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Graduates? Looking for a career in international financial services?

By Rebecca Steele - April 23, 2015

This infographic shows the global movement of graduates...

As expats, we are well versed in the advantages and disadvantages of living and working abroad. 

The former can broadly be summarised as the weather, less (or no) tax and a better quality of life, and the latter as missing home comforts and family, or perhaps increased complexity with finances. Many of us will have had good reason to become expats, more often than not, our career. But with an estimated 400 people leaving Britain each day alone, what is driving the next generation of professionals and where are they going?

It seems more and more that 'home, sweet home' has been forgotten in favour of 'wherever there are career opportunities'. Perhaps this is more out of necessity than desire. Or perhaps millennials (those born in the 1980s and 1990s) simply have a more global mind-set due to increased travel opportunities when studying, and of course, the globalising impact of the internet. The world just seems smaller than it used to.


This infographic, published by Movehub and created using data from UNESCO, shows where all the world's international students are moving from and to around the world. The primary colour shows the ranking of a country based on the number of outbound international students. The inner colour of the circle shows the ranking of a country based on the number of inbound international students. The data covers roughly 200 countries for outbound students and 125 for inbound students.

Take China, for example. The country has a very high talent exodus, but also attracts many international students, who remain there to work. Meanwhile, Australia attracts a large number of students to its shores, but less seem to leave. Australian-born students, it would seem, have much less wanderlust and who can blame them?  

Here at AES International, we are looking for talented graduates to join our London and Dubai offices. So if you are one of the 54,162 students heading to the UAE or the 427,686 heading to the UK and are looking to join an organisation that can offer you a rewarding career in international financial services, then we would love to hear from you. Send your CV and cover letter to careers@aesinternational.com or peruse our financial adviser jobs here.

Courtesy of MoveHub: Where Are World's International students moving?.