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International financial planning

What is international financial planning?

International professionals and expats have complex planning requirements because of different opportunities and unfamiliar tax, legal and regulatory rules. 

Our international financial planning service is about getting you genuinely independent, often technical, professional advice. 

It’s about finding you the right solutions to maximise your peace of mind, and securing you the best possible results.

Our financial planning services can be divided into three broad categories:

Advanced Financial Planning Service

1: Advanced financial planning service


Our advanced financial planning, or Premier service, is best suited to those with in excess of £1,000,000 of investible assets, or who have complex requirements. 

You benefit from a team of chartered financial planners and wealth managers who provide an unparalleled level of technical expertise. 

Solutions can require an element of international tax or estate planning, and may integrate property, investment and pension advice.


Evolution Financial Planning Service

2: Evolution financial planning service


Our Evolution service is best suited to those with in excess of £250,000 of investible assets, who have emerging planning requirements. 

At this stage, it's important the right structures are put into place to enable future planning, protection and enhancement of wealth. 

A team of experienced financial planners ensure our Evolution clients can respond rapidly to changing financial requirements, and that all opportunities are maximised.


Foundation Financial Planning Service

3: Foundation financial planning service

Our Foundation level of service supports international investors who are at the beginning of their wealth creation journey, enabling them to take increased responsibility for their future. 

It offers a helping hand so you to learn how to avoid many of the common mistakes, and establish solid financial foundations.

It also delivers a self-directed investment platform, so you can benefit from low-cost, flexible and transparent investment, thus avoiding the commission-laden toxic products so often otherwise aimed at you by others.



“Without a set of accounts to look at, a CFO flies blind. It’s the same with an individual. No cashflow statements - no good planning. With a complex international lifestyle I was hugely impressed with the AES team - they provide an incredible and comprehensive service.”

P Jenkins
Abu Dhabi

“Until I approached AES International I was juggling everything myself. I knew I needed help when it came to estate planning, but my expectations have been exceeded...meaning AES now handle everything for me and my family.”

Mr A Wainwright

“Exceptional personal level of service. No detail overlooked, communication really clear - hugely responsive and expert team.”

Colin Mason

    Financial Route Map

    How your future begins

    Every financial planning journey begins with a financial route map known as a cashflow forecast.

    Your cashflow forecast includes your current and future financial data to enable the proper development of a considered financial plan.  

    The big advantage is the ability to literally see what your financial future may look like, mapped out in front of you.  It enables the incorporation of any proposed changes, and examines the impact of each decision before it is made. It helps everyone stay on track.

    International Financial Planning

    An invaluable service

    Real financial planning is entirely different to the pure investment advice offered by traditional advisers.  

    It typically includes:

    • cashflow planning;
    • offshore banking;
    • estate planning and wealth protection; and
    • tax and trust planning.




    Frequently asked questions

    What is international financial planning?

    International financial planning is a professional approach to planning your financial future.  It helps those who live overseas (expatriates), those with complex cross-border tax arrangements (non-doms), and those who own assets in multiple tax, legal and regulatory jurisdictions.

    Based on your personal risks, aspirations and financial demands, a good financial planner will produce an effective road map to help you reach your desired financial destination, and meet the challenges of different life stages with peace of mind. 

    They may cover your wealth accumulation phase, wealth preservation phase, income in retirement phase, inheritance tax and succession planning stages.

    The best offshore financial advice helps point out the risks, the returns and the flexibility of your options within a marketplace where many regulatory and legal protections may not apply.

    The best international financial advisers recommend which path to take so that you can grow your money through solid investment choices, but still have enough cash and flexibility for expenditure.

    What is the value of international financial advice?

    The true value of a financial adviser often manifests itself as being a ‘behavioural investment counsel.’  To that end, we are here to help bridge the behaviour gap – that is, the difference between investment returns, and the returns of the average investor.

    This gap exists because of the human tendency to allow emotions to overwhelm rational thinking when making investment decisions.

    Internationally, this gap is more than just a gap - it’s a chasm - because of untrustworthy salespeople, myths within the offshore financial industry, expensive and inflexible products, hidden commissions and risky esoteric investments.

    At AES International we steer our clients away from the risks and pitfalls of widely-used offshore solutions, and therefore believe the value we create and add is immeasurably greater in the international advice marketplace.

    The value we add starts with helping prevent potential mistakes from being made, and we continue to add value by helping you to invest sensibly and grow your wealth.

    You get peace of mind and security.

    How does international financial planning work?

    Most of our clients are expatriates, non-domiciled individuals, or those with other cross-border or offshore financial requirements. 

    Our process begins by taking an holistic approach to your financial life.

    We then construct a blueprint for your financial plan, that becomes the basis of your relationship with our organisation. 

    The process consists of several steps, culminating in a financial plan, paired with a recommended investment solution.

    In our experience, clients who go through this process become investors who are better equipped to make educated decisions about their financial future.

    We consider how to optimise clients’ pensions, investment platforms and portfolio approach, taking advantage of the opportunities offered to expatriates living in tax-free jurisdictions.

    We bring high standards of discipline and expertise to complex matters that, if left untended, can become problems.

    We employ UK-qualified financial advisers, including chartered wealth managers, chartered financial planners, retirement planning specialists and pension transfer specialists.  All are highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals.

    The cost of their time, and the time taken for their planning process, means that the greatest value is added with our service for clients with assets of at least £250,000.

    We do not sell products.  We offer clear, expert advice, cutting through the overwhelming mountain of financial information.  And we put plans in place for our clients to help them achieve their financial goals.

    The plans we devise are unique, as no two clients have the same set of circumstances. However, our fundamental approach never changes: - 

    1. We will get to know your financial circumstances well.

    2. We will understand your attitude to wealth and to risk, your hopes and concerns for the future, and

    3. We will make money an efficient, effective tool for your journey.
    I am a new expat / I don’t have a huge portfolio – do I need advice?

    Not everyone needs a financial adviser – at least not all of the time – but there is no one who wouldn’t benefit from good financial advice!

    Professional financial planning incurs professional, transparent fees, (just like those of a chartered accountant, chartered surveyor or lawyer).  Good advice will be far less expensive than making the mistakes associated with ‘free’ advice and should always add easily demonstrable value.

    However, if your needs are simple or investments more modest, our view is that it is often better to just get a helping hand to ensure you invest sensibly without the intial or ongoing cost of full financial advice.  

    This fact isn't what the traditional industry wants you to know because an archaic mechanism, known as 'indemnified commission', enables salespeople to make several decades worth of fees from you on the very first day you incept a plan through them!  

    This hidden payment creates a lack of flexibility for you, as it results in exit penalties and surrender values, at the same time as eroding your future returns and misaligning the salesperson's interests against your own. 

    Traditionally, indemnity commission enables a financial salesperson to extract anything between 7 and 12% of your investment on the first day you hand over the money.  This is the reason they will target new expats and less-well informed investors who otherwise could access cheaper and more flexible platforms for investment.

    This conflict means you are likely to receive very little on-going service unless you allow your funds to be churned, you have more money to invest or you provide a stream of referrals.  After all, if you were paid for 25 years upfront - there would be little motivation to continue working without further payment!

    We suggest that clients with under £250,000 of assets strongly consider self-directed solutions, like the Index Account™, to ensure they keep costs low, flexibility high, and maximise their returns during this wealth accumulation phase of life.

    What should I look for in a financial adviser?

    Not all financial advisers are the same.

    Good financial advice relies on the professionals who give advice having relevant qualifications, experience and integrity.  This may sound obvious, but sadly in international financial services professionals like these are few and far between. 

    An adviser you choose needs to operate within a corporate framework which provides a regulatory umbrella, compliance supervision, good management, systems and controls, all of which operate towards treating clients fairly.

    In our view, the culture and values of a company inform the type of advice and service you are likely to receive. 

    We strongly recommend that you run through this due diligence checklist on how to choose a financial adviser before committing to using us, or any of our competitors.

    How can I find a good financial adviser?

    An all too common way of choosing a financial adviser is via personal recommendation – but this is not a good way.  Badly advised people are often unaware they have received poor financial advice for many years, and may therefore make an ongoing recommendation of a rogue adviser.

    Unfortunately, bad financial advisers make themselves much more visible than the good ones!  The bad ones cold call you, turn up at your house, bump into you at the golf course or in the pub, meet you after work...

    Ultimately, they are often very slick and effective salespeople who will tell you what they know you want to hear about great returns and better performing funds, in order to sell their poor performing expensive solutions.

    Good financial advisers are highly unlikely to cold call you and push their professional services, because not only is such behaviour unethical, it’s actually unnecessary for a professional and successful adviser.  They are more likely to receive direct business as a result of their professional reputation and accreditations. 

    Your best bet is do your own research, and then use this due diligence checklist for choosing a financial adviser.  You have only found a strong contender if they score 100%.

    If you've already taken financial advice and want an expert analysis of your portfolio to ensure it’s correctly structured and aligned with your best interests, we offer this service for free and with no obligation via our X-Ray Review™.

    Start securing your financial future today