past 4 years.

[17.15] Retirement, family and domestic staff medical policies.

[21:00] What to consider while travelling overseas during the pandemic.

[23:20] Advice around COVID-19 and vaccination in the U.A.E.

[27:15] Addressing mental health issues and how to implement preventative measures.

[31:45] What questions senior international professionals need to ask around medical insurance policies and premiums.

[37:15] What does success look like for Damien?



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